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International phd thesis database

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International Phd Thesis Database - …

International phd thesis database

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International Phd Thesis Database

Bibliology – The Doctrine of the Bible. The Doctrine of Scripture. International Phd Thesis Database. I believe that God has given His complete written word in the 66 books of the Bible (39 in argumentative essay global the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament). Database. That scripture was given to mankind through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the God selected human authors (2 Pet. 1:21; 2 Tim.

3:16). The scriptures take on essay the personal style and vocabularies of the human authors, however it is completely God-breathed, and inspired (2 Tim. International Phd Thesis. 3:16; Heb. Externship Resume. 1:1; Acts 3:21) and thus the bible is complete, infallible and inerrant as it stands (Mat. 5:18; John 10:35) . That the inspiration of Scripture was verbal and plenary (Matt. 5:18). The scriptures as it stand is the only communication from international, God for argumentative global, the believer#8217;s faith and conduct. The scripture was complete with the writing of the book of Revelation. (Rev.

22:18-19) . There is no new Revelation, therefore nothing is to be added to scripture. I believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally using historical, grammatical and theological methods. Database. The scripture cannot be interpreted without its meanings being revealed by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 2:9-16) . I believe that the scripture is Dispensational. God#8217;s revelation has been progressive in nature (Heb. 1:1; John 1:17). Is the Bible truly God’s word?

What is meant by inspiration of the scriptures? Does the Bible have any errors, contradictions or discrepancies? What is canonicity? Is there any proof for the inerrancy and resume job hopping inspiration of scripture? How do we know the difference between terms such as revelation, inspiration, illumination and database interpretation? What is the difference between a dynamic equivalent, a fluid equivalent, and a paraphrase version of the Bible? Are some translations better or more inspired than others? Are some translations more honoring to Christ or more easily memorized? What is meant by bear thesis textual criticism?

What is international phd thesis meant by gender neutral or gender sensitive translations of the Bible? The neo-orthodox view of the Bible says that the scriptures Are the literal word of a level, God Contain the word of database, God Are not the word of God Are not the only books that are the word of God Have nothing to do with God The term inerrancy refers mainly to The character of God Figures of speech used in the Bible The accuracy of the Bible The history of the Bible None of the afsa high school above The term canon literally means A collection A measuring rod A group A council A large weapon The number of Greek New Testament manuscripts that exist today are 100 500 3000 5000 Too numerous to count In the Roman Catholic Bible, the book of Daniel contains 12 chapters 13 chapters 14 chapters None of the above How many total books in the Roman Catholic Bible? 73 75 78 Still adding books How many total books in the Greek Orthodox Bible? 66 78 80 I don’t know. International. Who said the following quote about the extra books of the Bible? “The church reads for a level, example of life and instruction of database, manners but not to establish any doctrine”? Anabaptists Presbyterians The church of externship, England Methodist The Greek translation of the Old Testament is database known as: A faulty translation The apocrypha The Septuagint The LXX Both c and d The term apocrypha refers to: The book of Revelation A collection of essay, books written 200 years before Christ The coming of anti-Christ Things that are hidden Both b and d Special revelation is defined as God making Himself known through: Christophonies Theophanies Dreams and visions Angels Christ and the Bible All of the above The work of the Spirit in helping us to understand scripture is referred to as: Revelation Illumination Inspiration Animation Indoctrination The term hermeneutics refers to: The study of angels The study of Christ The study of interpretation The study of man None of the international above In the writing of the final product of scripture, one can say that God: Dictated all his words to for autism, the human authors Accommodated himself to popular scientific views Inspired only the thoughts and concepts Inspired every word and pen stroke None of the above That there are only 66 book in international database the Bible: Was decided during the time of the reformation Has been changed throughout church history Was decided at the council of Nicaea Was recognized by Christians in all generations.

The chapter and verse divisions in the Bible are: Identical in essay for autism every translation Inspired by God Produce the same number of chapters in every Bible Added by man for ease of locating different passages None of the above The discovery of the dead sea scrolls help to authenticate: The inspiration of the Bible The preservation of the Bible The unreliability of the Bible The Septuagint can’t be trusted This test tells me that I have a lot to international phd thesis database, learn about Bibliology True False Possibly All of the above. Stay up to date with eMail update (Weekly) Free Resources for the growing Christian. #8220;But grow in grace, and [in] the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him [be] glory both now and for ever. Amen.#8221; 2 Peter 3:18. New England's bible based teachings that both equips the church and makes a ready defense of apologetics.

Time to dump political correctness and speak in love. This is a wonderful study. Thesis. Thank you soooooo much. Bonnie, You are welcome. It is our desire to provide the phd thesis database highest level of job hopping, Christian education for all media formats for free. International. Our salvation was a free gift and how much more should we equip the body of Christ:) See our Theology Section for more.

Exposistional Studies on everybook is also a new section coming soon. Continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our precious Lord. Shalom, Keith. Amos37 on essay iTunes click banner. Join our mailing list to international, receive the latest news and updates from our team. Things are Reving up! Stay informed. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and polar thesis updates from our ministry team.

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International Phd Thesis Database

loose change essay This viewer guide to Loose Change 2nd Edition provides a detailed point-by-point critique of the international database film. Copyright Michael B. Polar Bear. Green, August 3, 2005. by Michael B. Green. My views on 911 are as dark and conspiratorial as most.

I believe that the National Security Act of 1947 was masterminded by international phd thesis key members of the Council on Foreign Relations to create a privatized mercenary force (CIA Department of Plans) to undermine and topple secular nationalist governments that put the interests of their own peoples before the economic interests of the ruling faction of the United States. I believe that subsequent draconian secrecy laws and polar, oaths, and outsourcing by means of Reagan's (read: BUSH's) Executive Order 12333, have created privatized covert action mercenaries whose moles and phd thesis, contacts within the military and afsa, intelligence agencies permit them even greater freedom of action than they had in the assassinations of JFK, X, MLK, and RFK, so that WTC93, OKC, and 911 are also their handiwork. I believe that the so-called corporate media is in phd thesis, large part, when needed for crisis management and gross disinformation, under the argumentative global direct operational control of the intelligence agencies by means of phd thesis database class allegiances within the ruling elite. High. I also believe that the neocon cabal is at phd thesis database odds with the traditional Eastern Liberal Establishment and that there is a level currently a war amongst the rulers over who shall hold the reins of power; the other side is phd thesis roughly a combination of Leo Straussian Zionists, crusading imperial Christian military of the Jerry Boykin cut, and pro-American imperialists like Tom Friedman of the New York Times. Although US world domination has long been the goal of the CFR, the muscular militancy of the neocons has gained especial appeal in a world of resume diminishing resources where an unregulated profit-driven economy has made the brute solution of military might attractive to international phd thesis many with limited compassion, wit, and imagination. I have great respect for the courage of all the for autism legitimate 911 researchers who try to find the truth and international database, tell it to others, but they often forget a simple essential point. Polar Thesis. Because 911 (JFK, etc.) are not ordinary crimes, but crimes of state, they cannot be proven by simple forensic means.

The proof of any such crimes requires rethinking our picture of the means of government from the ground up. International Database. People naturally do not wish to high essay contest do this, and are propagandized to database believe the contrary, so any effort to externship resume get their attention should be with evidence that is simple, clear, and convincing, not abstract, obscure, dubious or debatable. I do not pretend that this is enough. Orwellian stop think provides that protective stupidity that allows us to function in comfort and it is both difficult and painful to abandon. My best friend of nearly 40 years, and former co-author, now ensconced at Harvard, has trouble taking me seriously when I discuss 911. Within the past months he admitted not knowing that a 47 story steel building (WTC7) not hit by anything, and with only a few small fires, had collapsed as a perfect implosion would, nor did he know that the 911 Commission had refused even to mention WTC7 in its report, nor did he think much of these facts nor of his ignorance of international phd thesis database them. This is a very smart man, open-minded in many respects, but giving up the world-view he inhabits is simply too hard, especially when there is nothing coherent with which to replace it. If a film-maker or live lecturer has the good fortune of having the attention of polar bear someone like this, or good solid middle-Americans, for an hour-long DVD, or for a 2-3 hour live presentation, he had better use clear hard facts for persuasion, and not iffy, vaguely or ambiguously supported possibilities. The intelligence agencies that do the international database crimes try to control the counter-community's response by infiltrating moles that infect it with large falsehoods and resume job hopping, impossible-to-prove technical questions (micro-analysis). The large falsehoods are designed to prove the community wrong and nuts if the need arises. The microanalysis into pointless or unanswerable questions, or into just plain dumb ones, is to divert its energies from using the database clear hard facts to tell the story simply and clearly.

The DVD Loose Change by rising media artist Dylan Avery has been touted by some members of the 911-truth community as the best presentation yet, as the best evidence (a reference to afsa high essay David Lifton’s book, Best Evidence on the JFK assassination). This review will show that the DVD is anything but that; if it is not naive, foolish, uninformed and ignorant, then it is the work of a calculating mole or at best a naf who has been used by such. “Loose Change” uses footage and analysis from the DVD “In Plane Site,” by Dave vonKleist who has praised “Loose Change” as the best overall DVD on 911, so “ In Plane Site ” too will come under scrutiny. [1] What, then, is international phd thesis amiss with “ Loose Change ” ? Let me take umbrage from the start at the distracting and offensive musical soundtrack that overlays “Loose Change.” It makes interviews hard to hear, substitutes the essay global good feeling that goes with the beat for clear thinking, and generally supports the impoverished notion that effective political action comes from a good concert. The video begins with a direct eyewitness report from FOX reporter Mark Burnback [ sic ] who observed UA 175 that hit WTC2. It definitely didn’t look like a commercial plane. I didn’t see any windows on the side. International Phd Thesis. Again it was not a normal flight that I’d ever seen at an airport. It had a blue logo on the front and it did not look like it belonged in the area. This statement is taken as gospel both by Mr. Resume. Avery and his admirers, an amusing fact given the deserved reputation FOX enjoys as a propaganda station for the Cheney/Bush administration.

Mr. Avery has lifted parts of the quote from international, Dave vonKleist’s “ In Plane Site ” , but has not mentioned that in externship, the fuller version witness Birnbach states that he was at a subway stop in Brooklyn, hence at least a mile from the plane that was silhouetted against the sky, so that Birnbach would not be not able to see any windows because of both the distance and the lighting. Eyewitness reports for brief shocking events are notoriously unreliable; and phd thesis database, other photos of the plane definitively show it had standard United Airlines markings; airplane wreckage with windows was found amongst the rubble at WTC5. Thus, Mr. School Essay Contest. Avery makes selective use of unreliable eyewitnesses ill placed to international phd thesis make the relevant observations, and he ignores other available evidence that this witness is mistaken. That’s just for starters. Both Messrs Avery and vonKleist also ignore the obvious. 911 was not a low budget operation.

If a switch of planes were necessitated for some reason, the substitute plane would look exactly like the plane it replaced. [2] The covert operators cannot control all the people taking photos and would not risk having a good clear picture of a plane that did not look exactly like AA11 or UA175. Ict Coursework. So they would not use a commercial plane without windows with an database, aberrant blue logo (“circular” per Birnbach’s full statement), and would not attach a huge pod or missile to the underside of the plane. Job Hopping. In fact, the historical precedent for 911 was Operation Northwoods, a top-secret project to provide a pretext to invade Cuba that was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 but vetoed by President Kennedy. One Northwoods project involved hijacking a Cuban or American airliner, and if an American airline, switching it with a remote controlled drone that would be crashed over phd thesis database, Cuba to blame the Cubans. Northwoods states in pertinent part: …8. It is possible to polar bear create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, or Venezuela.

The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of international phd thesis database college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to argumentative global support chartering a non-scheduled flight. a. International. An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an afsa high essay contest, exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in database, the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. School Essay Contest. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone. (Emphasis added) To put matters plainly: any substitute plane would be an exact duplicate of AA11 or UA175. International. To do anything else would be inviting disaster. The point may be made another way. One of the major problems facing the JFK plotters was the control or destruction of the photographic record. The car carrying the photographic press corps that usually travels immediately behind the presidential limousine was moved to the back of the motorcade by a level Secret Service agent Winston Lawson as part of the assassination. International Phd Thesis Database. Some cameras were seized and some photos were bought or grabbed, but the Zapruder film that shows the argumentative essay for autism assassination in its entirety presented a special problem because it showed JFK’s head blown back and to the left by a shot from the front instead of being thrown forward by a shot from the rear.

The CIA and its assets were forced to mount an international phd thesis database, entire separate complicated operation to purchase, sequester, and ict coursework, lie about the contents of that film until its impact could be minimized. They also had to fiddle the Warren Commission so that the Zapruder film was viewed by phd thesis only its operatives (Allen Dulles, John McCloy, Gerald Ford). [3] This was a lot of work and a lot of externship resume risk. The perpetrators of 911 knew they would have a much-photographed event, but they intended to succeed by spectacular shock caused by their boldness and supplemented by manufactured “expert opinion” to international phd thesis database explain such complex events as the collapse of the Twin Towers. What they did not want and would not risk having is some nice clear crisp video or still photo of a non-Boeing 767 flying into the Towers. That would not be part of the spectacle, but hard cold evidence. Mr. vonKleist and Mr. Externship. Avery claim that photos show that the plane that hit WTC2 had a pod or bulge; both correctly note flashes of light when AA11 and phd thesis, UA175 impact their respective targets (WTC1, North Tower; WTC2, South Tower). Essay Global. Mr. Avery declares that the flash is from a missile launched from the planes hitting the towers.

Again, Mr. Avery’s refusal to think while listening to the beat of his music has served him ill. If the covert action operators were concerned that jet fuel needed some help to ignite because a 500 mph crash into a steel building were not incendiary enough, there are any number of means of international planting the necessary explosives without creating a huge bulge in the profile of the plane. I will be brief. The “pod” or “missile” is an artifact of light and shadow reflecting from the argumentative essay global fairings of the UA175. The fairings are the elongated ovular pods under each wing of a Boeing 767 into international phd thesis, which the landing gear retract. Externship Resume. They extend from roughly the point where the front of the wings join the international phd thesis plane to several feet behind where the back of the wings join the plane. It is a scandal of both “ In Plane Site ” and of “ Loose Change ” that neither mentions the existence of wing fairings. Mr. vonKleist is an especially tricky fellow.

His original DVD slides invisibly from global, proving that the “pod” is international phd thesis database real to showing that “there is no illusion” that a “flash” occurred by showing four videos that each displays a flash when UA175 goes into WTC2. This proves that the “flash” is not an illusion, but does not address the pod. I used my home DVD to freeze-frame and enlarge the four videos. Essay. To make a long story short, there is no “pod” because there is no constancy of size and shape of the international phd thesis supposed attachment. In the best of the visual artifacts the imaginary “object” is huge and much larger than the high school engines, but there is nothing like this in other views of the underside of the plane in the four videos that show the flash. Of his new and improved version of “In Plane Site” Mr. vonKleist states that he had the video analyzed by an independent lab that found that there was “a three dimensional object.” Well, Mr. vonKleist, who enjoys a military background, knows how to ask the wrong question to international get his preferred answer. Of course the fairing is a three-dimensional object. Ict Coursework. But I am not aware of international Mr. vonKleist asking that lab whether there is any evidence of argumentative for autism a three dimensional object other than the fairings. The argument that both Mr.

Avery and his mentor Mr. vonKleist use to international “prove” that the polar flash is a missile, or in vonKleist’s case a separate event from the plane striking the building, deserves close attention. Only the international phd thesis database Naudet brothers captured the a level impact of AA11 into phd thesis, WTC1 on film. The clincher used by Mr. Avery and his mentor is that the flash, the supposed missile explosion, occurs before the polar shadow of the plane meets the plane when it hits the tower, hence that the flash is a separate and prior event caused by international database the missile impact. Unfortunately, my critique applies not only to resume job hopping Mr. Avery but the database any audience that has seen his film. There is argumentative a thin cylindrical shadow of the plane’s fuselage that advances toward the tower as the plane does, and that meets the phd thesis tower when the plane does, at which point the flash occurs, corresponding to the front of the externship fuselage impacting the tower. There is a second larger shadow of the wings that arrives later, but only this “late shadow” from the international phd thesis database wings “proves” the ict coursework a level missile theory. Thus, the international analysis of both films is ict coursework a level such a gross distortion of international phd thesis database their content that I am inclined to think it is deliberate misinformation; that it works is a sad commentary on audience gullibility. Indeed, both films play the essay for autism crash in reverse to prove their point with narratives that state that the flash occurs “before” the shadow meets the building because you can see the flash yet see that the shadow has not yet touched the building. The trouble is that it is only the shadow of the wings that have not yet touched the building.

The shadow from the front of the phd thesis database fuselage meets WTC1 just when the flash occurs. It is one thing to let this error slip by you in a theater, quite another to see it scores of essay for autism times as both these film makers have and keep peddling it to your audience. A final illustration of Mr. vonKleist’s artistry is his proof that the flash is not caused by international database the fuselage impacting the South Tower. Obviously, it not surprising that a fuselage and engines of aluminum-titanium hitting an irregular surface of concrete, steel and cosmetic siding would be expected to argumentative global generate friction and intense heat producing a flash like the sparks from international phd thesis database, a giant grinding wheel as metal is forced against argumentative essay it at international phd thesis database some 500 mph., but vonKleist denies this innocent explanation. By using the third of his four video clips, vonKleist rebuts skeptics who claim that the flash is caused by the fuselage impact. Let’s take another look at this one clip and you’ll notice that the polar thesis flash is a separate event than the contact of the fuselage as it hits the building. Some folks have stated that the flash was the result of the fuselage making contact with the trade center building. But as you can see the flash is indeed to the right of the fuselage and in international, fact as the fuselage makes contact with the world trade tower you can see a reflection of the argumentative essay flash in the fuselage which further supports the contention that these are two separate events.

This interpretation is patently false, since the first of the video clips – the CNN footage that gives the best, longest, fullest and clearest picture of this impact from an angle almost directly behind the plane just to international database the right side of the fuselage – shows there is no such separate event, but only afsa school essay contest a flashpoint where the fuselage hits the international phd thesis tower, but not to the right of it. My point is not simply that vonKleist is wrong; but that his error is likely a deliberate hoax from someone who is pretending to be so careful to check all known videos to make sure that the flash (not the pod!) is not an illusion. Mr. Avery’s video is especially offensive because it displays frames from the “flash” side-by-side between 3:25 and 3:32. As any reader can see by freeze-framing the movie at 3:29, the illusory missile present in one (or with vonKleist the flash to the right of the fuselage as a separate event) is not present in the main CNN footage. Ict Coursework A Level. This should make any reasonable person appreciate that grainy footage of fast moving objects vary greatly depending on such factors as whether one has a digital or analogue camera, how steady one holds it, the quality of the camera, and whether or not one captures a reflective burst of light from the plane exterior or a building window pane. In fact, those four side-by-side small screens show multiple flashes consistent with friction heat as the plane impacts and penetrates concrete and steel, as well as numerous reflections. The fact that Messrs. Avery and vonKleist prefer imaginary incendiaries or missiles fired from an international phd thesis, immensely implausible non-existent “pod” suggests that they are hoaxers. The best full rebuttal of their nonsense is by Brian Salter, “ Analysis of Flight 175 ‘Pod’ and related claims, ” from ict coursework, which the photos in this article were copied. Why it is unlikely that Mr. vonKleist has made an innocent mistake.

The USG intelligence community is for the most part smarter and better educated than the people it fools, and it is international database certainly better organized, funded, and equipped for its tasks than its audience is to resist or expose them. Many of the operatives who write the ict coursework a level dialogue come from the best universities and are inclined to amuse themselves by mocking the rubes that they fool. This mockery is typically done by announcing what they are doing in database, disguised form, and then doing it with verve and bravado. In Mr. vonKleist’s video, he states: Let’s take another look at this clip [of plane hitting south tower, CNN, #1] in slow motion but before we do, keep in mind that sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain site. We’ve all seen this video clip, and there have been many publications that have taken frames from this video and ict coursework a level, published them in hundreds of magazines. Here’s an example, on page 3 a full size blow up of this picture. And in this magazine, it was published on international phd thesis database page 4. And on the back of this book that we discussed earlier, it’s on externship the back cover. I suggest you all take a copy of your magazines and phd thesis database, books and if you have the video footage, take a good hard look.

We’ve all got this. Now let’s take a look at this in afsa contest, slow motion. As the plane approaches the south tower, notice carefully, the database belly of the plane, there appears to be something attached, and just as it hits the building there’s a flash. Let’s take another look in super slow motion. Now let’s take another good hard look at this video footage. Afsa High School Essay Contest. As the international plane approaches, it is irrefutable that there is polar thesis something attached to international database the bottom of polar this plane, and a distinct flash as it makes contact. Now there are some that would say this is a trick of light, a reflection. [COMMENT: Which “this” does vonKleist mean, the pod or the flash?] Well let’s keep in mind that if you hold a mirror in your hand and reflect the suns rays, that reflection only goes where you aim that reflection. So a reflection should only be seen from one particular angle. Let’s take a look at this event, from another angle. [COMMENT: Each “angle” is a separate video.] The big boast is that the best place to hide things is “in plain site.” This suckers the audience into thinking that they are not going to be conned by the government because they are too smart. This is how Dave vonKleist cons them.

The CNN footage has an artifact of shadow and phd thesis, lighting off the fairing that looks like a huge object. The problem is resume job hopping that the other three videos – even though grainy -- do not show this same shaped huge object. Phd Thesis Database. So how to hide such in plain sight? Well, Dave tells us truly that it is ict coursework irrefutable that there is something attached to phd thesis the plane (it’s the fairing) and that there is a flash when the plane hits the building. So what anyone who is interested in the truth would want to know is whether that huge something attached to the plane is in the other three videos. But instead, Dave switches the topic smoothly and invisibly – sheer distraction, sheer fallacy of equivocation – to show that sure enough, there really is polar thesis a flash!

But he does so in a sleight-of-hand fashion that now makes it seem as though he has shown irrefutably that there is some “pod” or attachment besides the fairing. And once he has done that, Dave can play all four of those videos side by side and international, no one tries to resume see whether the “pod” is in the other three. Better still, Dave makes a sly false inference from the genuine certainty that there is a flash to international database the specious claim of certainty that it “ was a flash caused by an explosion, a detonation, a missile, something happened that was not. a terrorist with a box cutter. “ Of course, a plane hitting a building and high school contest, causing a flash is phd thesis not a terrorist with a box cutter. Best, however, moments later at 42:52 Dave can add to the deception by argumentative essay showing video footage of the phd thesis database impact taken from an essay global, angle that shows the entire right side of the international phd thesis plane as it hits WTC2, and angled from job hopping, just a little behind the point of database impact. Let’s take another look at this one clip [video #3, Spiegel TV] and you’ll notice that the flash is essay a separate event then the contact of the fuselage as it hits the international database building. Some folks have stated that the flash was the result of the fuselage making contact with the trade center building. Externship. But as you can see the flash is indeed to the right of the fuselage and in international phd thesis database, fact as the fuselage makes contact with the world trade tower you can see a reflection of the flash in resume job hopping, the fuselage which further supports the contention that these are two separate events. Mr. International. vonKleist is referring to the Spiegel TV image in the upper right corner. Well, dear reader, a part of the flash is to the right of the fuselage in that image, but that flash is some sort of reflection from the building to the camera; it is clearly not the same flash that occurs where the fuselage impacts the building. This “flash to the right” is Mr. Argumentative. Avery’s missile.

But the CNN footage [video #1], which tracks the plane from behind (and to the right and below perspective) as it hits WTC2, shows that there is phd thesis no separate event, full stop. The moving CNN video in DVK’s video gives a crisper image of the fuselage than the above CNN still and shows the flash hugging the point of ict coursework a level impact, not the phd thesis database least bit to the right of it. I don’t pretend to know what caused this separate flash, and do not care; anyone with a slow motion function on their DVD can find many such flashes at many points of impact (friction flares) and argumentative, points of non-impact (sheer reflection) in the four side-by-side videos. Many of them are in some videos but not the database others. So Dave vonKleist has succeeded in bear thesis, typical intelligence community fashion. The disinformation branch of the intelligence community mocks the international phd thesis rubes by telling them what they are going to do – hide the truth in plain sight -- then they do it, and job hopping, they do it so deftly that they can show side-by-side photos where one disproves what Dave claims about the other, and the audience buys it without a thought. Do you think I am kidding you? Dave vonKleist has even spelled out his rigorous scientific methodology for determining whether a flash is international a genuine event as opposed to an imaginary one caused by a reflection. From above: Now there are some that would say this is a trick of light, a reflection.

Well let’s keep in resume, mind that if you hold a mirror in your hand and reflect the suns rays, that reflection only goes where you aim that reflection . Phd Thesis. So a reflection should only be seen from essay, one particular angle. So Dave states his investigative method, then flouts it, and international phd thesis, the gullible, obedient, trusting audience laps it up. If there were a separate event it would be in the CNN video, but it is not. I am put in mind of the complaint of the great anti-imperialist English political economist J.A. Hobson who in resume, 1903 rued the fact that the English populace could be so easily deceived by politicians who told them one story from one side of their mouth and another story from the other.

That politician faced no fear that he would be discovered a fraud by the voters. …for he will be aware that the people whose votes he craves cannot hold two arguments in their heads at the same time for purposes of comparison. ( Imperialism: A Study 1938 ed., p. 104) Well, the Americans have them beat. The Americans have got the two photographs in front of them at the same time yet cannot realize that one rebuts what Dave is telling them about the other. Phd Thesis. God Love them, KPFK was duped by “ In Plane Site ” last year and is now hyping “Loose Change” as the second coming.

As for Mr. vonKleist, the question is how he could make this error in the first place. Clearly if one is resume putting together a video as he did, it would be impossible not to international database notice that the “separate event flash” is in just one of his four flash videos. Both videos contain much good evidence and valuable material of explosions in the WTC that brought down WTC1, 2, 7 that cannot be suppressed. I suggest that the purpose in including both junk and resume, substantive evidence is to international phd thesis discredit the latter. If rotten fish is wrapped in polar bear thesis, the same package as delicious truffles, few people with good judgment or good taste will attempt to retrieve and salvage the truffles. It is also to scant good evidence and thorough analysis in favor of cheap shots and one-liners that have no evidentiary value whatsoever. vonKleist wraps the good meat of the WTC blowing up between two pieces of rotten bread: the no-plane-hit-the-Pentagon, and the Pod Flash fraud.

If Mr. vonKleist is not a paid intelligence disinformation asset, then he is the dream of the intelligence community: someone who dissembles as artfully as they do, and with all their wit, but who doesn’t draw a salary. [4] I do not know what hit the database Pentagon, but the evidence strongly indicates it was a Boeing 757. The same general arguments that any substitute plane that hit WTC1 and WTC2 would be an exact duplicate would apply to the Pentagon strike. I have nothing against a missile, two planes, or other theory, but there is essay for autism little to support them except junk forensics and uninformed intuitions. From its start the international phd thesis “no-Boeing” fight was a miserable tar baby facilitated by the release of five still frames allegedly from a Pentagon parking kiosk video absent the Boeing; such stills should make anyone suspicious of bear USG complicity realize that they have just been served a red herring. Let me make this point about rotten wrappings concrete.

Last year I bought In Plane Site and database, saw it twice before going to the KPFK screening on August 7, 2004. I was so moved by the power of the film, by essay vonKleist’s constrained moral gravity about the pod, that I sent an email to about 25 people with the subject “911 was a US military operation.” I spent the international database next morning replaying all four impact videos in essay contest, slow motion, with magnification, and realized there is no pod. I wrote those 25 people an apology. They all now have reason to phd thesis database regard me as impulsive, a bit oddly drawn to and easily taken in by conspiracy theories, and to dismiss the resume idea that 911 was even in part a US military operation. Mr. vonKleist made me cry wolf, and even though it was (approximately) the right wolf, I had the wrong evidence.

When I now try to phd thesis urge these people to examine the evidence that the Twin Towers were blown up, they dismiss my enthusiasm as an expression of polar thesis my quirks, and are more than happy to defer to knowledgeable charlatans like Professor Thomas W. Eagar of Journal of Metallurgy and NOVA. The situation is especially embarrassing for me because my scientific training has shown many situations where the correct explanation is at odds with even sophisticated common sense, but here I am urging the latter against the cool quantified experts and their lies. Last August I thought that Dave vonKleist was acting in phd thesis database, good faith, and I thought so in part because I had liked and admired the work of his wife Joyce Riley, who has exposed so many of the military’s lies. Externship Resume. But after recently seeing “ Loose Change ” and hearing it hyped by vonKleist, I went to international The Power Hour website to see how Mr. vonKleist’s education had progressed since August 2004. There he was asking classic nonsensical disinformation questions, of which the following is typical: Why did a FOX News employee, who witnessed the second tower attack, report seeing no windows on “Flight 175” a commercial United Airlines jetliner? Why did another eyewitness report that United Airlines Flight 175 was not a commercial airliner? What kind of plane hit the second tower?

ANSWER: As FOX employee Marc Birnbach states in DVK's original IPS, he saw the plane from a subway station in Brooklyn, and it turns out that this subway stop was about two miles from the crash, which he did not see. Birnbach’s distance from the plane would make it impossible to see the windows of argumentative for autism a plane silhouetted against the morning sky. I suspect that the phd thesis database other eyewitness is the hysterical woman separated from Manhattan by a very long bridge screaming, That is not an American airline! You don't have to be a genius to know that other closer eyewitnesses saw a commercial airline, and externship resume, that other photos show the plane with UA markings, and phd thesis, that debris found in the WTC wreckage is of a commercial airliner with windows. Resume. But Dave's job is to phd thesis keep those nonsensical questions in the mix. Such nonsense prompted me to argumentative take a closer look at both DVDs and to write this review. Back to Mr. Avery’s Contribution.

Let me then be very brief with the phd thesis rest of Mr. Avery’s film, omitting mention of many erroneous or misleading points that would require endless background or debate. 1) The film shows two still photographs of the underside of two airplanes. The one on the right is of the plane that crashed into the WTC2; the one on the left “is what the underside of a Boeing 767 should look like,” Avery intones gravely, intending us to see that the plane that hit the polar Tower could not be UA175. (2:17) COMMENT: I can see no relevant difference except for the angle of the photos and the fact that the photo on the left is in color, the one on the right in black-and-white. If there is international phd thesis a relevant difference, Mr. Avery fails to mention it. 2) Mr. Avery makes much of Donald Rumsfeld’s slip of the tongue on 10/12/01 referring to the “missile that damaged this building.” COMMENT: Worth a snigger, no evidentiary value. 3) A valuable interview with Air Flight School instructor Marcel Bernard showing that alleged Pentagon pilot Hani Hanjour could not fly well is obscured by the musical sound track and omits such questions as whether Hanjour could have acquired the essay for autism necessary skills in the month or two between when he was shown deficient and 911. 4) Mr.

Avery makes much effort to prove that UA77 did not bounce off the Pentagon lawn. He even shows photos of other plane crashes that bounced off the ground and international phd thesis, what they look like. The film gives no idea why this is externship relevant to anyone except, perhaps, the Pentagon gardener. 5) Mr. Avery states that “the downed light poles were thrown away from the Pentagon, not towards it, and the bases are ripped out completely.

There is no indicated that these were bent or damaged by a Boeing 757 traveling at 535 mph. International. Instead, they seem to have just popped out of the ground.” (11:20-11:35) COMMENT: First, The direction of the polar bear light poles doesn’t much matter given that their final direction depends on the torquing forces to which they were subjected and the fact that they might bounce around on the ground once toppled. Hence, it is largely irrelevant. Second, the spatial relationship of the toppled poles to the Pentagon is nowhere apparent in most of the photos. Nonetheless, where it is apparent the photos in the film show the toppled light poles falling in the direction of the Pentagon, away from the highway, and roughly pointing in the Pentagon’s direction. Furthermore, every one shows significant structural damage at its top as though it had been clipped by a plane and popped from the ground. 6) Mr. International Database. Avery claims that the damage to the Pentagon is “completely inconsistent” with a being hit by bear a Boeing. International. He shows a video of a test crash of a small jet fighter smashing into externship resume, a reinforced concrete barrier and advises that if a Boeing hit the Pentagon flying at full speed, “the wings would rip off outside.” Yet the crash video does not show the wings being ripped off outside, but of being smashed to smithereens just as the international phd thesis reinforced exterior wall of the Pentagon might be expected to job hopping smash or shred the Boeing’s wings. (11:55) He then asks why there are “absolutely no traces of the aircraft at all” even while showing a FOX News Alert that shows the entire area littered with what look like small pieces of aircraft debris.

Mr. Avery even asks why there is “not one seat cushion,” on the outside, apparently having forgotten his own statement of moments before that the fuselage penetrated the Pentagon. 7) Mr. International Phd Thesis Database. Avery shows a photo of Pentagon employees carrying away a large box shrouded in a blue plastic tarp and asks, “What was in that box? Why weren’t we allowed to see it?” COMMENT: Why should removal of materials from a sensitive site like the Pentagon and ict coursework a level, the fact that it is not made public be of any evidentiary value whatsoever, as opposed to idle speculation? 8) Mr. Avery states that the “official” account of the Pentagon crash claims that the intense heat vaporized the entire plane, and then he proves that titanium would not have been vaporized.

COMMENT: I have no idea what “official” account he means and believe he has invented a straw man. 9) Mr. Avery offers extended discussion of the international phd thesis difficulty of identifying residue in the Pentagon proper that might be plane parts. Since the time, source, and subjects of most of the Pentagon photos are unknown – and since we do not know what photographs have been withheld – it is difficult to know what to make of the ones he addresses. I cannot follow his technical talk and we have seen that there is no reason to trust it. But Mr.

Avery is clear in his rebuttal that a large diffuser case from the debris cannot come from a 757. (He seems to have forgotten what he said was the official version that everything was vaporized.) Mr. Essay. Avery then argues that the damaged diffuser case has circular bezels but both a diagram and an actual diffuser case from a 757 have triangular bezels. COMMENT: This observation might be of database interest if Mr. Avery made use of the fact that at least two companies have made engines for the 757 (Rolls Royce, Payne-Whitney); that they almost certainly do not make them the same way, and that each company in turn may have made them differently at job hopping different times since the shape of the bezel is not an essential specification of performance, and it is the performance specifications that must be met, not the bezel shape. International. This is like arguing that the ict coursework 1.6 liter engine found in the fiery crash of a 1983 Nissan Sentra could not be from database, a 1983 Sentra because, LOOK. Ict Coursework A Level. Here is a photo and a diagram of a 1.5 liter 1983 Nissan Sentra engine. Well, Nissan makes both size engines for the 1983 Sentra. 10) Mr. Avery then says to “forget the debris. The 767’s that hit the WTC left a very distinct outline of a commercial airliner.

Therefore we should expect something similar at the Pentagon.” The film then flashes to database the famous photo of the smoky Pentagon that shows the entry hole before the outer wall collapsed. Avery remarks, “The only afsa high school essay damage to the outer wall of the Pentagon is a single hole approximately 16’ in diameter.” COMMENT: First, Avery advances a bad argument because whether or not the Pentagon should show the outline of an airliner in the same way depends on whether it is constructed of the phd thesis database same material as the job hopping WTC, and international, if not, upon the structural differences. Global. Since the outer wall of the Pentagon reportedly was 18” of steel reinforced concrete and international phd thesis database, reportedly had many of its windows replaced with bomb-resistant 2,500-pound windows in the renovation process that was not yet completed, there is no reason to expect the same pattern. [5] Indeed Mr. Avery’s short attention span shows when he asks the relevant question at 21:35 “And is it merely a coincidence that the Pentagon was hit in contest, the only section that was renovated to withstand that kind of phd thesis database attack? ” Second, the area of damage caused by the wings to a level the Pentagon does in fact fit its outlines well. The photo that Avery mistakenly says shows just a small hole in fact shows massive damage to the faade where the database right wing hit; the left side is totally obscured by resume job hopping black smoke. Other photos of the left area show a very close correlation to the angled wingspan of international phd thesis a 767.

See “Revelations 911,” reijd050/pentahole_dimensions_est.htm . Global. For those who were awake during “ In Plane Site ” , the video contains a photo (9:38) showing massive damage from the left wing to the Pentagon faade even while Mr. Database. vonKleist is acting like some fraud must have been committed because the argumentative essay global ever-tapering ever-thinner 757 wings did not collapse every part of the Pentagon they impacted. Mr. Avery succeeds by simply ignoring massive damage in his own data and denying that it is there. Indeed, he continues “Why are the windows next to the hole completely intact?” while showing windows that are smashed open and have flames licking through them. As noted, the 2” 2,500-pound bomb-resistant windows may have done quite well while other windows not yet replaced were broken. 11) At 20:00 Mr. Avery plays a video that shows a car being swept from international phd thesis, a highway and says, “This is what happens when a car gets too close to the wake of a commercial airline.” He implies that cars on the highway should have been blown off, but since they were not, no 767 passed overhead.

COMMENT: Mr. Avery’s demo video does not show what happens to a car in job hopping, the wake of a commercial airline. Phd Thesis. It shows a stationary airliner whose jet engine blast sweeps a car off the highway when it comes too close. The likely case at global the Pentagon is that the cars on the highway were not that close and that the international phd thesis Pentagon jet was in the air with its jet engines slightly tilted upward away from ict coursework a level, traffic, and neither close enough to, nor pointed directly at, the cars near the Pentagon. 12) The Avery video then spews confusion by quoting many contradictory eyewitness statements to no good end, and without taking account of all the eyewitness statements and what they support as a whole: A 767 into the Pentagon. Again, see “Revelations 911” at reijd050/home.html and also “Analysis of Eyewitness Statements on 9/11 American Airlines Flight 77 Crash into international, the Pentagon” by Penny Schoner at . 13) At 30:00 Mr. Avery describes an explosion in essay, the lobby of the database North Tower just after AA11 crashed into contest, it.

He notes an official explanation that this was caused by a fireball, but then says, “However there was no soot, no fire, no fuel residue.” Within a minute, Mr. Avery quotes approvingly of international database first-person testimony from “We Will Note Forget,” published in The Chief Engineer , in 9/2002 which quotes hero Mike Pecoraro describing how the polar thesis WTC1 looked just after the blast, When I walked out into the lobby, it was incredible, he recalled. International Phd Thesis Database. The whole lobby was soot and black , elevator doors were missing. …” This actual text is in bear thesis, Mr. Avery’s film, and Mr. Avery reads it aloud, but he ignores it. Phd Thesis. Earlier, a part of the article not in the film, states: We smelled kerosene, Mike recalled, I was thinking maybe a car fire was upstairs, referring to the parking garage located below grade in the tower but above the deep space where they were working. … The jet fuel actually came down the elevator shaft, blew off all the (elevator) doors and flames rolled through the lobby. That explained all the burnt people and resume, why everything was sooted in phd thesis database, the lobby. The smell of kerosene would be from aviation fuel, not an internal explosion. Mr.

Avery apparently does not read, nor remember what he said a moment before. (I believe that Mike Pecoraro is mistaken in holding that the explosions were caused by a fireball, but the evidence is complex and afsa high school essay contest, ambiguous and simply cannot be assessed in a video. International Phd Thesis. The fact that Mr. Avery just tells his side of the evidence reduced his video to propaganda. Resume. I believe that WTC1 suffered an explosion in the sub-basement just prior to the impact of international database AA11, but this conclusion is from a level, other evidence that Mr. Avery does not use. Mike Pecoraro may be reporting a secondary fuel spillage down the elevator shafts in the core, and may have been persuaded by the “official account” that a fireball caused the explosions.) Let me conclude with two more points, one of which shows what is missing in Mr. Avery’s account, the other of which shows his lack of database thought. First, WTC 1, 2, and 7 were brought down by explosive charges.

WTC1-2 literally exploded in argumentative essay for autism, mid-air before hitting the ground while WTC7 was demolished by international phd thesis database a classic lower energy implosion. I recommend Jim Hoffman’s excellent site, , as well as the polar bear thesis photos on database the back of a level his co-authored book, Waking Up From Our Nightmare . Phd Thesis. One key to argumentative for autism understanding the official hoax of international phd thesis WTC1 and 2 is to juxtapose official accounts of its flimsy or non-existent core with photos of the core 47 massive steel box columns held together by massive interlocking grid work, and connected to essay the peripheral columns by massive beams and girders as well as the lighter-duty trusses that supported the flooring. This is what gives the lie to the pancake theory –- even if the international database floors collapsed the core would still stand, or demonstrate terrific resistance to collapse instead of nearly free-fall descent. Again, though not definitive, the core being demolished first then makes sense of a video mounted on a tripod, focused on one of the towers, shaking several seconds before the building’s collapse (when the base is externship detonated); and phd thesis, again though not definitive, makes sense of a video taken from a helicopter photographing a WTC collapse that is global rocked by propagating shock waves that would not occur from a simple collapse. Some of these facts are better presented in phd thesis, a print and still medium, but any video of the subject that wants to be effective should use them. Second, the telephone calls from the airplanes are a difficult subject, and I have no firm idea whether any, some, or none were genuine. But Mr. Avery makes two claims that are pragmatic contradictions, and argues very badly for each of them. Mr. Polar Bear Thesis. Avery argues that all the calls are bogus based on research by Professor of Physics A.K. Dewdney trying to make call phone calls from a chartered airplane over Canada.

I don’t think that Dewdney’s self-funded research in Canada is international definitive about how the entire lot of commercial cell phones in polar, airlines at unknown heights may have behaved in the United States. International Phd Thesis. Additionally, some reports of cell-phone calls may be paid air-phone calls. Mr. Avery’s tack is then to scoff at essay for autism the alleged implausibility of reported dialogue, which we shall show momentarily he does crudely and wrong-headedly. Perhaps the international database worst part is argumentative that as part of his debunking all the calls, Mr. Avery makes such comments as the following. Referring to Flight Attendant Madeline Sweeney’s 25 minute call with her ground manager Michael Woodward, Mr. Avery mimics and mocks her statement “near the phd thesis end [when] she says, ‘I see water and buildings! Oh my god!

Oh, my god!’ as though she had never seen the Manhattan skyline before in essay, her life. ” (53:00) COMMENT: Mr. Avery seems to have little capacity for understanding how people feel. If this is genuine dialogue, its obvious interpretation is that Madeline Sweeney has just realized that the hijacked plane is not going to be landed, but to be crashed into lower Manhattan. Mr. Avery also narrates: A man claiming to be Todd Beamer got through to a Verizon supervisor telling of three men with knives, one claiming to have a bomb. Phd Thesis Database. Thirteen minutes later he recites the 23rd psalm of the ict coursework a level bible and drops the phone, turning to international phd thesis database utter his rallying cry, “Let’s roll!” Why would Beamer spend the last minutes of his life talking to a complete stranger as opposed to a member of his own family? The boldfaced, supposedly deep question unmasking the perpetrators’ charade, is designed to show that Mr. Resume. Beamer’s behavior made no sense, and to set up Mr. Avery’s own opinion that based on Dewdney’s research, “The cell phone call were faked.

No ifs, ands, or buts.” It would take too much time to show in detail why this does not follow from phd thesis database, Dewdney’s research, not least of which is that the altitudes from which the calls were made remain unknown, and the low probability given by argumentative essay Dewdney of database getting through on any given call is offset in a hard-to-calculate way by automatic redial, not to mention that these calls may have been air-phone calls. But given Mr. Avery’s cry that the calls were faked, I don’t see anything but intelligence community irony in bear thesis, ending his film with a rallying cry to all Americans that we should follow Todd Beamer’s example and, “Let’s roll!” Why should we follow as an example what Mr. Avery has just told us is international sheer fiction manufactured by the 911 perpetrators through voice morphing technology? And as for Mr. Avery’s distinct incapacity to imagine the obvious, let alone see it in job hopping, front of his face, here are several good reasons why Todd Beamer would spend the international last few minutes of his life talking to a complete stranger rather than a family member: a) Mr. Beamer may have been able to reach a Verizon supervisor but not able to reach a family member to whom he wanted to talk at a time like that. b) Mr. Avery’s video displays a 9/22/01 article from the Post Gazette that states that the resume job hopping Verizon supervisor notified the database FBI and Todd Beamer was apprising her, and presumably the essay FBI, of the status of the international phd thesis airplane in preparation to afsa essay contest making a counter-attack. Database. Mr.

Beamer may have felt that speaking to her and externship, the FBI would be more useful at that moment than speaking to a family member. c) Mr. Beamer clearly did not know that he would die, and clearly hoped that he might survive. Phd Thesis. A passenger on polar bear that flight was a licensed commercial pilot and international database, might have been able to land the plane. Todd Beamer asks the Verizon supervisor to call his wife and high school essay, tell the wife how much he loved her in case he dies. Since he hoped to live, and international phd thesis database, since he needed to argumentative essay steel himself for the task immediately ahead, he may well have not wanted to burden his wife at such a moment as he then faced. Mr.

Avery did not ask penetrating questions, but asked shallow, immature, insensitive, callow and international, uninformed questions consistent with his performance through his video. Michael B. Green, Ph.D. Qualified Medical Examiner. [1] References are to the original version of “In Plane Site” unless otherwise stated. [2] It is afsa school essay hard to see why there would need for a plane switch, a risky complication, instead of simply taking over the planes by remote control. Database. But, perhaps the perpetrators did not wish to resume lower morale amongst their pool of patsies –- cronies of the “hijackers” who were aboard – by killing them. So perhaps a landing was made to remove the phd thesis database “hijackers” (if there were any) and load the a level unusually small number of international phd thesis commuters onto a single “rescue” plane for their final demise. [3] David R. Wrone, The Zapruder Film, University of afsa school essay Kansas Press, 2003, p.54.

[4] As I wrote in an August 8, 2004 email debunking KPFK’s August 6, 2004 screening of “In Plane Site” : As Dave vonKleist himself declared in person at Friday's screening, the most critical single claim made in In Plane Site is that the plane that crashed into WT2 had a huge pod attached to its right underbelly beneath the right wing. Hence it could not be United Airlines Flight 175; hence it was a military plane; hence 911 was a US military operation; hence we must start rethinking 911 from scratch. [5] The specifications of the reinforced windows are from Esther Schrader, “Pentagon, a Vulnerable Building, Was Hit in Least Vulnerable Spot” Los Angeles Times , September 16, 2001. Due to extensive official disinformation it is impossible to know whether to credit this report, since it almost certainly came from phd thesis, Pentagon public relations.

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The Early Purges by phd thesis database Seamus Heaney Essay Sample. ‘The Early Purges’ by Seamus Heaney focuses on essay, the traumas of childhood, and how impressionable we are when we are young. The poem is sad: it is about a child who sees kittens drowning, along with many other animals being killed in phd thesis various methods on a farm. At the time the child is terrified, but by the end of the ict coursework poem the fully-grown child is doing all the deeds he was so scared of international, when he was young. The poem is about how we lose innocence. The main theme of the poem is all about how we change when we grow up. There is bear, direct contrast between the first and last lines: ‘I was six when I first saw kittens drown’ And the last line; ‘On well run farms pests have to be kept down’.

Poetic techniques used: Similie- The kittens are compared to “wet gloves”/ comparing the dead kittens bodies to being “crisp as summer dung.” Onomatopoeia- “sickening tug” of the hens’ necks. Alliteration- “soft paws scraping” “…soon soused” “slung on the snout.” War poem, “Base details” by Siedfried Sassoon. Background to the poem: Siegfried Sassoon was a soldier who fought in World War I. He witnessed the horrendous slaughter of thousands of young soliders on the battlefield. Much of this killing was totally senseless and was a result of poor planning and incorrect strategies employed by the majors. This angered the poet so much that he was driven to write this angry poem. International? He imagines himself being a major and sarcastically suggests that he would be: “Fierce, bald and short of breath,” And he would send young soldiers, or “glum heroes,” to high school essay their deaths, while remaining far from the battlefield himself. “Guzzling and international phd thesis database, gulping in the best hotels.” He imagines himself reading a book containing the names of the dead soldiers and pretending to express some sympathy. “Poor young chap,” When the essay war is over the major would die, not heroically on the battlefield, but home in bed.

The main theme of this poem is the deep anger left by the poet at the behaviour of the majors and generals during World War I. Language and style: This poem is a satire, in phd thesis which Sassoon bitterly attacks the majors and those in charge of military matters who send thousands of job hopping, young soldiers to their deaths in the name of patriotism. Sassoon uses many features of phd thesis database, style in constructing this poem. There is a regular rhyming scheme used with line 1 rhyming with line 3, line 2 with line 4, etc. Each line is essay contest, made of ten syllables each and the last two lines rhyme. (This is a rhyming couplet.) It is a very descriptive poem with Sassoon making use of database, effecting adjectives.

For example, the Majors are described as “scarlet,” while their faces are said to be “Puffy and petulant.” Some of the verbs he chooses are also interesting. He writes about the majors ” Guzzling and gulping.” Here onomatopoeia is used to add to the effectiveness of the image. Onomatopoeia is also found on the last line of the poem when we are told that the Majors “toddle” home. Excellent examples of alliteration are found in lines 4+5. “Puffy, petulant face,” and. “Guzzling and gulping,” which is also an example of essay, assonance (repetition of vowel sounds). Dulce Et Decorum Est by Siegfried Owen.

The poem describes a gas attack on a trench in World War One. The poem reveals to the reader the terrible consequences of a gas attack: ‘the blood / Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs’. It also presents the unglamorous reality of trench life, with the soldiers described as being ‘like old beggars’. The Latin used at the end of the poem means ‘It is sweet and honourable to die for database, your country’, a concept Owen is strongly denying. There is not a clearly defined structure to the poem, although Owen does make use of externship resume, rhyme, mostly on alternate line endings. The poem opens with a description of trench life and international, the conditions faced by the soldiers. Then comes the gas attack, and the poem offers a graphic description of the effects of such an attack.

The opening stanza is characterised by argumentative essay for autism language about ‘fatigue’: the soldiers ‘marched asleep’, they ‘trudge’, and ‘limped on’. Phd Thesis Database? They are ‘deaf’, ‘lame’ and global, ‘blind’; all rather pitiful language intended to reveal the reality of war and its effects. The speaker describes a vision in international database a dream of a gas victim ‘guttering, choking, drowning’. The listed verbs are associated with a lack of air and death. The language used in the sections depicting the gas attack is strong, representing both the anguish of the victims of the resume gas attack as well as the phd thesis database effect on those haunted by what they have seen: ‘watch the white eyes writhing in his face, / His hanging face’. The repetition of the externship word ‘face’ makes it clear which element disturbs the speaker most: the transformation in the face of the victim. The use of alliteration on the ‘w’ sound reflects the agonised twisting of the gas victim.

Attitudes, ideas and database, imagery. The opening of the poem suggests Owen pities the resume state to which the soldiers have fallen. Phd Thesis Database? Instead of argumentative essay, youthful, strong fighters they are ‘Bent double’, ‘Knock-kneed, coughing like hags’. Owen’s imagery presents the men as prematurely old and weakened. War has broken these men, and they are described in international phd thesis database the most unglamorous, inglorious manner. Owen’s bitterness at this transformation is argumentative global, obvious. Owen’s disillusionment with war is also clear from the closing lines of the poem. After describing the horrifying effects of the gas attack he addresses the reader: ‘My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie’ He is rejecting the accepted attitude back at home that serving your country in war is international database, glorious. He is critical of the ‘high zest’, or great enthusiasm, used to convince men to go to war.

He sees war as brutal and wasteful of young lives. His choice of the thesis word ‘children’ is international, also significant; impressionable young men are almost lured to war by the promise of ‘desperate glory’. What might you want to ict coursework a level say about the poet’s presentation of war in the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est? Briefly note down some points that you would want to include in your essay, then compare your ideas with those in our sample answer on the next page. • War transforms soldiers, breaking them physically and mentally: ‘Bent double’ ‘Knock-kneed’. Rather than glorious men, Owen presents the soldiers as weakened old ‘hags’. • The experience of war is something no soldier can escape: ‘In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, / He plunges at me’. • The effect of gas used in World War One is communicated to the reader through Owen’s use of verbs linked to international database death by a lack of oxygen: ‘guttering, choking, drowning’, ‘smothering’. Bear Thesis? • Owen offers the reader very graphic imagery associated with suffering, aiming to present the truth about the war experience, arguably arising from his first-hand experience of war. • Owen presents the soldiers as victims who have been betrayed by those who encouraged them to go to war.

He uses words such as ‘innocent’ and ‘children’ to reinforce his positive attitude to the soldiers. • Owen is bitter about war and the encouragement given to international go to war. He angrily refers to ‘The old Lie’ that dying for your country is essay, sweet and honourable. • The detailed description of a soldier dying as a result of gas attack is intended to make the reader feel discomfort, forcing him or her to confront the reality of war, something which is far from honourable or sweet. “Conquerors” by Henry Treece. The Theme of the Pity of War- Dulce et Decorum est and Conquerors. “Dulce et Decorum Est”, by William Owen and, “Conquerors”, by Henry Treece are both examples of poems revealing the horrific and phd thesis, doleful aspects of war. Each poet writes with a different style but both try to convey the reality and consequences of war through their poems. In “Dulce et Decorum Est”, Owen graphically illustrates the truth about war. Creating very descriptive imagery and using various poetic devises, he manages to convey that war isn’t as glorious as some people may think. This message is spread throughout the poem; however it is strongest at the end.

The first stanza describes the shell-shocked and ict coursework a level, exhausted soldiers trudging through the sticky mud. Owen’s use of database, words such as “bent double”, “old beggars”, “knock-kneed”, “coughing like hags”, and “sludge”, help to provide the reader with an image of the state the soldiers are in. The carefully chosen compound word, “blood-shod’ conjures a very visual and bitter image in the readers mind showing them the resume awful conditions the men had to put up with. Soft consonants are used to describe the gas, almost giving the phrase an onomatopoeic touch. “Of gas-shells dropping softly behind.” The poem is carefully constructed with a regular rhyming pattern of ‘ABABCDCD’. Written in iambic pentameter, the reader is guided through the poem swiftly which allows you to keep reading the poem until the international database end. There is a huge contrast in the second stanza as the pace of the poem speeds up rapidly. The first four words show this change in high essay contest tempo. The punctuation used and the repetition of the international database word ‘GAS’ instantly changes the atmosphere, almost giving the reader a fright. “An ecstasy of argumentative, fumbling,

Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time,” These two lines create a sense of panic and international database, the words, filled with clumsy consonants, add to the tension. Externship? “Ecstasy”, normally associated with excitement, strangely fits very well in the phrase as it conveys horror brilliantly. The simple word “But” destroys any sense of relief in just one word as the reader knows straight away that something has gone wrong. The pace of the poem is slowed right down by the Assonance used, helping the reader realize that one of the soldiers didn’t get his helmet on “just in time”. “As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.” The simile used paints a graphical picture for the reader and you are able to see all the soldiers standing around, wanting to database help but not being able to. The repetition of ‘ing’ in the next stanza reinforces the pain and suffering the man is going through. The three words “guttering”, “choking”, and “drowning” give such a strong image and is very shocking the way they are said one after the externship resume other. “Guttering” is almost onomatopoeic; allowing you to visualize and hear the torture the soldier is going through.

The audience is attacked in the next stanza as Owen suddenly involves the reader in the poem. The use of alliteration: “And watch the international white eyes writing in his face” intensifies the polar thesis agony of the soldier and almost makes you feel guilty for not being there even if there were no way you could help. However the next line is such a powerful description that the picture created is so vivid. “Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,” This line is so disgusting and horrific making the event, all the phd thesis more chilling.

The use of Assonance is so straight forward emphasizing the revolting scene. “Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues. In the last stanza it talks to the audience as “My friend” changing the relationship between the poet and the reader from the previous stanzas. This gesture is encouraging, allowing the reader to feel more comfortable. The words “children”, “ardent”, and “desperate” tell the reader that the young boys are too passionate about going to war for the “glory” that they are blinded by what really happens. Owens constant use of imagery does not allow the readers mind to wonder. The last two lines emphasize that war is not glorious or brave. Owen’s use of argumentative, rhyming words helps bring the international phd thesis poem to a finale and also help you flow through to the end. Resume? The use of the capital letter in “The old Lie:” enhances the meaning of “Dulce et Decorum est: Pro patria mori.” This makes the message stand out very clearly.

The intense descriptions throughout the poem are spine chilling and compel the reader to phd thesis database see through the eyes of the poet, allowing them to contemplate the bitterness of war. Owen expresses the reality of war, contradicting the glorification some may see it as like in resume the “Conquerors,” by Henry Treece. However, towards the end of phd thesis, this poem, Treece depicts the argumentative essay immoral and inhumane aspects of war. “Conquerors,” is also about international database, war but not quite as disgusting and shocking. The mood is very sombre and melancholy. There is no rhyming pattern; however there are many enjambments which allow the readers to flow through the poem. The pace of the poem is a level, very slow and thoughtful. It is not very straight forward which makes the reader think carefully about the message Treece is trying to international phd thesis get across. The first few lines make you aware of your senses and you can picture that everything is silent and untouched. “For the sorry drip of rain from blackened trees”

This line is very picturesque and emphasizes the sad, depressing tone of the poem. The two words ”sorry”, and “melancholy”, increase the poems grey, low key mood. The use of Assonance and high school, enjambment pulls you through the poem, helping you read on to the next line. “Then through a broken pane some of us saw. A dead bird in international a rusting cage, still” Treece’s use of words such as “dead”, and “rusting”, perceive to argumentative the reader that the village has been isolated and a lot of time has passed. The Alliteration in the next line moves the reader swiftly on phd thesis database, and at resume, the same time stresses what had happened in international the village. The description of the bird gives the job hopping reader an idea of the fear and the sense of being trapped or locked in that the international phd thesis people of the village had before they died. The silence almost makes the soldiers feel scared or guilty as they rush to get out.

The dog described in the poem is fragile and weak. “to die at least in peace”, implies that there must have been an uproar or panic in the village when the people were killed, contrasting with the dog’s death. Treece expresses his message in the next line express conveying that war is not so victorious after all: “No one had told us victory was like this.” The reader realizes that the soldiers are starting to regret and the joy of conquering is not so triumphant after all. The “grey child” leaves such a poignant image in the readers mind and it makes you want to stop and think. The horrific picture in your mind makes you think of the innocent children being left to die. The last line removes all the glorious feelings the ‘conquerors’ would have had before coming to the village. The soldiers forget all about their victory and the only resume job hopping thing on their minds are the families. This poem has a very dreamy, unrealistic feeling to it. The images are very poignant and allow the reader to remember the picture vividly.

The message is portrayed throughout the phd thesis database whole poem and leaves the ict coursework a level reader to stop and think about it. The poem portrays the cruelty and misery war beholds on people and stresses the love everyone has for their families, no matter what side they come from. Both poems indicate how inhumane war can be. I thought “Dulce et Decorum est” was very vivid and disgusting. The poem illustrated the phd thesis ugly and brutal reality of war, depicting the horror many soldiers go through. “Conquerors”, was more emotional, making me feel a certain amount of sorrow and distress about the consequences of afsa high school essay contest, war. Each poem portrayed its message through to the reader using different poetic devises and phd thesis database, tones and was successfully able to convey them. “But You Didn’t” by Merrill Glass. The central theme for the poem appears to be youthful regret, perhaps even time wasted. How many times, especially when young, do we say or do things that may be hurtful however we claim harmless fun?

How often have we wanted to tell someone that they are special, important and valuable to us but we put it off because we believe we have all the time in the world? We take for global, granted that all will be as we hope and rarely learn how beautiful and fragile life is until we loose someone we love. The young narrator tells of incidents that most readers can relate to: careless driving, flirtations, general disregard for the feelings of others. The narrator is not a ‘bad’person; simply young and naive (the way we all want to be). Perhaps the poet would like us to learn that we are mortal and that nothing lasts forever. Phd Thesis? We need to get over ourselves and thesis, appreciate what we have; it is perfectly OK to international phd thesis acknowledge someone who is important to us.

It is a sign of strength of character not weakness to tell someone you love them; don’t wait. This is a very straight forward and touching poem discussing love, loss and regret. There is no mystery here to the meaning. The poet tells you all in her reflections and her use of the phrase “But you didn’t.” Her lover was never quick to resume job hopping judge; he loved her unconditionally and didn’t run away at the first bump in their relationship. “Nettles” by Vernon Scannell. Vernon Scannell was most famous as a war poet, having fought in international phd thesis database World War Two.

His other poetry also has echoes of his war experience, as in this poem Nettles. Nettles is about a child – Scannell had six children – falling into a patch of nettles and seeking comfort from his parents. The speaker in the poem, after attending to his son’s injuries – sets about destroying the nettles, only for them to return with the argumentative for autism passing of just “two weeks”. Structure and language. The poem consists of a single stanza and has alternately rhyming lines. The poem is a narrative account, focused on the father’s perspective of an accident involving his son. Martial (to do with war) imagery and language dominate this poem, which may appear strange at international, first given the domestic subject matter. By bringing the two ideas together, Scannell is offering his opinion on each. The nettles are personified as an global, opposing force.

They are a “regiment of spite”, and are described using the metaphor”spears”. Within the first three lines the nettles are presented as a violent and phd thesis database, aggressive group of soldiers to reflect the afsa high contest speaker’s need to protect his child. When the speaker is taking revenge on the nettles the writer again personifies them, describing them as a “fierce parade” as if they were soldiers standing to attention, cut down by his scythe. They are even given a “funeral pyre” (a wooden structure made for phd thesis, bodies to be burned on instead of being buried). Within “two weeks”, “tall recruits” have been “called up” to replace the nettles, a reference to soldiers being conscripted (forced to join the bear army), but also communicating the idea of an enemy force that cannot be defeated. The child is presented using emotive language, reflective of the compassion and international, sympathy the argumentative essay speaker feels for his injured son: “White blisters beaded on his tender skin”. The alliteration using the ‘b’ sounds, “blisters beaded” suggests the swelling, painful injuries, and the child’s skin is international phd thesis, “tender”, a strong contrast to the language used to for autism describe the international phd thesis nettles. The “watery grin” is another emotive description, implying the child is being helped to get over his painful experience by externship resume loving parents. The father’s reaction to international phd thesis database the nettles is as violent as the nettles’ stings.

He explains the process of dealing with the nettles in a very careful, calculating manner: “I took my hook and honed the blade”. Externship Resume? First he selected his weapon (a scythe), then sharpened it; then he “slashed in fury” until “not a nettle … / Stood upright any more”. The father takes revenge in his strong desire to protect his son and punish those who injured him. Attitudes, themes and ideas. This poem explores the impulse for a parent to protect a child, using whatever means necessary. The emotive language used to database present the child and the violence of the father’s response suggests a powerful instinct has been provoked. The poem is also about the inevitability of “wounds” being felt through life, whatever a parent may do to prevent it. The nettles grow back quickly and the speaker realises his son will feel pain again. The poem is about a parent realising that life will present children with hurtful situations, ones which cannot be avoided or prevented. Martial imagery can at first seem out of place – after all, the events of the poem are very insignificant compared to the realities of war.

However, the imagery and language is chosen to communicate the idea that such incidents are significant and resume job hopping, important in international phd thesis database the eyes of a parent. References to job hopping war might also suggest that the battle is phd thesis, futile. Whatever the father does the nettles will grow back and his son will probably be hurt again, just as wars will continue to occur, however violent the attempts to end them. Facts about the poem “Nettles.” • Nettles is about the protection offered to argumentative essay global a young child by a father. • Nettles presents a father who is violent in his desire to protect his son from the international phd thesis “wounds” of life. • Nettles is written from the perspective of the father. Brief observations are used to communicate the tenderness and love of the parental relationship with a child. “Mid-term break” by Seamus Heaney. Rhyme Form: Iambic Pentameter (The iambic pentameter is defined by its rhythm of pairing ten syllables for each line into five pairs.) Tone: Sombre. Imagery: Death, Grief.

Themes: Death, Frailty of Life, Growing up. Poetic Techniques: Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Assonance, Simile, Metaphor Summary. A boy sits in the school’s medical area waiting to be given a lift home – the ringing of the school bell further enhance the fact that he is waiting for something. When he finally arrives home he sees his father on the porch, crying. The house is packed with neighbours and strangers who offer their condolences. He notices his baby sister in a cot laughing and cooing while his mother takes his hand – she is so overcome with anger and grief that she is unable to cry. Later, the body of his younger brother arrives in polar bear thesis an ambulance. The next morning, when the house is quiet, the boy goes up to the bedroom to see his brother for the last time. Theme.

‘Mid-Term Break’ is a first-person account of the experience of facing death for the first time. This death is phd thesis, especially tragic as the dead boy was only four years old, and this is driven home as we find out, by delving into Heaney’s past, that the incident in the poem actually happened. As he confronts death for argumentative, the first time he sees how it affects those he loves. In the international phd thesis database porch he meets his father “crying”, and afsa school contest, later his mother holds his hand. She is too upset to international database cry, instead she “coughed out angry, tearless sighs”. There is resume job hopping, also a sense in the poem that the boy has been forced to grow up by what has happened. When he comes to the house we read: …I was embarrassed/ By old men standing up to international phd thesis database shake my hand… In the next stanza he tells us, Whispers informed strangers I was the eldest, As the eldest in argumentative global the family, he is treated as an international database, adult by polar bear neighbours and international database, seen as a comfort to the family. Since he does not shed tears like his father, or appear severely grief-stricken like his mother, he emerges as the strongest character in his family. Argumentative Essay? Imagery.

A mid-term break is usually associated with time off school, holidays and international, fun. The poem’s title suggests a holiday but this “break” does not happen for pleasant reasons as we find out that there is a death in the family. ‘Mid-Term Break’ is job hopping, told over the course of three main parts. In the first the boy waits in the college sick bay to international phd thesis be brought home by a neighbour, the reason for his father not collecting him could be due to his family not owning a car (this was in the 1950s). The second occurs in the family home where he meets his grieving parents, family friends and neighbours, who have gathered for the wake. The final scene takes place the following morning when the boy sees his little brother’s body laid out surrounded by flowers and candles.

In the afsa high school essay contest opening stanza there is an ominous atmosphere as the bell is “knelling classes to a close”, however at this stage we do not know what has happened. The second stanza begins with the international phd thesis stark, sad image of the poet’s father waiting for him to return: In the porch I met my father crying. The patriarchal image of the father-figure in the 1950s is torn down here as we see his father crying – we know now that something personal and terrible has happened. His father, apparently always strong at other funerals, is high contest, distraught by his child’s death, while “Big Jim” says that it was a “terrible blow”. The young Seamus is made uneasy by the baby’s happiness on seeing him, by hand shaking and euphemisms “Sorry for my trouble”, and by people whispering about him.

Inside the phd thesis database house, the boy notices his baby sister lying in her pram “cooing and laughing”; too young to afsa school essay contest understand what has happened or to realise why the house is filled with strangers. Old men stand up to shake his hand, treating the young boy as a mature male member of the family. The boy meets his mother who is in shock and international database, too upset, even to cry. Finally in the fifth stanza we learn of the cause of the tragedy: an ambulance arrives with the bear bandaged body of his brother who was killed by a car: At ten o’clock the ambulance arrived. With the corpse. In the last two stanzas the boy goes to international the room where his brother’s body is laid out.

This is the encounter that the entire poem has been moving towards, the climax of the whole piece. There is an externship resume, almost peaceful feeling in the poet’s description of the room: “snowdrops and candles” soothe the bedside scene. Phd Thesis Database? His brother is job hopping, paler than he remembers, and database, the only argumentative sign of his fatal injury is the “poppy bruise” on his left temple. Phd Thesis Database? The young boy sees his brother for polar thesis, the last time and faces death for the first. In the final image the poet compares the small size of his brother’s coffin with the shortness of international, life: No gaudy scars, the bumper knocked him clear. A four foot box, a foot for every year. The sombre mood of ‘Mid-Term Break’ is established in the opening lines as the resume job hopping boy sits in the college sick bay with nothing to do but count the bells “knelling classes to a close”. Notice how the international poet uses the word “knelling” instead of ringing. This gives us a hint of the mood: the argumentative essay bell, which is bringing classes to an end, reminds the boy of a church bell “knelling” for a funeral mass, and perhaps is forewarning him of the death he is about to face. ‘Mid –Term Break’ is about death and naturally the mood throughout the poem is sombre. The boy meets his father “crying” in the porch and international, his mother “coughed out angry tearless sighs”.

The shocked sense of sadness is lifted for bear thesis, a moment in the third stanza when the boy sees his sister in her cot. She coos and laughs, too young to understand what has happened. As well as this central feeling of loss and sadness in the poem, there is also an international database, interesting secondary mood. The boy feels awkward and uncomfortable at ict coursework, being expected to behave like the phd thesis database “eldest” in the family and ict coursework, says: …I was embarrassed. By old men standing up to shake my hand. His brother’s death, as well as being a great tragedy, is international database, a rite of passage for the boy. He is treated as an adult and perhaps as a support to his parents in their terrible grief – he is the only member of the family not crying. In the bear final two stanzas the mood is heightened as the boy goes alone to see his brother’s body. Heaney’s language now is much more poetic than it was when he referred to his brother as a corpse: note the international personal pronouns “him”, “his”, “he” – as opposed to thesis “the corpse”. The calm mood is shown in the serene picture of “Snowdrops/And candles soothed the international phd thesis database bedside” – literally they soothed the young Heaney.

The flowers are a symbol in the poem, but also in reality for the family as a symbol of new life, after death. The bruise is seen as not really part of the boy – he is “wearing” it, as if it could come off. Heaney likens the argumentative for autism bruise to the poppy, a flower linked with death and soothing of pain (opiates come from poppies). The child appears as if sleeping, giving us a simile. The ugly “corpse, stanched and bandaged”, becomes a sleeping child with “no gaudy scars” – dead, but, ironically, not disfigured. The last line of the international poem is most poignant and skilful – the size of the argumentative global coffin is the measure of the child’s life. We barely notice that Heaney has twice referred to a “box”, almost a flippant name for database, a coffin. The shock, sadness and resume, confusion of the earlier stanzas give way to an almost peaceful, calm feeling: “snowdrops/ And candles” by the bed soothe the boy. And finally, there is also a great tenderness and intimacy as he looks at his dead brother for international, the last time lying in his coffin.

Rhythm. “The baby cooed and resume, laughed and rocked the pram. The quick pace of these lines make the poem seem more light-hearted for a moment as the phd thesis boy sees his baby sister in the pram. Ict Coursework A Level? But when the poem returns to the room of international, mourners the lines again become slow and heavy. Structure. In stanza 5 there are instances of half rhyme (sigh/arrived) (corpse/nurses) however it is in the final two lines of high school contest, this stanza that the poet uses the only full rhyme found in the poem.

This helps bring closure to the poem and gives the international phd thesis ending a sense of finality, emphasising the theme of high school, death: No gaudy scars, the bumper knocked him clear. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and international phd thesis, order The Early Purges by Seamus Heaney. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for The Early Purges by Seamus Heaney. Seamus Heaney is the speaker in bear thesis his poem “Digging”, where he writes about database, his family tradition as manual workers; he is from Castledawson Co Derry at Northem Ireland. Therefore he… The Forge by Seamus Heaney.

* The word ‘call’ has both everyday and bear thesis, special associations. In this poem ‘call’ contains both casual and serious meanings.The call here is the phone call home but the speaker… Seamus Heaney – ‘At a Potato Digging’ • Context • • The poem deals with two different potato harvests. One is the phd thesis harvest from the present day that goes successfully and resume, which delivers a rich crop. The… ‘Dawn Shoot’ by Seamus Heaney and phd thesis, ‘Lake Scene’ by David Wright.

Choose two texts by different writers which highlight a strong theme which you could identify. Bear Thesis? Name the theme and then go on to examine how the writers effectively highlight it… Seamus Heaney- sample essay. Seamus Heaney is both a personal and political poet. He has written deeply personal poems such as “The Underground”, “Skunk”, and “A Call”, captivatingly political poems, such as “The Tollund…

“Personal Helicon” by Seamus Heaney. “Personal Helicon”, by Seamus Heaney, is one segment from his first collection of phd thesis database, poems titled “Death of a Naturalist”. This early work is centralised around a mixture of childhood innocence,…

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International Phd Thesis Database

Spanking Modeling: A Year in Review. Note: this post is extremely photo heavy. It#8217;s basically a walk down memory lane for my first year of modeling. International Database! Just over a year ago, I did my first shoot as a spanking model. At the polar bear thesis time, I set goals (as I often do) for the coming year. I tend to set my goals fairly high, and so I thought that a good point to phd thesis database, strive towards would be working with ten sites or projects in my first year as a spanking model.

As it turns out, I#8217;ve worked with seventeen, not counting my own clips store which I#8217;m now operating. I#8217;m very proud of argumentative myself for international phd thesis database, this: I#8217;ve had a lot of ups and afsa high school contest downs, a couple of bad experiences and phd thesis I#8217;ve had my fair share of ict coursework a level struggles in international phd thesis database my personal life, but at the end of bear thesis my first year, I feel that I#8217;m doing really well. My very first shoot was with Assume the Position Studios in Los Angeles (I#8217;m currently also selling the content that we shot on my clips store). International Phd Thesis! I remember the shoot well: I was very nervous, and a level still sort of a newcomer to the spanking scene in general. It was only less than a year before then that I had started going to munches and meeting people, instead of just interacting with SF, like I had done for the first many years of my spanking experience.

The scenes that we shot were quite hard, still some of the hardest that I#8217;ve done for a shoot, and they were taken at phd thesis database a time when I was still talented at bruising (I have since largely lost the ability to bruise). Afsa High School Essay! The second shoot that I did was pretty shortly thereafter: I shot with Lily Starr Spanking when Lily visited LA. International Phd Thesis! That was an polar bear awesome shoot: I got to meet Lily, Robert and international phd thesis database another friend of theirs, and we forged friendships that are still strong and vibrant today. The videos that we filmed then are also available on my store. My third shoot was very exciting: I shot with Spanking Court, and once again, I met people who I continue to consider my very close friends. Argumentative For Autism! In this case, I got to phd thesis database, meet Cali Katerina, Dana Kane, The Villain and more lovely people. This particular shoot was exciting because I had a full size paddle broken on my butt for the first time.

This shoot was the first time that I shot for a larger production company, and it was very exciting indeed. The video seems to be pretty popular, and it was released on global, VOD in addition to on international phd thesis, the Spanking Court site. Externship! The next shoot that I did was with Chelsea Pfeiffer for Good Spanking. It was a half hour #8220;Chelsea Spanks#8221; reality shoot, and international database it was a lot of fun. Essay For Autism! I really enjoyed Chelsea, and I love long spankings. This was around the time when I noticed that I wasn#8217;t really bruising anymore: I got spanked for a half an hour, and phd thesis while my butt stayed red for a long time (more than overnight) it wasn#8217;t bruised. This was also released on DVD. After this, I did another shoot with Lily Starr. This time, it was just the two of resume us, and we had lots of fun being girly and silly during the shoot.

But we ended things with a wet bottomed, fully nude bathbrush spanking which brought me to phd thesis, tears: After that, I moved to Sioux Falls, and I didn#8217;t do a spanking video again until my visit to bear, Los Angeles. I did a second series with Assume the Position: this time, I got to hang out with fellow model Christy Cutie and along with photodave, we shot a fun set of videos called The Spanking Games. They were basically Hunger Games spanking fan fiction (only, you know, way less dark and international more adorable). Literally the externship resume day after that, I shot with Clare Fonda and The Cameraman for Girl Spanks Girl. Database! This was one of school my most exciting shoots. We did several sets with looks that worked really well for database, me, and polar thesis the story was perfectly suited for my personality. The story is called #8220;The Bad Good Girl#8221; and basically sums me up: I#8217;m sweet and innocent, but I somehow get myself into trouble anyway and feel very regretful about international, it.

I like the photos from this shoot way too much, so I hope this sampling is not excessive: I also shot with Lily and Robert again. Essay! This time, we did one cute, story based video a discipline video with me and Robert which ended up being very severe (and popular) indeed. After that, I did my next shoot for a DVD: Sternwood Academy. This was just an phd thesis database amazing shoot.

I got to see Dana Kane, Cali Katerina and The Villain again, and argumentative essay I was lucky to meet Ela Darling and database Cheyenne Jewel, who were total sweethearts. Externship Resume! Sternwood was pretty much the most fun thing I#8217;ve ever done in international phd thesis database a plaid skirt, and I have done a lot of things in plaid skirts. My next set of shooting took place at the Texas All State Spanking Party. I had the honor of polar thesis shooting with Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking. We#8217;ve taken some down time before releasing, but the first clip from this will be up on both our sites today!

Here#8217;s a sneak peak: Pandora was amazing, and I can#8217;t wait to international, work with her again. I#8217; very fond of her. Those are good words for it. High Essay! #128512; I also shot with Ten for Ten Amorette#8217;s Punishment Playhouse. We had a freaking blast with those clips, and they included me as a school girl getting into trouble as usual, me getting naked and spanking myself in front of the phd thesis database window and me making out essay with Ten. Not a bad mix, if you ask me. Database! #128512; I also shot for Spanking 101 and Amateur Spankings during TASSP, but neither of these have been released to a level, date. During Crimson Moon in international phd thesis July, I shot for essay global, a site called Saturday Spanking Club, but that site hasn#8217;t gone live yet. International Database! My next batch of shoots was during my recent set of travels: I shot with Dallas Spanks Hard for my third DVD, this one is a feature entitled #8220;Naughty Nightmare.#8221; I also shot several new videos with Lily Starr (yeah, we did work in addition to eating sushi. Hard to believe, right?) This time, I topped her for the first time, which was very exciting for me. The video in afsa school essay which I top her also includes us kissing.

Hot stuff. #128512; I also did two of my own productions while in LA: one in association with my boyfriend, Just_Rafa (who is amazing in all ways) and international phd thesis database my friend Maddy Marks: I#8217;m getting better and high essay better at international phd thesis Topping. Essay! #128512; The other was with Odette Delacroix, and is forthcoming. My next set of international shoots was with Firm Discipline in Texas. We did a boatload of videos together while I was there, including some pretty epic moments, like me, debs and Mila Kohl all getting spanked a row and me throwing debs and bear thesis Heather Green into the pool. I have, since then, done another shoot with Amateur Spankings and shot for Spanked Call Girls, Spanking Sorority Girls, Shadowlane and Northern Spanking, but I don#8217;t have any photos for those shoots yet, as they are as of now unreleased. All in all, it#8217;s been a remarkable year, and far more amazing than I ever could have dreamed. Things are only getting more and more exciting, too, and I have lots of great plans for the future. I was going to somehow try to database, skip writing about Shadowlane, because I don#8217;t really like writing posts which are just #8220;this happened.

Then this happened. Thesis! Then this happened!#8221; and phd thesis because so many other people (especially Erica Scott and Beth Eisley) have written great posts describing the party. Essay! That said, I do have good stories, and stories are part of what my blog is all about. Also, I#8217;m going to feel a bit more #8220;free#8221; once I#8217;m entirely caught up on what I#8217;m #8220;supposed#8221; to post about. Heather and I arrived in Vegas on international phd thesis database, Wednesday afternoon, and afsa essay we got dressed in better clothes and did our makeup in the parking lot. We then went to international, Holstein#8217;s in the Cosmopolitan: a place where we had eaten during our first trip to Vegas. I ordered something which was called the #8220;Nom Nom Burger#8221; pretty much entirely because of the name. It had potato chips on it. I nommed. Heather and I got an alcoholic coke float which also included poprocks. It was amazing.

We went into a couple of stores, but then Heather had a session to go to, so she dropped me off with Ten and polar bear Drlectr at the Suncoast, the hotel where the party was held. I have infinite love for phd thesis, those two. We hung out a little bit, then we went to go get all you can eat enchiladas and margaritas. I had JUST finished eating my Nom Nom Burger, so I just got a margarita. High School Contest! It was massive and delicious. I didn#8217;t even finish it in international the time that it took my friends to each eat two plates of bear enchiladas.

Ten and Drlectr were going to international database, a show that night, and I was feeling tired and wanted to get to Dana Kane#8216;s house, where we were staying over, so I decided to resume, stay and hang out in the hotel. Fortunately, I met up with Richard Windsor and international phd thesis Tomdiscp at the bar, and they proceeded to buy me drinks and chat me up. Richard is at the top of the list of people I wish I had been able to spend more time with: he#8217;s funny, clever, caring, respectful and polar nice to be around. Also, he let me wear his hat: While hanging out at the bar, I also got to meet Caroline Grey, the Canadian spanking model living Ireland. International Database! She was all jet lagged but still all awesome. I kept drinking (which, in case you#8217;ve noticed a lack of posts about me drinking, I really don#8217;t do very much of that anymore) and by the time Heather picked me up, I was texting Heather Wayland (The Boss of Me) and telling her that I was #8220;too drink#8221; to come visit her that night.

Sounds about right. I sobered up while Heather drove me over to Dana#8217;s. It was awesome to argumentative essay for autism, see Dana and her husband! I first met them nearly a year ago when I did my first Spanking Court shoot, and I really got to know them when Heather and I stayed in an apartment with them during the production of database Sternwood Academy. We got there close to essay, the time at which they were preparing for bed, and we were tired, so we spent a little bit of phd thesis database time hanging out and then got ready to sleep. I did sneak a peek at Dana#8217;s closet full of implements, though. My god, that thing is essay, FULL OF IMPLEMENTS. Phd Thesis Database! It puts my collection to shame. Just the sheer amount of canes that she has startled me. She saw me eying them and told me: #8220;I break a lot of canes.#8221; I suppose that#8217;s probably accurate.

Ouch! Dana has a cat named Noodle that I#8217;m kind of in love with. He doesn#8217;t seem to understand that he#8217;s a cat and therefore is supposed to be aloof. Resume! He#8217;s so dog like, in fact, that he plays fetch and actively tries to get pets and cuddles. He also tries to eat human food and go places he shouldn#8217;t, but all in all, he#8217;s a very lovable scamp. I added this to international phd thesis database, my collection of photos of me with famous spankos cats: The next morning we had some breakfast and resume then hung out a bit.

Dana gave us some good advice, and we enjoyed both of phd thesis our friends#8217; company a little bit more before we had to argumentative essay, go. They were not able to attend the party, which was sad for everyone, but I#8217;m glad that we got to visit them before it got into full swing. Phd Thesis Database! We packed up our stuff and drove back to argumentative, the hotel, where we got ready to do a shoot for the Clare Fonda sites. I really love working with The Camera Man, and this time, I got to meet and shoot with Veronica Ricci. She#8217;s A LOT OF fun to work with, and incredibly hot. Later, I met up with and phd thesis database hung out with my friend, Whooperine. Argumentative For Autism! We#8217;ve been at every party together, and we had the same first party, so that#8217;s kind of international phd thesis a neat thing we#8217;ve got going on.

He had a pretty awesome suite, and I had fun taking a tour of it with him. I discovered that his bathroom included THE SUPER CORNER: It#8217;s probably not good for claustrophobic spankos, but I found it very comforting. Extra wall-hug! His bed also had about 80 pillows on it, so I made a giant, plus mountain to lay over: Most. Comfortable. Spanking position. Ever. #128512; Later still, I finally met up with Heather W. We#8217;ve known each other online for argumentative essay, ages, but had never had a chance to be in the same place at phd thesis the same time. There was hugging and resume job hopping photo taking and rejoicing.

I also met Beth Eisley for the first time and database fell instantly in love. Ugh. She#8217;s the best. She#8217;s perfectly cute, super sweet, and incredibly smart. I#8217;m smitten. That evening, we went to a bunch of suite parties and ict coursework drlectr gave me my first night, midnight paddling during a mass group effort. This is the phd thesis database part of the story where the details kind of ict coursework break down.

I did a lot of hanging out with awesome people, and international phd thesis I had a lot of fun, but I didn#8217;t stay up too late because the next morning was my shoot for Shadowlane itself! Unfortunately, the Shadowlane shoot didn#8217;t go perfectly smoothly. A Level! There were mixups about international phd thesis, time schedules, so the scene which had originally been planned for me and Mila Kohl never got shot. We did get to do a scene with Amy Hunter, though, which was most excellent, and I think turned out very well. I#8217;m just disappointed that we didn#8217;t get to do anything full length. Eve did say that she would have me back to work again when it wasn#8217;t so hectic.

I don#8217;t have any pictures from the ict coursework a level shoot yet, but I#8217;ll show you when I do. International Phd Thesis! After I finished with Shadowlane, it was time for me to shoot with Northern Spanking. This was very exciting to me, because there#8217;s something very thrilling about being on sites overseas. Argumentative! The Top for database, the scene that I shot was Stephen Lewis, who I#8217;d seen in many videos but never had a chance to high essay contest, meet before, and international database I was very excited about that. I don#8217;t give away the storylines for shoots before the content goes up, but I will say that the ict coursework a level scene which we shot (which also included Heather Green) was very formal.

It was, in fact, the most formal scene I#8217;ve ever participated in. It totally pushed my buttons in all the right ways. I feel like it is almost inappropriate that I like being spanked by English people so much, like it is some how linked to international phd thesis, hegemony or fetishizing the a level other or whatnot. But the international phd thesis database truth is, the stories that I first encountered when I discovered that there were stories involving spanking where all stories written in England and they were all overflowing with formality. When I got into resume my first spanking relationship, it was with SF, who is both English and phd thesis ridiculously formal. Stephen had the same sort of thing going on in this scene: he was formal and rigid without seeming cruel or even cold. I just ate it up. It was one of the best scenes I#8217;ve ever done for a video.

Everyone from Northern Spanking was incredibly nice, friendly and accommodating. I#8217;m planning to get over to the UK sooner rather than later, and I look forward to working with them again when I do! That evening was the Vendor Fair, I think. I#8217;m having trouble with the timeline of things, again. I got to see Erica again, which was wonderful, and to meet her boyfriend, John. He#8217;s a really great guy, and I was very impressed with him. I wasn#8217;t vending, so I wandered from booth to essay, booth and said hi to international, lots of people. I noticed at Ten#8217;s booth that I was on the cover of externship one of phd thesis her DVDs. Sweet! Heather and ict coursework I also hung out with Veronica a little more, and we ended up talking Pokemon.

Uh, can you say BFFs? Later that night, Heather and I participated in the Spankolympics, as hosted by Northern Spanking. We only did the first event before the room got too hot and noisy for us, but we owned it: we took the gold medal in #8220;sprinting,#8221; which meant that Heather had to spank me 100 times as quickly as possible. Phd Thesis Database! Due to her extreme physical fitness, we did better than a bunch of #8220;real#8221; tops (Heather is pretty much just a bottom) and finished in 15 seconds. WINNERS.

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at suite parties and having fun. I also changed my clothes six or seven times. I don#8217;t remember too much of what happened during the day on Saturday I think I was mostly working, in either shoots or sessions. I know that when I saw Erica at dinner she told me that she didn#8217;t see me at all that day, so that#8217;s probably the most accurate description. Eventually, though, I did start getting ready for the banquet. Now, let me start off by saying that I#8217;ve never been much of ict coursework a level a girly-girl, in case you haven#8217;t noticed. International Phd Thesis Database! I#8217;m in my element in clothes that I got six or seven years ago and afsa essay contest don#8217;t quite match each other, a kind of international database fluffy skirt, a panda t-shirt, maybe a pair of knee socks and my now overly worn saddle shoes which were once upon a time, kind of ict coursework a level fancy. I get girlied up for shoots, but I#8217;ve never been super at it. Recently, though, I#8217;ve wanted to international, embrace that side of polar things more.

The Heathers helped me with this: they helped me pick out my outfit, Heather W picked out my bling and did my makeup and Heather G straightened my hair for me. Heather W suggested that I should wear a pair of her heels. I did it. I was about six feet tall with them on, but instead of feeling HUGE I felt beautiful. It helped that everyone kept fawning over how good I looked all dressed up. It also helped when Beth showed up at the door in her underwear and international phd thesis just said #8220;HAIRSPRAY?!#8221; The banquet itself was a lot of fun. There was pretty good food and I got three pieces of cake, so that I could sample them and decide which one was the best. The best part was after we finished eating, though, and they played some slow dancing music. I never really had a traditional #8220;prom#8221; experience.

I went to two, but one was with The Worst Boyfriend Ever and the other I got basically thrown out of for ict coursework, being there with a girl. I#8217;ve always wanted to slow dance, but neither of my boyfriends are really the type for it (I don#8217;t THINK Rafa and I ever slow danced together. Maybe we did at phd thesis database graduation or something. Unclear). Anyway, Whooperine and I danced together and he didn#8217;t even tell me to take my shoes off. It was kind of magical everyone kept telling me I was pretty and that I looked great and none of it was backhanded. Everyone I ran into was smiling at me because they actually liked me. Argumentative Essay! I was slow dancing with a boy, not sitting at some back table being an outcast.

I try not to be mushy, but the phd thesis database experience was all kind of resume job hopping a dream come true. I might have teared up from happiness at one point. Later, the music picked up and we all danced to fast songs, which I am horrible at, but was not ashamed about. Phd Thesis Database! At one point, our dance circle included me, Heather G, Erica, Sarah Gregory, Princess Kelley and Mila Kohl. It was probably pretty hot. I was constantly surprised at how all the girls in my age group knew every song they played. #8220;These songs were my college years!#8221; Kelley explained.

Ah. Right. I never heard any songs during my college years, because you are not allowed to afsa high contest, play the radio in the library. #128539; Again, the evening was spent bouncing around from suite party to suite party, catching up with people and having a blast. International Phd Thesis! Sunday morning was the Corporal Punishment Court (I think) and I came dressed like this: Court was ridiculously fun. Ict Coursework A Level! Almost all the cases were really funny, and they left me rolling around with laughter. Beth brought a case against someone which was really adorable, and there was a Heather vs. Heather case, because #8220;regular Heather#8221; (Heather Green) kept losing her key to phd thesis, the room and high school essay asking Heather W for database, it. Global! Anyone who knows Heather G would not be surprised by this at all: when we lived together, the two of us were frequently in trouble over lost keys. International! This is a habit which enough being in trouble got rid of for me, but apparently not for Heather.

Anyway, having fun at the expense of your friends is what friendship is all about, right? This time, it was at the expense of resume job hopping six strokes with a leather implement, delivered by international phd thesis StrictDave. Argumentative Essay For Autism! As a side note, Dave was very impressive to watch as a Top. International Phd Thesis Database! We didn#8217;t scene together (he#8217;s on polar bear, the list of people I would have liked to spend more time with) but I was blown away by his technical proficiency when delivering a spanking. The man clearly knows what he#8217;s doing, and international database he turns a spanking into some kind of ict coursework crazy dance. The rest of the party was much more relaxed for me. I hung out with people and phd thesis chatted, had some fun scenes, got to know knew people and argumentative essay for autism catch up with those I#8217;ve known a long time and phd thesis just have fun. Bear Thesis! I could go into international phd thesis the play by play of the last day, but really, I don#8217;t have the energy to do things justice, so I#8217;ll say this: the global people at Shadowlane made the international phd thesis party amazing for me. I love so many of them, and I felt wonderfully at home and accepted. It was the best party ever. The only thing that would have made it better would have been in Malignus could have been there with me.

And ellee. High! And Ami. So, more people. But especially Malignus. Being away from him for six weeks was a long time. After Shadowlane was officially over, Whooperine and I spent an extra night in Vegas at database The Mirage. This involved lots of essay for autism fanciness: we had a big, beautiful room with a wonderful view of the Strip, he had rented a Porsche which we tooled around in, we watched La Reve, which was absolutely other worldly and we ate a really excellent meal beforehand.

That evening, Ten, Drlectr, Jerry Diamond and his partner came to hang out in the hotel and we had lots of fun goofing around. Jerry consistantly referred to people as #8220;Bob X#8221; if X= the person#8217;s actual name and he had us all in phd thesis database hysterics. After they got tired and went back to where they were staying, I took a bath in polar thesis the fancy tub and went to sleep. The next morning, after a bit of running around, Whooperine and international phd thesis I went to go see dolphins and tigers at the Mirage#8217;s Secret Garden before going to the airport. It was AWESOME.

It was the perfect end to the perfect party. That afternoon, I went to the airport and got my flight home. Resume! I was delayed, of phd thesis course, because this is me we#8217;re talking about, but by a bit after midnight, I was home again. And home is wonderful place to be. I want to start tonight#8217;s post by saying thank you to everyone who reached out to me regarding last night#8217;s post, either in externship comments, via email or by way of database fetlife message. It turns out that I#8217;m not the only girl who feels too big sometimes. Having a problem to which there is no solution but to polar thesis, change one#8217;s attitude isn#8217;t actually improved upon by knowing that one is not the only individual struggling with said issue, but there#8217;s still something incredibly wonderful about knowing that you aren#8217;t alone. When these moments come up, when I get vulnerable and explain something which I believe makes me odd and I#8217;m met with the phd thesis support of my friends and argumentative essay for autism the understanding of international phd thesis others who struggle with similar issues, I#8217;m reminded of high school essay contest why I got into the community in the first place.

I remember the first day that I realized that other people were into spanking and I wasn#8217;t some kind of bizarre weirdo. It#8217;s such a good feeling that it makes me tear up a little bit. Phd Thesis! I can#8217;t say enough times how thankful I am for the family that I#8217;ve made in the scene. It seems to be constantly growing, too, and I#8217;m grateful for a level, that, as well. One can never have too many friends, and international phd thesis database that#8217;s a scientific fact because Hello Kitty said so. This weekend, I got to spend a little time with a girl who was meeting other spankos in resume real life for the very first time. We didn#8217;t really talk about things very much, because we haven#8217;t gotten to know each other well yet and I think that we both felt some level of shyness, but it made me really happy in phd thesis the heart-bits. Aside from a level, people who I met in the Vanilla world who later turned out to be spankos (like V. and Peachy Keane), I don#8217;t think I#8217;ve ever been one of the first people that someone met in the community. I#8217;m glad that I got to be part of that. #128512; Well, now that I#8217;ve gotten all the heartwarming stuff out of the way, it#8217;s time to database, talk about all sorts of cool developments that have been happening for me as a spanking model and spanking writer. Externship! I also want to add that I hate the word #8220;heartwarming#8221; because it sounds like #8220;heart worming#8221; to me and makes me think of diseased dogs. International Phd Thesis! (I swear I haven#8217;t been drinking. It#8217;s just 90 degrees in the middle of the argumentative essay global night and we don#8217;t have air conditioning in my bedroom. -_-)

You may have noticed that I was interviewed by The Cameraman over on The Spanking View recently! Here#8217;s a snippit from the international database interview: Anyway, you should check out the rest of the interview if you haven#8217;t already, and externship keep up with The Spanking View. I#8217;m very fond of The Cameraman, and I#8217;m looking forward to international phd thesis, working with him again this fall. #128512; Next, there#8217;s the fact that a snippet from one of my posts about TASSP was featured on Spanking Blog! This was tremendously exciting for me because I#8217;ve read Spanking Blog for a long time: the ict coursework a level site is actually how I discovered what a #8220;blog#8221; was, and I read it before I had even received my first spanking. So, that was pretty cool and exciting for me. It made me feel very #8220;legit#8221; when I looked at my top traffic sources and phd thesis database saw that one of them was from bear, them. #8220;Huh? People are getting to my site from international phd thesis database, there? This isn#8217;t a list of places that I#8217;ve been looking at?#8221; If you don#8217;t already follow them, you absolutely should. I like the way that they feature snippits from other people#8217;s posts and stories, and ict coursework a level I#8217;ve followed their crumbs to lots of great stuff. Next, I#8217;m very pleased to international, announce that my essay #8220;Sex and a level Spanking: A Personal Perspective#8221; was published in Wellred Weekly#8217;s issue 9. Wellred Weekly is a great spanking publication.

Real care and effort goes into international phd thesis the selection of the pieces, the a level presentation on their site and keeping a balance between the various sorts of writing and international phd thesis features that they include. I was really honored when I was approached to be included, and I hope that you enjoy reading issue 9. #128512; Last but most certainly not least, I#8217;ve got my Clips 4 Sale store up and running after months and global months of it#8230;not happening for various reasons. I have more content that I#8217;ll be uploading weekly, and I have plans to shoot plenty of brand new, exclusive content. I#8217;ll be introducing a brand new, never before seen spanking model sometime soon, too. Now that I#8217;m producing my own clips, I#8217;m open to suggestions. Just drop me a line at #128578; Well, that#8217;s all for tonight! I need to go take an international database ice-cold shower before I try to get myself to pass out in order to a level, avoid heat-exhaustion.

Attention? Did Someone Give Me Attention? *NOTE* This is a very photos-of-my-butt heavy post. If you don#8217;t like photos of my butt, you should probably not read my blog or hang out with me. During my very brief hiatus (in which I struggled with new work hours, health issues and chronic insomnia to the point where I think I was bordering on international database, having the polar actual medical condition of exhaustion) I wasn#8217;t keeping track of who was paying attention to me on the internet. Phd Thesis Database! This is very unlike me and argumentative essay yet another sign that things weren#8217;t going well for me.

Fortunately, despite the fact that I had a 15 hour status migranous earlier and international the fact that the #8220;L#8221; key on my laptop is headed the way of the comma and period (that is to say, the bear thesis land of malfunction) and that#8217;s a huge bother because I have to type L every time I write my fricken name, I#8217;m in a good mood today and I#8217;m ready to international phd thesis, sort through where I#8217;ve been in my own absence. I also have this giant bowl of ice cream to help: Clare Fonda uploaded the content from our awesome shoot when I was visiting LA to Girl Spanks Girl, which is very exciting indeed! This shoot brought me my very first galleries of free spanking photos, which is pretty cool, and a level therefore, lots of people have been posting about it. posted a blog post about international phd thesis database, it with a link to resume job hopping, two galleries of me. Apparently the fact that I got my mouth washed out with soap was rather noteworthy and enjoyed by a number of people (one of database those people was not me, but I suppose that#8217;s the argumentative for autism point.) It#8217;s not something I do in my personal life, but it certainly lent itself well to the theme of the story and I had no problem doing it for the video.

Domestic Spanking Blog did a write up that featured similar mouth soaping photos. Database! Again, I guess people like it! Spank Badass had a couple of posts about me, as well. Externship Resume! I enjoy hearing reviews which mention that I#8217;m used to phd thesis, pain because I#8217;m rather proud of/obsessed with my own tolerance. They posted this photo of me and Clare, which seems to be pretty popular. I#8217;ve got this kind of resume wincing smile, probably because it #8220;hurts so good.#8221; Femdom Destiny features photos from another set that we did that day. I#8217;m wearing a bow in database my hair in these that was made for me by argumentative essay global one of my all time best friends, ellee. ^_^ Amateur OTK Spanking Blog wrote about phd thesis database, another set that I did one that I particularly liked because it involved pajamas which are simply the coziest thing to polar bear, be spanked while wearing. I#8217;m now featured on international phd thesis, the Clare Fonda Pass models page, and I#8217;m kind of in love with my doe-eyed expression there. On a note unrelated to my shoot with Clare, Spanking Fetish Clips has a bit about my most recent shoot with Assume the Position Studios and my fun, Hunger Games Spanking Fan Fiction video that I filmed along with Christy Cutie.

If you haven#8217;t checked that out, you should! Finally, I only recently became aware of the fact that my Chelsea Spanks#8230; shoot is available on DVD now! I#8217;m partnered with Mei Mara. In case you#8217;ve forgotten how awesome that shoot was, here#8217;s a refresher: If I were you, I would buy that. Finally, my friend over at The Spanking Resource has a piece about the Spankingtube preview of my newest video with Lily Starr Spanking. I really appreciate the attention! I#8217;ll be posting a lot more about that video soon. Resume! That#8217;s all I could track down about phd thesis database, myself! I hope you guys are as excited as I was about all the for autism new content!

Blogging while on international database, Vacation didn#8217;t work out so well. Resume! This is largely because of two things: first of all, I was working quite a bit. I did more shoots in a week than I#8217;ve ever done, and that was after I had to cancel one shoot due to illness resulting from exhaustion and phd thesis another shoot cancelled on me. The second reason is because I was living in the moment as much as I possibly could: I tried to spend as much time as possible paying attention to the people I was with and the places that I was instead of being online or keeping my mind of what was going on in South Dakota. This was kind of hard for me, because I#8217;m scatter brained and I missed my home a lot, but it ultimately was very rewarding. Argumentative Essay! So I#8217;ll now tell all the stories that I can remember from the past ten days and then wrap up with what I learned about how to be a traveling model. Onward! One thing which Maddycake and I love doing is going to stores and trying on international phd thesis database, cute clothes.

It#8217;s one of the most girly things that I do. We go in and we shop for a long time, then we try a bunch of stuff on in different sizes and polar then we take photos of ourselves in the fitting rooms and in the end I almost never buy anything. It isn#8217;t that I don#8217;t INTEND to buy something- it#8217;s just that nothing ever has the right combination of fitting my shape and being inexpensive. So, we went to Hustler Hollywood and did that one of the first nights I was there. I found some pretty amazing booty shorts there, which were very nearly made for me: Because they were $30 for essentially a pair of panties, and I am so very well behaved, I did not purchase them. But they were super fun.

I also tried on something that I used to international phd thesis, be very opposed to, just for kicks: I have to admit: it#8217;s a very pretty piece of neckwear. Playing dress up never stops being fun. The next day, Maddy and I spent a while tracking down ingredients for some amazing cupcakes that we made and then making said cupcakes. Polar Bear! They were strawberry margarita flavored, with vanilla cake with lime zest and strawberry frosting with lime juice and vest, topped with homemade pink sugar and strawberry and international lime slices. They were so much epic win! We had time to take some photos of my butt (because what day is complete without!?) Then we got ready and went to school essay, a party thrown by the TNG group which I started when I lived here and handed off to Maddy when I moved.

There was so much amazing food, people who I#8217;ve missed very much, and me successfully drinking without breaking anything. MaskofNormality made the absolute best carne asada that I#8217;ve ever eaten. It was so good that I seriously dreamed about it. Then again, everything MoN does is pretty amazing. #128578; I spent most of the next day shooting with Omar, an old friend and the photographer who I#8217;ve worked with the most times. We had kind of a rough patch in terms of our friendship and international database collaboration when I moved away, but we smoothed things out and had an bear thesis amazing time. We went to one of database his secret shooting spots and resume took some amazing outdoor stuff, then we went and had pancakes (they were awesome) and then went back to Siq#8217;s place and took bedroom photos while Maddy got to learn about how shoots often go, since she#8217;s just started modeling. I#8217;ll eventually be posting photos from that set once I get them back. #128578; The next day, I shot with Clare Fonda. It was one of international phd thesis database my highest profile shoots to date, and very, very exciting.

Clare and her camera man were INCREDIBLY nice and easy to polar, be around. They were fun and international phd thesis we laughed a lot during the shoot (when we were off camera of course!) and we did some awesome scenes that I look forward to sharing with you when they are released. Clare has about twelve pets and argumentative essay for autism they#8217;re all pretty adorable. The shoot went well and database I had a lot of fun. Ict Coursework! I#8217;m looking forward to phd thesis database, working with them again in the future. I don#8217;t want to give away too many spoilers, but I will say that I got to a level, wear monkey pajamas in one scene and international phd thesis my new plaid kilt style skirt in another and that was full of win. That#8217;s all for today!

The story will continue tomorrow!

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Free Essays on international, The Muslim Unity In The World. Special Top position of the Islamic World Muslim world , with almost a billon and a half population, and so many features of climate and resume job hopping geography, and natural and human resources, can establish a great and united society. The pocket of Western colonialism is continuously getting filled from this. ? UNITY OF MUSLIMS MUSLIM COUNTRIES, Islam is Peace . International Database. Islam condemns killing the innocents . Islam forbids killing the women children even in the battle field. Islam says to be just kind with the war prisoners . So, No terrorism in the name of Islam . Again, No killing innocents in the name of. All Muslims know the value and importance of uniting the Muslims around the world . We have read and heard many times the afsa contest, famous verse from Surah Al-i-Imran, And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for phd thesis database, you) and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's. Unanimous faith of high contest, every Muslim on One Allah, His Messenger (Muhammad PBUH) as last prophet, Holy Quran and Sunnah/Hadith of Prophet became a binding force bringing together people of different region as one Ummah. However, anti-Islamic force couldn’t swallow this growing religion and international database unity among them considering. Jafri Unity is strength. When the sand grains unite they become a vast desert.

When the sea drops unite they become a boundless ocean. The conglomeration of stars in the firmament of sky soothes our eyes. The seven colors emerge in the shape of a bewitching rainbow. The unity of people makes. Iqbal Quran And Muslim Unity I m Urmia Azhar and today the topic of my speech is Iqbal Quran and unity …. Muslims are supposed to work together towards a common goal set by resume, Quran and shown by prophet PBUH through Sunnah.

Muslims are required to be merciful towards each other. What It Means to Be Different in the World? What it means to be different in the world ? No wonder you think of an alien when you read the topic. No, I will not talk about aliens in this essay at all. Yet I will talk about some body who is in minority; somebody who is different in the society; some body who is so different that he is international phd thesis database, watched when. Despite Of Different Diversities There Are Bonds Of Unity In India. ?Despite of different diversities there are bonds of unity in India. These bonds of unity may be located in a certain underlying uniformity of life as well as in certain mechanisms of argumentative, integration. Phd Thesis Database. Herbert Risley, Census Commissioner in 1911 has rightly observed, “Beneath the manifold diversity of physical.

“How Do You Explain the Rapid Expansion of Islam in externship resume the Early Centuries of Its Existence?” religiously by either. International. Gross superstition and licentiousness prevailed, but a spirit of discontent and scepticism was at work. There was no national unity . Each tribe was a separate, independent atom. The opportunity then was favourable for the action of sonic master mind which should first of all weld. World Religions Report Lorraine Rose Axia College of University of Phoenix August 17, 2009 World Religions Report Introduction of the afsa high essay contest, religion My name is Lorraine Rose. I interviewed Elaine Mullens for my report.

Elaine’s choice of international phd thesis, religion is school essay contest, Christianity. Elaine’s denotation. ?A CALL FOR UNITY The people with the strongest claim to Abraham are those who followed him and this Prophet, and international phd thesis database those who believe. God is the Protector of the believers. (Qur'an, 3:68) Therefore, all Jews and afsa school contest Christians, who believe wholeheartedly in God, like Abraham (pbuh) and international phd thesis the believers who. ? Awareness of the Muslim Culture DeVry University Introduction The Muslim culture is becoming more prevalent in the United States. Argumentative Essay Global. It is also widely misunderstood. Since the terrorist attack in New York City on. Unity is vividly observed in the great pillar of Hajj, which is repeated every year and for which millions of Muslims gather from all over the world . They represent the Muslim ummah with all its different races, countries, colors, and languages. They gather in one place, at international phd thesis, the same time, wearing the. The World Before Her Documentary We have seen in India that female gender roles can be vastly different depending on which caste, religion, or economic status you are born into.

There are females in India who are very similar to American culture and externship other females that are in no way like western culture. Religions compare and contrast paper. one of the international phd thesis, most followed religions with about 2.04 million Christians throughout the world , but is job hopping, largely practiced in the western world . Christianity also seeks total conversion, meaning they believe the entire world should become Christians. There are numerous different denominations within the Christian. The creation of Yugoslavia as part of the international phd thesis database, reordering of Europe after the first world war made a great deal of sense. In geopolitical terms, it helped accomplish the dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, removing Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Hercegovina and Vojvodina from Austrian or Hungarian.

The Crusades: christian fervour and Muslim disunity. First? When Pope Urban II received a petition from the Byzantine Emperor Alexius for military aid to externship, repel the phd thesis database, threat of Islam, particularly the Muslim Turks, he saw an opportunity to repair the Great Schism of resume, forty years and unite the church under papal primacy.1 Europe at this time was not only. Jihad If we were to make a list of all the phd thesis, Islamic terms and argumentative for autism concepts that have been misunderstood or deliberately distorted, by the apologetic Muslims or Western writers, then Jihad can easily be placed at the top of that list. Although the significance of Jihad in the Qur'an and Sunnah cannot. the civilization towards conflicts. Theory of Samuel Huntington in “The Clash of Civilizations”, claims cultural entities as major role players in world conflicts.

But according to Dieter Senghaas the major fault line and reason behind these conflicts within the civilizations are socio-economic differences. proverb cleanliness is next to international phd thesis database, godliness is true to the core. Every time I look at resume job hopping, my parents or even think of them, pride overwhelms me. My life and world is all thanks to international phd thesis, them. I especially admire their determination during our struggle coming to America.

Our native country was Vietnam, but, forced to. The Day the World Changed, I Did Too. 1) The Day the World Changed, I Did, Too. The first person narrator in the article called “The Day the World Changed, I Did, Too” tells a short story of Rachel Newman’s life, as it was before 9/11, a day that changed the life of many people. Years back Rachel looked upon herself as an artist, a musician.

A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller. Would Christianity have taken over the world ? Would the Middle East be a peaceful beacon of democracy? Would 9/11 have happened? In fact, remove Islam from the path of history, and polar bear the world ends up exactly where it is today. Imagine, if you will, a world without Islam—admittedly an almost inconceivable. poverty, massive illiteracy, chaotic political instability, terrorism and acute energy crisis. Home of 23 per cent of the total world population, South Asia’s share in total world trade is database, not more than seven per cent. High School. Therefore, the region is least developed with the world’s 400 million poor.

Rapprochement. challenged the world to listen and learn the truth as he experienced it. And his enduring message is as relevant today as when he first delivered it. This is the first hardcover edition of this classic autobiography since it was originally published in 1964. In its searing pages, Malcolm X the Muslim leader. political agitation for greater participation in governance; their position would be weakened, since Muslims would now dominate in the East. Hindus tended to oppose partition, which was more popular among Muslims . International. What followed partition, however, stimulated an almost national anti-British movement that involved. Muslim Women Empowered by Their Religion. Expository Essay: Muslim Women Empowered by Their Religion This essay was written to afsa contest, analyze and database provide information on the article Muslim Women Empowered by Their Religion by Weam Namou, provided by job hopping,

The article provides details on the Prophet Muhammad. vision for Pakistan While giving an interview to American press representatives in international July 1942, when asked by one of the journalists whether the Muslims were a nation or not, Jinnah replied: “We are a nation with our own distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and externship resume architecture. Nature of Love: St. Maximos and Sufism. Source Of Being. Human beings have walked a common path that they believe will lead them to this reunion with the Higher Power. Although in the material world of duality, we may find ourselves in different forms, faced with good and evil, light and darkness, pleasure and pain, and arguable the database, most drastic. History of Islam in Britain Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world . It is also the essay global, second biggest religion. However, in international phd thesis database the past four years there were numerous attacks in the major cities of the world including Madrid, London, Washington and New York.

The 11th September 2001 attack. Chapter 28: Cold War and a New Western World, 1945-1973. Introduction: Even though World War Two had caused a lot of argumentative for autism, destruction and chaos for Europe in general, European nations were on their way to a great recovery. Even by 1950, it was seen that European nation’s industrial and agricultural outputs were 30% above how they were before the international phd thesis database, war started. . position in essay the eyes of the Almighty. The unjust oppression of women is based on false assumptions and preconceived notions by the male-dominating world , has been obvious and phd thesis database responsible for paving the way for serious gender issues to emerge. This caused religious conflicts among the masses. Confined. because of his slight of the Muslim league, contributed a great deal to the creation of Pakistan. Before Jinnah’s great change of heart, he was seen as a possible champion of inter-communal cooperation in India. Argumentative Essay. By his own words Jinnah proved this point, addressing the international database, Muslim league, as its president.

Anti-Colonial Nationalismi in British Colonial India. uprising within the essay global, country. What started as a unified nationalist movement in India quickly changed to a religious battle between Hindus and international phd thesis database Muslims in India. Although independence was a huge victory, it led to the emergence of rivals between different religious groups within the resume, country both wanting. The Worldwide Reaction to Innocence of Muslim. After the release of a Youtube trailer for the film of Innocence of Muslim , a series of protest and violent attack by many Muslim around the world begin.

It started with at US Diplomatic mission in Cairo, Egypt, and Benghazi, Libya. In Cairo, Egypt, a group scale the embassy wall and phd thesis database tore down the American. A Study of Christian and Muslim Beliefs About Life After Death. A Study Of Christian And Muslim Beliefs About Life After Death The concept of job hopping, life after death has always interested people of all religions and all ages alike. Many questions have arisen concerning this doctrine. What happens when we die? Is there a Heaven or Hell and if so what will they be like. What It Means to international phd thesis database, Me to resume, Be Raised Muslim. Sample Student Speech—Full Sentence Preparation Outline Personal Speech Assignment Topic: What it Means to Me to Be Raised Muslim INTRODUCTION: I. Phd Thesis Database. How many of you had heard of a country named Pakistan prior to the September 11 tragedy? (wait for argumentative for autism, answer) Perhaps the most important reason why. of various different religious traditions, but as Welch (1997, p.170) states Indonesia also has the largest Muslim population.

Johns states (1987, p.202) that there are over 130 million Muslims in database Indonesia, while the essay, remainder are Christians (6 million), Hindu Balinese (2.5 million), and smaller groups. | The Muslim Religion | Marlia J. Kegler | | Hum 130 Religions of the database, World | Professor John L. Meeks | | Religion has become one of the biggest diverse topics in today’s society. Throughout the job hopping, last weeks we have taken the journey to phd thesis database, learn about different religions and in this paper. way forward for the Muslim Ummah Current Situation The Muslim World , as its stands today, is characterized by paradoxes and contradictions. We have Muslim nations that are resource rich but economically poor and weak. Despite the bounty of resume job hopping, Allah SWT, the majority of the database, Muslim masses live in poverty. country mainly because of the argumentative essay, fact that it is a very hardworking country. It was a barren land but it rose suddenly and is now the richest country in the world in phd thesis database terms of GDP- per polar capita.

This means that an average person in phd thesis Qatar can earn approximately $102,800 per externship year, beating Liechtenstein and Luxemburg. Study Guide: The World History of Islam. ome the next Caliph (Sunni and Shi’ite). Sunni: ? A faction of Islam that believed the next Caliph should be the international phd thesis database, most qualified Muslim to take the position? larger of the two factions. Important because since Islam is divided into 2 groups with different beliefs. which he renounced revolutionary activities. Travelling widely, Savarkar became a forceful orator and writer, advocating Hindu political and social unity . Serving as the president of the Hindu Mahasabha, Savarkar endorsed the ideal of Hindus as a distinct nation and of India as a Hindu Rashtra and controversially. Islam's historical development has affected political, economic, and military trends both inside and ict coursework outside the Islamic world . As with Christendom, the concept of an Islamic world is useful in looking at different periods of human history; similarly useful is an understanding of the international phd thesis database, identification with.

How Did the Hindu-Muslim Divide Affect the Nationalist Movement in India in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries? Foundation of All India Muslim League (AML) 1907 Split in Congress at Surat session 1908 Morely-Minto Reforms ? modest political reforms giving Indians slightly more representation on legislative councils; Indian Councils Act 1911 Reunification of Bengal 1914 Start of World War One (WW1) ? Indian. infused a new spirit among the Muslims of sub continent. It was Allama Dr, Muhammad Iqbal who appeared on argumentative essay, the scene of this mysterious world with such a sensitive soul keeping the ability to probe deeper and deeper into the real nature of the mysteries of this ever changing world and with the international, eyes far reaching. Humanity in Islamic World: The Kaba-Visual Art.

Humanity in Islamic World The Ma’ka Visual Art Fatima Behroz 14-March-2010 Visual art is the art made or created by human being that can be seen or touched for example The Ka’ba, Vegatal Pattern, Calligraphy, The Dome of the Rock etc. 90 . the first house built for mankind, was in resume Mecca. with direct experience of the universe, does not label Things are not evil, but may be out of balance. To become perfectly aligned with the natural world and the cosmic forces that sustain it. Phd Thesis. Believe in afterlife and people still alive can send things to assist those in the afterlife. Inner alchemy. But unlike what is externship, usually common, there is phd thesis database, also an underlying unity that flows through the entire Muslim community.

Muslims show this on resume, a personal, one-on-one level, but also even at phd thesis database, the global level, when Muslim countries help other Muslim countries. Argumentative Essay. And as a whole, the tradition of Islam balances. Dyphysites. This dispute went on for a couple of centuries and phd thesis database became particularly bitter in the 7th century just when unity was needed most as a new and explosive force was bursting onto resume the world scene. In the Arabian Peninsula a prophet named Muhammad had emerged and in just a few years he had united the. How multiculturalism promotes national unity in Malaysia. characteristic of international database, a nation; common to a whole nation. It comes from late 16th century: from French, from Latin natio(n-) 'birth, race of people' (see nation). Unity refers to the state of being in agreement and working together; the state of being joined together to form one unit, as stated in the Oxford Advanced.

My World The Earth keeps spinning; round and round and round. No wonder nausea prevails and I feel sick as this mere movement accelerates. I can not feel it though, nor see it, yet the rotation still seems to have an adverse effect on my life. The world keeps spinning; round and round and round--. the nation in unmistakable terms, Pakistan was founded because the Muslims of this sub-continent wanted to build up their lives in afsa essay contest accordance with the teachings and traditions of phd thesis, Islam, because they wanted to demonstrate to the world that Islam provides a panacea to the many diseases which have crept. National integration is a way to make people aware about the externship resume, power of unity among people living in a country. It makes people aware about the necessity of Rastriya Ekta by international database, bringing equality among people of resume job hopping, different culture, race, cast and religion. International. We have provided essay on national integration in various. Is cultural diversity proving to be compatible with social unity? Is cultural diversity proving to contest, be compatible with social unity ? As debates intensify about how the UK can best address the international phd thesis, challenges of bear, deepening cultural diversity, this topic has become an increasingly prominent and controversial issue. There are strong views held by both supporters and detractors.

Women's Rights in the Muslim Culture. Women’s Rights in the Muslim Culture Shortly before dawn, the party ended. The women rubbed off their makeup, cloaked their beautiful party clothes under their manteaux, and tucked their coiffed hair under their headscarves. We warned them, be careful, watch for the roadblocks, and remember, please. The Sunni Muslim in America: Truths, Myths, and Cultural Impact.

not have to look too deep into phd thesis that analogy to see that it may not be the best way to describe the polar thesis, combination of people from various parts of the world that have chosen to live here in the United States. If various components were to phd thesis database, be added and melted down into afsa high school a pot of sorts, it would be reasonable. 30 Days: Muslims and phd thesis database America This episode centered on a devout Christian man sent to live in one of the largest Muslim communities in the country in Dearborn, Michigan, for 30 days. This series intends to enlighten its viewers about the American experience by increasing awareness of specific issues. In the modern world , people are occupied with the daily schedules, working hard for necessities and luxuries and subsequently are dominated by the recent technologies; therefore, in this demanding world , the actual peace of mind is only brought by a religion called Islam. A modern world can be described. 1200BC Jewish books include the Torah which is the basis of all Jewish sacred texts. Its main message is the absolute unity of god. Resume. It was about God’s creation of the international, world , His concern for argumentative essay global, it, and His everlasting covenant with the people of Israel. another book, the Talmud is known as the supreme.

Unity , Faith and international phd thesis Discipline Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the bear, founder of international phd thesis database, Pakistan gave us three golden principles. They are Unity , Faith and Discipline. High Essay. In his life he followed these principles and got Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam once said, “The success of our achievement will depend upon international database our Unity .

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