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Us recession essay

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Us recession essay

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Assess the Life and Significance of Cleopatra. Us Recession Essay! Femme fatale is defined as ‘an attractive and seductive woman … who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. Term Constitution! ’ Prior to us recession essay, researching this woman with great historical influence, it was believed to me that this image was based on truth and evidence. Not all is thesis rubric, certain now that I have assessed her life and significance. Much of what we know about essay, Cleopatra was written after her death, when it was politically convenient to portray her as a threat to pe a2 coursework, the city of us recession essay Rome. This means that some of what we know, may have been exaggerated of misrepresented to falsely describe her as of a seductive and evil nature. We will write a custom essay sample. on Assess the Life and Significance of my dissertation Cleopatra or any similar. topic specifically for you. The Egyptian era began following the death of Alexander The Great, when his general Ptolemy, took over as ruler of Egypt, becoming King Ptolemy I. Cleopatra, daughter of King Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V of Egypt, was born in October 69 B. Us Recession Essay! C. She is believed to be of ap us thesis rubric Macedonian Greek decent or, black African, historians aren‘t quite sure.

In 51 B. Us Recession Essay! C Ptolemy died, leaving 18-year-old Cleopatra and her 10-year-old brother, Ptolemy XIII in charge of the citing a quote from a play, throne. Cleopatra had five siblings, whom were all spoiled by their father. They attended the finest banquets and ceremonies and were provided with the finest food and clothing. Ptolemy believed highly in importance of education, ensuring each child had their own tutors and private servants. Because of essay this, Cleopatra studied philosophy, literature, art, music, medicine, and essays future plans was able to speak six different languages. These languages included Aramaic, Egyptian, Ethiopic, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

Because she was very educated, she longed for power. Around the us recession essay, time when Cleopatra first tool to i failed, the throne, there was a civil war between Julius Caesar and Pompey. Pompey eventually sought refuge in Egypt but was killed by Ptolemy. It was here, that Cleopatra met Julius Caesar, who was 52-years-old and had followed Pompey in pursuit of his rival. Us Recession Essay! He had already been married 3 times, and fell deeply in love with the queen of Egypt. Also during the coursework, war, Page 2 Assess the Life and Significance of Cleopatra Essay. Essay! her brother died and she married her younger brother, Ptolemy XIV, who was 6-years-old. Cleopatra, in her relationship with Julius Caesar, had gained enough military muscle to dethrone her brother (husband) and become sole ruler. History Rubric! She did this, bringing peace and prosperity to a country which was torn apart by war and poverty stricken. Caesar was charmed by the youthful and intelligent woman, bringing her to Rome with him.

One historian states that ‘contrary to popular view, Cleopatra only allied with him because of shared political views rather than romantic love’. This supports the femme fatale image portrayed in popular culture. She gave birth to his son, Caesarion in us recession essay 47B. C, although Caesar never publicly acknowledged the boy as his. Members of the Senate in Rome, disapproved of their relationship, partly because Cleopatra was a foreigner. ’Her (Cleopatra) way of pe a2 walking…her clothes, her free way of talking, her embraces and kisses. Her beach-parties and dinner-parties, all show her to be a tart’ Cicero, Speech (c. 3 BC) Plutarch tried to explain why some men found her attractive. ‘Her actual beauty, it is us recession essay, said, was not in itself remarkable…but the attraction of her person, joining with the charm of her conversation…was something bewitching. It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language to another, so that there were few of the nations that she needed an ap us thesis rubric, interpreter…which was all the more surprising because most of her predecessors, scarcely game themselves the us recession, trouble to acquire the Egyptian tongue’. Plutarch, Mark Antony (c.

AD 110) He also told that she did however, have to rely on her intelligence to get to staff, the top of the power chain. The senators planned to assassinate Caesar, stabbing him from behind with a dagger. It was after this event that Cleopatra moved back to us recession, Egypt with her son where they became co-rulers. Then along came , Mark Antony, whom while he was in Egypt fell in love with the Queen, again reinforcing Cleopatra’s seductive nature. I Failed! To her advantage, Cleopatra formed an alliance with Mark Antony and Rome, and then began their affair, producing three children. Antony was amazed at essay Cleopatra’s wit as well as her good looks, and became her captive as though he were a young man’ Appian, The Civil Wars (c.

AD 160) Antony was in battle with Caesars great nephew Octavian for pe a2 control of Rome. Essay! Cleopatra influenced him to declare Caesarion as Caesar’s son, making him the legal heir. In the year 31 B. C, Cleopatra and Antony combined armies to defeat Octavian, however they had to flee back to Egypt. Antony returned to battle, where he was falsely informed Cleopatra had died. Pe A2! Hearing this news, he responded by committing suicide and Cleopatra ended her life by purposely being bitten by an Egyptian Cobra. The two were buried together, and Egypt became a province of Rome.

To this day there is still some conspiracy surrounding her death. ‘According to one account, the asp was carried in to her with the figs and lay hidden under the leaves in us recession essay the basket…baring her arm, she held it out to be bitten…But the real truth nobody knows, for there is another story that the carried poison about with her in a hollow comb…the asp was never discovered but some people say that two faint, barely visible punctures were found on Cleopatra’s arm’ Plutarch, Mark Antony (c. Ap Us Rubric! AD 110) The story of Cleopatra has captivated historians, storytellers and the general public for centuries after her death. Her affair with Mark Antony became the inspiration for ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ (1607) a play by William Shakespeare. Novels have also been written, showing Cleopatra to be quite stunning, revealing her wit, her treachery, and her overwhelming presence. Set in the Ptolemaic era of Ancient Egyptian history was the us recession, novel Cleopatra, H. Rider Haggard (1889) and the later version Cleopatra, Jeffrey K. Gardner (1962). This novel highlights that the way Cleopatra is viewed in popular culture, being described as, frank novel of a woman whose sensual appeal has never been equalled’ More recently her story has been made into multiple films in many different countries including, France, Japan, America and India. Genres including silent film, anime and short film. The most popular being the 1963 film staring Elizabeth Taylor. Cleopatra’s image has also been an inspiration for essays about future plans many of the essay, worlds latest trends. Ap Us Rubric! Make-up artists and fashion designers gain their vision from the great Egyptian queen.

Archaeological evidence gives historians the greatest knowledge of the life of Cleopatra as it is not from Roman primary sources, adding bias to the history. On Sunday April 19th 2009, Zahi Hawass revealed the first ancient artefacts with significance to the study of Cleopatra. He found 22 bronze coins, cast with Cleopatra’s image and essay name, amulets, a royal statue, a mask resembling Mark Antony and future plans a statue bust of the us recession, ancient Egyptian Queen. On May 11th , 2010 it was published on englishpeople. com. cn that, ‘Archaeologists in Egypt believe they have discovered the burial place of Cleopatra and her lover, Mark Anthony. They found a columned entrance to resume, a temple in Alexandria and us recession think it may contain the remains of the famous and beautiful Egyptian Queen. Thesis Rubric! Excavation is now underway on a chamber where they may be entombed’ Today, archaeologists are still studying the site. Much of the remains of Cleopatra’s domain lye in the bay of Alexandria.

Through combining the archaeological findings with written records from this time, historians can piece together the clues as to where Cleopatra and essay Mark Antony are buried. Experts believed they were buried in Alexandria, their tomb lost forever beneath the seabed. There are also ideas that she was buried outside the Roman boundaries in the temple at Taposiris Magna to keep the Romans from digging up her remains. Her body is essays about future, still yet to be found. Essay! In finding these artefacts Zahi Hawass stated that, ‘The finds from Taposiris reflect a charm #8230; and indicate that Cleopatra was in no way unattractive’ Although the location of Cleopatra and on the Mark Antony’s bodies is still a mystery, the essay, image of Cleopatra as a charming and seductive young lady remains the same. The lack of thesis archaeological evidence does create a problem to the study, but the extensive amount of primary sources give us an insight as to what life was like during this time. Contemporary historians, as part of Zahi Hawass’ team are still studying Cleopatra today.

Through my assessment of the life and essay significance of Cleopatra, I have come to the conclusion that the historical Cleopatra does match the citing a quote from a play essay, femme fatale image displayed in us recession popular culture. The historical evidence told through the eyes of Ancient historians Plutarch, Cicero and Appian does agree with the staff, modern portrayal of Cleopatra, for example, as seen in the Elizabeth Taylor film. All sources I have studied do show Cleopatra to be of us recession essay a selfish and seductive nature, using men to gain political power for herself.

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mediamonkey resume This add-on is donationware. It is us recession essay, developed by rubric me in my own free time. Essay! I am not employed by Ventis Media, the company behind MediaMonkey, nor I've been paid by them for this add-on. So, if you found any of my dissertation, my add-ons useful and want to help their further development, it would be nice if you send me some small donation using PayPal. You could donate as much as you think that is us recession essay, appropriate, any amount would be really appreciated. This add-on doesn't work with MediaMonkey v5! Actually, none add-on made for some previous version of coursework, program could work with MM5, either by essay me or by another authors, since MM5 has completely different programming interface than before. From A Play In An! If you really like my add-on and think that it is us recession essay, essential for your work with the program, you have several possibilities: - you could stay with MM4; - you could ask MM developers to i failed, implement support for us recession, old add-ons in MM5; - you could wait for a quote essay, me to port the add-on to MM5, but don't hold your breath.

v3.4 - 2012-10-08 Added: options to find master track in us recession essay the Library/Location folder or in the current tracklist (Find Referenced Master sub-menu); Added: possibility to specify the name of some nested playlist in the Options dialog box without its full path if that name is unique; Fixed: remembering of Copy Audio Tracks and ap us history rubric, Transfer Playstats options in the Create Redirections for Specified Tracks dialog box; Fixed: error when some HideMenu option is set to us recession essay, 1 in the .ini file. v3.3.9 - 2012-06-28 Fixed: suggested redirection file in my dissertation Create Redirections for us recession, Specified Tracks dialog box with some faulty databases and about future plans, UNC paths; Improved: speed of us recession, synchronization of album arts. v3.3.8 - 2011-06-26 Fixed: references to cover arts if they are stored in my dissertation tags of original audio files when creating .asx files; Fixed: .asx files for tracks with double qoutes in essay tags causing some media players to refuse their reproduction; Fixed: .asx files containing Comment/Lyrics with more then one line of text; Fixed: error with non-numeric Track # and Disc # in on the Create Redirections for Specified Tracks dialog box; Fixed: suggested redirection track in Create Redirections for Specified Tracks when Filtered is unchecked and none filter is applied; Fixed: remembering of essay, Filtered option in Create Redirections for Specified Tracks dialog box. v3.3.7 - 2011-06-10 Fixed: AV error when turning on the Update playlist option in pe a2 coursework the Options dialog (and probably in us recession some another occasions) [MM4]. v3.3.6 - 2011-06-03 Fixed: error with Add/Rescan .asx Files to the Library option [MM4]. v3.3.5 - 2011-04-03 Fixed: removing of paper on the, tracks from playlists with Remove Duplicates / Linked Tracks from the us recession essay Tracklist / Keep Only Linked Tracks in the Tracklist options when some playlist node is resume, selected. v3.3.4 - 2011-01-17 Fixed: specifying playlist used for updating when add/remove redirections other then Redirected Tracks. v3.3.3 - 2011-01-15 Fixed: suggested redirection file in Create Redirections for Specified Tracks dialog box in essay some cases; Fixed: some bugs introduced with MediaMonkey 4.0, e.g. LastPlayed not updated for the master track when the redirected one finishes with reproduction. v3.3.2 - 2010-03-21 Changed: the list of playlists in the Options dialog box is now limited to playlists on essays about future the first level because the large number of essay, nested playlists have slowed down its display; if you need to specify some nested playlist, you could still write it using as a separator between nested levels. v3.3.1 - 2009-10-03 Fixed: error when checking tracks in the Maintain Redirections dialog box after opened Create Redirections dialog (bug introduced in v3.2).

v3.3 - 2009-09-14 Added: Select Unsynchronized Master Tracks option. v3.2 - 2009-08-26 Added: Swap button to the Create Redirections/Copy Metadata dialog box which could swap selected masters with redirecting tracks; Added: possibility to a quote a play in an, use the Replace with Duplicate and Replace with Linked Tracks options with multiple selected tracks; Fixed: Create Redirections / Folders option. v3.1.2 - 2009-08-23 Fixed: error with Create Redirections for Specified Tracks if Filtered option is turned off. v3.1.1 - 2009-08-23 Fixed: error on us recession program exit if Create Redirections/Copy Metadata or Maintain Redirections are entered. v3.1 - 2009-08-17 Added: Filtered tracks option to Create Redirections dialog boxes; if it is turned on, only a set of tracks limited with the ap us history active filter are used. v3.0.2 - 2009-08-15 Added: LogReport key to the TrackRedirection section in the .ini file, enables logging of some events (sync, transfer) if set to = 1; Fixed: synchronization of Original Date tag with month/day information. v3.0.1 - 2009-08-08 Fixed: empty table in us recession Create Redirections/Copy Metadata with turned on only selected in main tracklist and citing a quote from a play essay, empty folder text boxes.

v3.0 - 2009-08-07 Added: Synchronize and Transfer playstats options to the Create Redirections/Copy Metadata dialog box; it is now possible to copy metadata between duplicates which are not already redirected; Added: Synchronize and Transfer playstats options to the Show and Remove Redirections dialog box which is essay, now renamed to Maintain Redirections ; Added: possibility to turn on/off the pe a2 transfer of playstats and/or synchronization when creating redirections; Added: Select unsync button to essay, mentioned dialog boxes, after click on it you would get selected only redirections which have unsynchronized metadata; Added: when you click on some redirections in mentioned dialog boxes which has unsynchronized metadata you would get displayed which metadata are different in the bottom of the dialog; Added: option to display all/only selected duplicates in the Create Redirections for Duplicates dialog box ; Added: Synchronize metadata to match masters only pe a2 coursework, option now works using manual synchronization, i.e. even with turned off the essay Automatically synchronize metadata option; Added: Tag and essays about plans, File options for essay, album art storage during synchronization (until now only same storage as with master was possible); Added: selection of tracks with similar titles (e.g. My Dissertation! Title (live)) if there is none track with exactly same title in Create Redirection for us recession essay, Specified Tracks dialog box; Added: possibility to hide some of menu items from this add-on by modifying .ini file, e.g. you could hide .asx options if you are using only about, redirected audio files; Fixed: transfer of playstats from redirected audio files to masters (until now only transfer from redirected .asx files worked correctly). v2.5.1 - 2009-07-26 Fixed: very serious problem when database is not updating until restart if master track is modified during its reproduction (bug introduced in us recession essay v2.1.1). v2.5 - 2009-07-25 Added: option to synchronize playcounts and last play dates, it is mutually exclusive with the i failed option to transfer playstats on track playback; Added: option to us recession, specify main criteria for Select Duplicates command, beside of the coursework existing Maximal Bitrate it is now possible to specify list of us recession, extensions. v2.4 - 2009-07-22 Added: Select Linked Tracks - Master/Redirected/All Linked options (MM or up required); Added: Remove Linked Tracks from the Tracklist/Now Playing List - Master/Redirected/All Linked options (MM or up required); Added: Keep Only Linked Tracks in the Tracklist/Now Playing List - Master/Redirected/All Linked options (MM or up required); Fixed: manual adjusting of columns width in ap us history the Create/Remove Redirections table (widths are automatically adjusted only on dialog resize); Fixed: error with Transfer Redirected Playstats to Master Tracks option and selected tracks ( Yes button). v2.3 - 2009-07-20 Added: Update (specified) playlist when add/remove redirection option; Added: Synchronize metadata of linked tracks when change master only us recession, option; Fixed: playstats was not transferred to essays plans, masters in some cases. v2.2 - 2009-07-11 Added: Create Redirections for Folders option; you could specify Master and Copy folders which have tracks with similar path/filename; Added: Album Artist field to the Create Redirections for Specified Tracks dialog box. v2.1.1 - 2009-07-03 Fixed: error with the Create Redirection for Specified Tracks option; Fixed: error with the Add/Rescan .asx Files to the Library option and release date containing Month/Day, also with nested folders; Fixed: synchronization in some cases.

v2.1 - 2009-07-02 Added: synchronization of album arts; Fixed: error with the Add/Rescan .asx Files to us recession essay, the Library option; Fixed: error with the pe a2 Find Referenced Master Track option and us recession, empty album names; Fixed: playstats was not transferred to masters when synchronization is turned on; Fixed: deleting of replaced audio files with Create - Unselected option. v2.0 - 2009-06-27 Added: conditional synchronization of kitchen staff resume, tags for linked tracks, with settings for individual tags that should be updated in the Option dialog box; Added: Synchronize Metadata of Redirected Tracks option; Added: Replace redirected audio file with corresponding master on playback or drag drop to NP option; Added: Create Redirections for Duplicates option and dialog box with a table for new redirections (MM or up required); Added: support for us recession essay, tracks in coursework tracklist for essay, the Now Playing node with its context menu. v1.3.2 - 2009-06-20 Fixed: error with MM versions older than; Fixed: occasional error with display of Replace with Duplicate from Album/Linked Track sub-menus. v1.3.1 - 2009-06-19 Fixed: removing of redirections when redirected file is not in the Library; Fixed: error with the Create Redirection option and term paper on the constitution, paths containing ' (single apostrophe). v1.3 - 2009-06-13 Added: support for us recession essay, tracks in my dissertation the Now Playing panel with its context menu; Added: option Remove Duplicates from the Tracklist/Now Playing List (MM or up required); Added: option Replace with Duplicate from Album (MM or up required); Added: option Replace with Linked Track (MM or up required). v1.2.1 - 2009-05-30 Fixed: redirected audio files (not .asx) was played/moved to Now Playing panel instead of master tracks (MM or up required). v1.2 - 2009-05-26 Added: option to create redirections between two audio files instead of essay, .asx files (e.g. a .mp3 file which redirect to a .flac file); Added: option to copy master tracks to the specified album/folder (used only with previous option); Added: Show and Remove Redirections option and dialog box with a table of pe a2, redirections (MM or up required); Fixed: error with paths containing '. v1.1 - 2009-05-12 Improved: automatic conversion of all duplicates to us recession, corresponding .asx files using several new options; Added: Find Duplicate Titles and Select Maximal Bitrate option (MM or up required); Added: Select Tracks with Maximal Bitrate option (MM or up required); Added: Replace with .asx files - Unselected tracks in tracklist option; Added: option to save .asx files with references using relative paths; Added: Synchronize .asx References option; Added: support for MM filters; Fixed: error with Create .asx File(s) option. v1.0.1 - 2009-05-09 Fixed: error with Create .asx File(s) when turned off Update playstats. History Thesis Rubric! . Just double click on the TrackRedirection-xx.mmip file; if you are on Vista or Win7 and you got Product installation error, make sure you have MM3 set to Run as Administrator; if you downloaded the installation package with IE7 and it changed its extension to a .zip, you should first change it back to a .mmip. When you choose the Track Redirection from the essay context or the Tools menu, you have several options available:

You could choose this option if you want to find the master track referenced by resume the selected .asx or audio file in: 1) the Library/Album folder, 2) the Library/Location folder or 3) the us recession current tracklist. Find Duplicate Titles and Select Max. Bitrate/Ext. (MM or up required) When you choose this option, the Library/Files To Edit/Duplicate Tracks node will be activated and paper on the, tracks with maximal bitrate will be selected in the main tracklist since in us recession essay most cases you want such tracks to i failed, keep as masters; alternatively, you could choose extensions which you prefer to keep as masters. Us Recession! This option could be used before creating of redirections for all duplicates in i failed my dissertation the library. Essay! However, this option could return tracks which you don't want to about, keep as masters, so it could be better if you create one playlist with masters and their duplicates which you want to replace and choose the us recession next option. In both cases you should check the citing from in an result of selection and manually adjust selected tracks with Ctrl+click, since sometimes you could want to essay, replace tracks with higher bitrate or maybe you want to keep some specific version of track. Select Duplicates Using Specified Criteria (MM or up required) This option selects tracks from the citing a quote from in an essay current tracklist/NP list using a criteria specified in the Options dialog box (it could be a maximal Bitrate or a list of extensions); you could use this option before creating of redirection for some duplicates.

Select Linked Tracks - Master/Redirected/All Linked (MM or up required) You could use those options if you want to essay, select only masters, redirected tracks or both masters and redirected tracks. Select Unsynchronized Master Tracks (MM or up required) This option selects master tracks with metadata different from redirected ones. Kitchen Staff! Remove Duplicates from the Tracklist/Now Playing List (MM or up required) You could choose this option if you want to remove all duplicate tracks from the main tracklist or Now Playing list, i.e. tracks with same Artist and Title, leaving only duplicates with maximal bitrate or master tracks which are already referenced. Remove Linked Tracks from the Tracklist/Now Playing List - Master/Redirected/All Linked (MM or up required)

You could use those options if you want to us recession, remove masters, redirected tracks or both masters and essays future plans, redirected tracks from the us recession main tracklist or Now Playing list. Keep Only Linked Tracks in kitchen staff resume the Tracklist/Now Playing List - Master/Redirected/All Linked (MM or up required) Those options are complement to us recession essay, previous. You could use those options if you want to keep only masters, redirected tracks or both masters and essays about future, redirected tracks in the main tracklist or Now Playing list - other tracks would be removed. Replace with Duplicate from Album (MM or up required) If you choose this option you would get sub-menu with a list of all tracks with same Artist and Title as the currently selected one. After you select some of those tracks, it will replace the track selected in the main tracklist/Now Playing list. Replace with Linked Track (MM or up required) If you choose this option you would get sub-menu with a list of essay, all tracks linked to term paper, the currently selected one (master or redirected). After you select some of essay, those tracks, it will replace the track selected in the main tracklist/Now Playing list. Pe A2! Create Redirections for Specified Tracks.

This is the most important step which you should take when you want to replace your duplicated audio files with .asx files or to create links between two audio tracks. First, you should select track(s) which you want to us recession essay, keep as masters and after you choose this option you will get the new dialog box. A Quote Essay! In this dialog you should specify what you want to do with duplicates: to replace them with .asx files or to keep them and us recession essay, just to create links to master tracks. If you choose the Tracks from specified Album option you should specify some existing album which contains same tracks as selected ones; if you choose the Unselected tracks in tracklist option, the add-on will create redirections for all unselected tracks that have same Artist and Title as selected ones (it could be for all duplicates in my dissertation the library); this add-on in essay both cases automatically determine which tracks should be redirected considering their Artist and kitchen staff, Title. Essay! Audio track(s) replaced with .asx file(s) could be deleted from the disk if you choose the term on the constitution Delete audio file(s) option in case that you choose the essay option Replace with .asx metafile) . If you choose the Create redirection link option instead, you could turn on/off the term constitution Copy master (selected) track to us recession, the Album folder if it doesn't contain duplicate file option. Create Redirections/Copy Metadata for Duplicates/Folders (MM or up required) You could use this option to create redirections instead of the term paper on the previous one. As with the us recession essay previous option, you should first select master tracks and after choosing this option you will get a new dialog box with the table of all possible redirections. I Failed! If you select Duplicates option you would get the list of us recession essay, all duplicates of selected tracks which have same Artist and Title if they are not already redirected. Ap Us History Rubric! If you select Folders option you could specify Master folder (e.g. Z:My Music) where you have stored master tracks (e.g.

ArtistAlbumSong.flac) and you could specify Copy folder (e.g. Z:My Music Compressed) where you have stored linked tracks (e.g. Essay! ArtistAlbumSong.mp3) and ap us, add-on would create redirections for all tracks which have similar path/filename. Check boxes next to us recession essay, the each redirection allow specifying which redirections you actually want to create. There are also options to essays future, choose if you want to essay, replace duplicates with .asx files or to keep them and just to create links to master tracks. This dialog box is more descriptive and somewhat easier to use then the previous one, but it is pe a2, also less flexible. Add/Rescan .asx Files to essay, the Library. Scan for existing .asx files and add or update them in the library, similar as the built-in Add/Rescan Tracks to essays about future, the Library option, but for .asx files (only one folder with its child folders could be specified). Synchronize Metadata of essay, .asx Files. Update metadata of selected .asx files to match the resume library, similar as the built-in Synchronize Tags option, but for essay, .asx files (it could be useful if you have turned off the Update tags when editing properties option). Synchronize References in kitchen staff .asx Files.

Update paths for essay, tracks referenced in .asx files to match the library; it could be applied for selected tracks or for all .asx files in pe a2 coursework the library and could be used after changing of the Save references with relative paths option. Edit .asx File with Notepad. Well, you could use the Track Properties dialog box to us recession essay, modify metadata for about future plans, specified .asx file(s), but you could choose this option instead if you want to change some property which cannot be modified within Properties dialog box, e.g. a bitrate or track length, although it is not so much useful. Assign Redirection to us recession essay, the .asx Files. You could use this option if you have audio file in pe a2 the Library that you want to us recession, replace with corresponding .asx file which is already created before (the Path information would be changed). Remove Redirection from the Track. This option is opposite to coursework, the previous, i.e. if you still have original audio file which is replaced by corresponding .asx file (but not deleted) and us recession essay, if it is still in the same folder with the same filename, then you could choose this option if you have changed your mind and want to return back that file to the Library (the Path information would be changed). Transfer Redirected Playstats to Master Tracks.

You could use this command if you want to transfer play counts and play dates manually from redirected tracks (selected or all) to the masters. If you want those data to be updated automatically whenever you play some redirected .asx or audio file, you should turn on the Update playcount play dates for term constitution, master track on essay playback option in the Options dialog box. This command would be disabled if you choose the Placount/lastdate option for synchronization in from a play in an the Options dialog box. Essay! Synchronize Metadata of Redirected Tracks. You could use this option if you want to synchronize tags manually, i.e. to update metadata of linked tracks to future, match the selected ones or to essay, update all redirected tracks to match their corresponding masters. If you want those data to be updated automatically whenever you modify some linked track, you should turn on i failed the Automatically synchronize metadata option in the Options dialog box. Maintain Redirections (MM or up required) When you choose this option you will get a new dialog box with a table of all redirections.

Check boxes next to us recession, the each redirection allow specifying which redirections you want to kitchen resume, remove. Us Recession Essay! However, this dialog box could be used to see which tracks are redirected, even if you don't want to remove any redirection. When you choose the kitchen staff Options option from the context or Tools menu, you will get a new dialog box with following options: Save .asx files in us recession ANSI / UTF-8 format. You could choose a format for .asx files, depending of the player support and used character code page for tags. Save references with absolute / relative paths. You could choose if you want to save .asx files will references to history, master tracks using absolute or relative paths. Absolute paths are supported with all players, but relative paths could be used even after copying to another drive. You need MediaMonkey or up if you want to play .asx files with relative paths, but they are recommended if you want to essay, copy tracks to i failed my dissertation, some portable player or external drive. Essay! If you change your mind, you could convert relative paths in .asx files to the absolute paths or vice versa using the Synchronize .asx References option.

Update (specified) playlist when add/remove redirection. This option allows you to have one static playlist with redirected tracks automatically updated whenever you add or remove some redirection; such playlist could be used to create an auto-playlist without redireceted ones, i.e. without duplicates, using criteria Playlist is not specified_playlist. Term Paper Constitution! Update playcount play dates for master track on playback of redirected .asx/audio file. This option is essay, very valuable if you want to i failed my dissertation, have single playstats for same tracks, without a regard on us recession essay which album they reside (official, compilation, . ); if you turn on this option, the pe a2 playcount and play dates of the us recession essay master (referenced) tracks will be updated whenever you play some .asx or audio file that redirects to them. Kitchen Staff! This option is mutually exclusive with the option for us recession, synchronization of playcount/lastdate. Synchronize metadata for all linked tracks. This option should be turned on if you want to i failed, synchronize any linked tracks whichever track you select or choose to us recession, modify.

For example, if you change the Title in one track, all linked track would be updated with same Title. Synchronize metadata of redirected to match masters only. Similar as previous, but synchronization is constitution, done only if you change some master track; if you change some redirected track, other tracks linked to essay, it will be keept unchanged. You could specify which tags should be updated during synchronization: Title, Artist, Album, . Essays Future Plans! Specified metadata could be synchronized automatically (if you turn on essay the next option) when some track is thesis, changed e.g. Us Recession Essay! using Properties dialog box or manually using the my dissertation Synchronize Metadata of Redirected Tracks command. Essay! The option Playcount/lastdate is mutually exclusive with the option Update playcount play dates for master track on playback . Automatically synchronize metadata on ap us history rubric modification of linked/master track. You should turn on this option if you want metadata to be updated automatically whenever you modify some linked track (master or both master and redirected, depending on us recession the previous Synchronize metadata options) e.g. using Properties dialog box. Select Duplicates' main criteria: Maximal bitrate / Extensions (MM or up required) You could choose which criteria should have a priority when selecting tracks using the Select Duplicates Using Specified Criteria command. It could be a maximal Bitrate or a list of extensions separated with the vertical line |, e.g. if you specify mp4|ogg, such files would be selected even if you have .mp3's with a larger bitrate. Replace redirected audio file with corresponding master on rubric playback or drag drop to NP (MM or up required)

If you turn on this option, redirected audio files will be replaced in the Now Playing panel with corresponding masters whenever you start playback or drag drop them to the Now Playing panel. Us Recession! This option has an term effect only on linked audio files, not on .asx files (when you start playing of essay, some .asx file, MM will play master track anyway). With this add-on you could easily copy tags and/or play stats from the one sets of tracks to the another one (e.g. from flac files to mp3): choose Tools Track Redirection Create Redirections/Copy Metadata for a quote in an, Duplicates/Folders option; select Folders radio button; specify Master folder (with old files); specify Copy folder (with new files); select tracks which you want to us recession, synchronize (if you click on history rubric the left topmost check box you would select all contained tracks); click on the Synchronize button if you want to copy tags or Transfer ps. if you want to transfer play counts and play dates. If you want to copy tags using this method, you should specify which of them you want to copy in Tools Track Redirection Options dialog box before you apply the suggested steps. The requirements to copy metadata are that both sets of tracks (old and new) should be previously entered into the Library (e.g. using Add/Rescan Tracks to the Library option) and both sets of tracks should have exactly same file names, e.g. 03 - blah blah.flac and 03 - blah blah.mp3. You could synchronize more than one album at once as long as you have the same folder structure with the old and us recession, new files, e.g. for the old files: c:My MusicLosslessRockPink FloydThe Dark Side of the citing a quote from a play essay Moonxxx.flac. c:My MusicLosslessRockPink FloydWish You Were Herexxx.flac. and the us recession new files: d:My MusicCompressedRockPink FloydThe Dark Side of the Moonxxx.mp3. d:My MusicCompressedRockPink FloydWish You Were Herexxx.mp3. you should specify:

Master folder: c:My MusicLossless Copy folder: d:My MusicCompressed drastically reduced space for duplicated files; instead of on the, 10-100 MB for some audio file you could have just 1-2 KB with .asx file; every .asx file could contain their own metadata (track number, album name, . ) taken from the audio file that it replaces; those metadata are different from metadata of the master (referenced) track which is on another album; play stats could be updated for us recession, referenced tracks whenever you play some .asx file; .asx files could be played with many software and hardware players without a regard on used OS or its file system. List of constitution, tested software players that support .asx files: direct playback of .asx files in MediaMonkey using this add-on is possible only with MM v3.1 or up; .asx files could be played with older MediaMonkey versions if you choose Winamp player in the Options dialog box, but in such case the playcount and essay, play dates are not updated after reproduction; .asx files cannot contain bitmap files for covers inside of them; if you want to replace some audio file which contains covers stored in tags, when you choose the Create .asx Files(s) option, those covers would be saved in the same folder as .asx file and will be referenced to it; although MM from history thesis rubric, has a possibility to add .asx fies to the Library using the essay Add/Rescan Tracks to the Library option, this option doesn't create redirection links between tracks; you should use the Add/Rescan .asx Files to coursework, the Library option instead; the Synchronize Tags option doesn't work with .asx files; you should use the us recession Synchronize .asx Metadata option instead; if you update track info using Add/Rescan .asx files to the Library or Edit .asx File with Notepad , the cover art is not automatically updated in the Album Art panel; however, you could switch to the another track or node and pe a2 coursework, return back to us recession, the same track to see changes; reference paths inside of the .asx files cannot be automatically updated if you copy masters tracks and/or .asx files themselves (however, if you rename or move tracks, the paths will be updated automatically); because of that it is recommended to turn on essays future plans the Save references with relative paths option and to update all .asx files to relative paths using the Synchronize .asx References option before copyng to some portable player; you could resume the previous action and convert paths to absolute form after you have copied files by us recession essay turning off the Save references with relative paths option and updating .asx files using the Synchronize .asx References option again. This add-on could be very dangerous! If you choose the term on the Delete audio files from the specified album option in the Create .asx File(s) dialog box, all files with the essay same album and title names as selected file(s) will be removed! Well, the paper main purpose of us recession essay, this add-on is to replace some large audio files with much smaller redirectional files, so you should be aware of ap us history, such behavior. Us Recession Essay! However, it is highly recommended to turn off the mentioned option, at least until you get comfortable using this add-on. Also, playing stats of referenced files and ones which refers to them could be messed up if something goes wrong.

Because of that it would be the best if you try this add-on with some small test database and history thesis, backup copies of audio files. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. Essay! In no event will the author be held liable for essays about, any damages arising from the use of this software.

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The Right Format for an Easy-to-Sign Proposal. Choosing the right writing format for a business proposal can be quite challenging. Essay! You have to get it right the first time, so it can be understandably nerve-wracking to try to put together a cohesive business proposal that is also in i failed, the correct format for optimal readability. Writing a business proposal is further complicated by us recession essay the fact that it is an exercise not only in writing, but also in editing, layout, and design – as well as a fully-involved sales process, on top of i failed it all! The format you choose can greatly affect how your reader interprets your proposal. This means that you will want to give great consideration to us recession essay, all the elements of your proposal’s format before tendering it to your prospective customer. Your business depends on term paper constitution, the effectiveness of your proposals, so the last thing you want is to let bad format choices get in us recession, the way.

Fortunately, there are some best practices you can keep in pe a2, mind when it comes to choosing a winning writing format. We have discussed writing winning proposals quite a bit around these parts (to say the least!), covering various aspects of planning and us recession proposal writing at length. So this month, I thought we would take the business of writing to a discussion on kitchen resume, a deeper level, exploring the nuts and bolts of us recession essay choosing the right form and i failed my dissertation style to win, again and us recession again. While further exploring much of what we’ve already perused in older posts, we’re honing in on some of the make-or-break elements of business writing. Here’s what we’ll cover: Implementing a sales-friendly format in pe a2, proposal writing Layout and design format considerations Writing format for business proposals. Implementing a sales-friendly format in essay, proposal writing.

We’ve talked about it extensively before, but it’s always worth repeating that a business proposal is a sales tool before. With that in mind as you begin writing, your proposal should adhere to the steps in the sales process. Every sales interaction has distinct greeting, qualifying, offering, and closing phases, and you likely already know that your proposal should generally follow those steps from start to finish. The Wikipedia entry for resume “proposal (business)” says the following: Business proposals are often a key step in the complex sales process—i.e., whenever a buyer considers more than price in a purchase. While that is true, we here at the Quote Roller HQ have a slightly different take on us recession essay, the way a proposal relates to sales. Citing From In An Essay! We prefer to think that business proposals should follow a writing format that mirrors the well-established selling format, in addition to us recession essay, fitting within the i failed my dissertation “complex sales process” overall. Essay! In this way, the business proposal writing both fits into i failed my dissertation, your sales process, and mirrors it . You can put the sales process to work in writing your proposal, right down to the sections of the proposal itself. Consider the us recession essay following as you plan your proposal writing: First section: Greeting Second section: Qualifying Third section: Offering Fourth section: Closing. Take a look at one of coursework our sample proposals and you’re likely to notice that it contains a separate section that addresses each part of the sales process – even if it doesn’t appear to do so obviously, at us recession, first glance.

A winning proposal follows a writing format that compartmentalizes each step of the sales process. There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to choosing the sequence of the history rubric sections in your proposal writing. Us Recession Essay! If you know sales, you automatically know the basic format for term paper on the constitution writing a winning business proposal. It’s easy to keep your proposal on-track, just by following the well-established sales format in your proposal writing. Give the reader a chance to respond. One thing you’ll want to do differently from most real-world sales processes is to us recession, offer the customer an kitchen resume, opportunity to respond directly to essay, your business on every page, and thus at every step in the sales process. Whether you opt for a contact form, a simple hyper-linked button (connected to your email), or allow them to annotate right there in your Quote Roller web-based proposal, you want to give the reader the ability to ask a question on essays about future, each page of your proposal.

Think of landing pages on us recession, modern websites – there’s a way to get in contact with the business on essays future, every page. Your business will benefit from us recession, adhering to the same format in your proposal writing efforts, since the same logic applies in any text-based sales process in the digital space. A Quote From A Play! There is also support for the idea that, in general, more landing pages equate to us recession essay, more sales. The pages of your proposal are not inbound landing pages, but there are certain corollaries, especially when it comes to offering contact buttons in-page. When you offer a contact point on every page of essays future plans your proposal, you open up your proposal to more chances to be accepted. This keeps the sales process involved in the proposal interactive, allowing for us recession essay two-way communication. Speaking of free proposal templates, please note that we’ve got more than 35 sector-specific templates to help you get started in my dissertation, the right direction when crafting proposals.

If you check out essay, our samples, you’ll start to see a few trends emerge. Term Paper On The! While our various templates do not follow a rigid format — wedding planning is very different from construction, web design quite different from cleaning services – they all have a lot in us recession, common, while adapting to suit various specific types of businesses. Here are a few key points to consider during proposal writing: 10 -12 point fonts are used (plus larger headings) Funky or non-standard fonts are avoided (if you decide to send it the old school Word doc way, imagine if your client can’t read it at all because they don’t have that font?) Sub-heading are bolded Each page has its own sub-title. Of course, do note that Quote Roller can automate all the textual formatting for you, allowing you to focus on the actual sales message in your writing.

It’s like with your C.V./resume. From A Play In An! Have you ever opened it on different computers and you get irritated that the us recession formatting you spent so much time on about future plans, looks like a disaster? If you send it as an online doc or PDF, it doesn’t distort. You want the essay same thing for your business proposals. Make your proposal dynamic memorable with multimedia formatting. Proposal writing should follow a document-like design format, but that does not mean that you cannot dress up your proposals, so long as you do so tastefully . One of the great things about writing and sharing proposals in a digital format is resume that you can incorporate mixed media, like video and HTML, in interesting and engaging ways. While it’s tempting to us recession essay, turn your proposal into a multimedia extravaganza, a little restraint is probably the best recipe for success. If you would like to integrate mixed media into your proposal, keep the following in kitchen, mind: Media should be supported by us recession text Media elements should be limited to one per section of the proposal If your first page is my dissertation a letter, don’t use any media. Mixed media can really fix up a drab proposal, but you don’t want to ignore the time-honored usefulness of images. Images are a great way to convey an idea succinctly in a proposal.

Here are some design considerations for use in business proposals: Support images with captions (ideally, action captions) Choose images that are memorable – humans use visuals to help them remember Favor relevant graphs and us recession essay flowcharts over generic images (as in kitchen staff, clip art) If you use a third-party infographic, as we all do these days, be sure to give credit where credit is due – cite your sources If you work in some sort of us recession essay creative field, use images or video wisely to i failed, show off your work (A photo really says more than a thousand words of boring proposal text.) If you work in any type of service, a video testimonial from a satisfied customer is a good way to offer your company credibility And if you sell a something — especially a pretty one — feel free to us recession, integrate the essays about future plans photos in with your pricing catalog. No matter what type of media you opt to add to your proposal, you want to make sure it both supports and is supported by the message you are trying to convey to your audience and the best way to do that is with thoughtful formatting. Writing format for business proposals. We’ve touched on the topic of the sales writing format, itself, in the past, but here are a few detailed ideas to help take your proposal writing to us recession, the next level.

Since every aspect of writing the proposal matters, right down to the tone and verbiage used in writing the proposal, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a winning format when you write your next business proposal. KISS is the writer’s code: Keep It Simple, Stupid. A business proposal is not place for long-form prose. Concision trumps all when it comes to writing business proposals. For me, the “bible” of writing in a sales-friendly format has always been Claude C. Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising , though there are many other great resources out there that tell much the a quote from same story. In short, as any great copy writer would tell you, writings intended to us recession, sell – or in our world, to get a deal signed – should be free from superfluous language and should speak directly to the actions you would like the resume customer to take.

The best format for your proposal, as Hopkins and others will tell you, is a simple one which is able to be understood by as many readers as possible. Here are some of the compositional formatting elements that work in business proposal writing: Use simple sentences as much as possible (Trust us, the long, run-ons don’t make you sound as clever as you think!) Use clear language, avoiding allusions and figures of speech Use short paragraphs, usually no more than three sentences. In addition to working well for sales, concise writing has the additional benefit of being easier on the reader’s eyes, which is always a plus, as it guarantees they will keep on us recession essay, reading. One of the many great takeaways from Scientific Advertising is the need to reduce word count by pe a2 coursework eliminating ineffectual adjectives from your writing. Us Recession! One of my favorite passages in Hopkins’ book comes at the start of ap us history rubric chapter seven, “Be Specific”: “Platitudes and generalities roll off the human understanding like water from a duck.

They leave no impression whatever. To say, ‘Best in the world,’ ‘Lowest price in existence,’ etc. are at us recession essay, best simply claiming the citing a quote in an expected. But superlatives of that sort are usually damaging. Us Recession Essay! They suggest looseness of expression, a tendency to my dissertation, exaggerate, a careless truth. They lead readers to discount all the statements that you make.” The biggest problem with the use of platitudes in us recession essay, the context of a sales writing format, as Hopkins alludes to above, is that they compromise the element of trust needed in business relationships.

When a reader reaches a platitude, he or she begins to doubt what is being read, and that can spell disaster in a business proposal. You have to work hard to gain and retain trust in your proposal writing, don’t let platitudes destroy the kitchen staff resume trust you’ve worked so hard to earn. Choose the right (grammatical) person. One of the first choices you have to make when it comes to us recession essay, writing a business proposal is citing a quote essay that of grammatical person. Sorry to take you back to composition class, but proposal writers should be aware that the concept of us recession essay grammatical person is described as “the relationship between the speaker and other participants.” The rules of grammatical person help you to be able to choose the appropriate personal pronoun in a given sentence. As you can imagine, grammatical person is very important in writing a business proposal. Grammatical person has an effect on the overall tone of a piece of writing. The use of first and second grammatical person throughout a piece of writing sets a conversational tone, which may very well be appropriate in some situations. Likewise, use of the staff resume third person tends to impart a formal tone for the reader (the use of third person is often even called “formal style” as a result). An objective, or third person, writing style is appropriate in many business settings.

So how do you decide what format is appropriate to use in writing your proposal? That depends loosely on a few factors, including the type of business you are conducting and who your recipient is. Here are a few pointers. Reasons to use the first/second-person format: Your business is essay just one person (such as a freelancer), not a team of people Your recipient is a single-person business If a conversational tone fits your business’ overall strategy/culture/ethos If your services offered are person-to-person (such as care giving, physical therapy, etc.) You have an ap us thesis, established relationship with your recipient, even if an organization. Reasons to us recession, use third-person format: If the recipient is a government organization If the recipient is a corporation, non-profit, or other large organization If you operate in one of the many business-to-business fields where formality is on the constitution generally expected If you do not have an essay, established relationship with the term on the recipient (even if it is just one person)

You may also find a reason to switch between grammatical persons within your proposal writing. For example, if you choose to essay, include a cover letter or personal statement as the introductory page, you might use first/second person throughout that page, but switch to the third person objective style for the remaining pages in the proposal. As a caveat to coursework, choosing the right grammatical person overall, note that the rules for personal pronouns also help readers understand when a person is being referred to us recession essay, versus when a business entity is being referenced. Many business proposal writers make rampant mistakes when referring to organizations. For example, “Microsoft” is always gender neutral ( it/its ), whereas “Bill Gates” always adopts the masculine personal pronouns ( he, his, him ) and pe a2 can function in pluralities of people ( we/us/our/they/them/theirs ). Any person can potentially constitute the addressee of the second person ( you/yours ). This is a detail that will greatly improve the essay overall readability of your proposal. Keep your eyes ( and theirs ) on the prize. Okay, grammar lesson over, back to paper on the, business. You may be tempted to throw everything and us recession essay the kitchen sink into pe a2 coursework, your proposal writing efforts, but the best advice is to keep the readers focused on us recession, the ultimate prize of winning the bid . The foremost proposal writing tip that I have to offer is: keep it in a neat, clear format.

If you overload the proposal with anything, be it writing, images, or media, you run the risk of having it read like a hot mess , for lack of term constitution a better term. Your proposal is meant to essay, cause an “actionable outcome” (as is popular to say these days), so it should follow a format that is shaped around resulting in a buying action. If your proposal assumes a format that keeps your offer clear, its benefit to the prospect, and makes it easy to be awarded, you’ve done your job. Impart all the singularity of purpose you can to a quote from essay, your proposal writing and you will win more bids. Are you writing in the right format? Writing anything can be an arduous process. Half the battle is found in understanding the format you need to essay, be working in. Pe A2 Coursework! When it comes to proposal writing, following a sales format is the us recession essay first step.

Compound that sales format to kitchen resume, a clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing format, and you will have a recipe for success. This is a place where creative entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, tips, tools, case studies and sample library to win their next project. We help you win more deals by writing and us recession essay presenting irresistible proposals. Quote Roller Inc. More than 50+ pages of proposal creation wisdom awaits!

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Advance Directives: Patient End-of-Life Decisions Essays. Health Rights and Responsibilities. Medical technology today has come a long way. Numerous life prolonging procedures are available that can extend a person’s life where once they would have expired. Kidney dialysis, chemotherapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), feeding tubes, intravenous hydration, and ventilators are but a few of these means for extending one’s life. The choice between quantity versus quality of life is complex, and not one that should be left up to chance. Us Recession Essay! In 1990, Congress passed the Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA). Ap Us History Rubric! show more content End-of-life decisions are not just for the elderly or those who have been deemed terminally ill. The world in which we live is full of uncertainty and risk. Natural disasters occur on essay, a near daily basis. Terrorist incidences and threats are something everyone thinks about at one time or another. Any moment in i failed, time can find an individual laying in a hospital bed, clinging to life.

There are risks involved in simply walking down a street. Diseases exist for us recession which there is no available cure. Pe A2! A living will provides a legal means by which health care professionals can be aware of how much care an individual does or does not want should they become medically incapacitated. It can also provide an individual with some peace of us recession mind knowing either that everything medically available will be done to prolong his or her life, or that life prolonging measures will be limited if there is kitchen staff resume no hope for recovery. Generally speaking, a living will provides information on what types of life prolonging care an individual wants or does not want in the case of End of Life Decisions Involving Patients and Their Families Essay. to help patients and family members. Essay! They both have the about future, same approach to life and death as the heath care team. It is the health care team goal to demonstrate how patients that are on a palliative care team can benefit from using different medical approaches, with medications and other methods. These approaches can help patients and their families’ transition easier into hospice care, if needed.

Question number three “how can the health care team members apply the findings to patient care”? court ruled in 2009 that doctors in that state cannot be prosecuted for assisting with the death of terminally ill patients, but did not guarantee it as a constitutional right.” In this particular case, Powell’s family gathered around him in the living room as he was being administered a lethal dose of pain medications that would ultimately not only end his suffering, but also his own life. Us Recession! (Cable News Network, 2014). In cases such as this, I do not think that I should be the staff, judge as to what is ethical Essay about Unit 4 Project Advance Directives. person should be able to control the disposition of essay their body after death. Kitchen Staff! 4. Does the patient in us recession, this case have a right to an advance directive? Why or why not? When it comes to advance directives properly documenting the citing a quote from essay, decision to be an organ donor is essay a very important part of end of pe a2 coursework life planning, as an important as having a will and documenting healthcare treatment wishes.

A patient can document specifily what organs and tissues are to be donated and whether they want them to Essay on Have Advance Directives Failed? Also, there is a cultural and us recession essay, religious belief, that contradicts advance directives and because of all these, I believe it has failed. The reasons why Advance directives have failed will be discussed below. Essays About Future Plans! The Complexity of the Form and People’s Lack of Interest Advance directive forms are difficult to fill out. People who graduated from essay, high school find it difficult to fill, and even more difficult to our elderly population who are mostly illiterates. Some people just don't understand the medical Essay about Should People Have Autonomy over Their End of Life Decisions. From A Play Essay! also provides support for those closest to a patient. If a terminally ill patient of sound mind wishes to end their pain and suffering, does that mean that they and their close family and friends are no longer entitled to the same care and support as those patients that do not choose to end their lives earlier?

Under the subtitle ‘Proper Palliative Care’, an article on the BBC website states “The key to successful palliative care is to treat the patient as a person, not as a set of essay symptoms, or medical process is taken, as in the state of about future plans Oregon and essay, the country of Netherlands, then it should be the final decision of the citing a quote from a play, family and patient that is granted. Their autonomy should come before the duty of the doctor in these situations. I also struggled with coming up with a decision on my own advanced directives. Personally, I never really thought that I would want to us recession essay, live the rest of i failed my life with the essay, help of machines, or live in pe a2 coursework, a vegetative state and be a burden to my family. Again, however Centre for Paramedic Education and Research Chris Millington, PCP Superior North EMS Andy Benson Manager, Education programs Central East Prehospital Care Program Tim Dodd Manager, Education Centre for essay Paramedic Education and pe a2 coursework, Research Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards – November 2011, Version 3.0 Introduction 1 Emergency Health Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and us recession, Long?Term Care LEVELS OF PARAMEDICS In Ontario, there are three occupational levels of paramedics: Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) In a crisis with limited time to resume, cogitate one’s decisions, it is a natural instinct for many people to sacrifice themselves so their loved ones will be safe. In some cases, a person may choose to save the life of a complete stranger over their own life. In the movie The Impossible, a family on a vacation from England to Thailand finds themselves trapped in us recession, the deadly Tsunami that struck the ap us, country in essay, 2004. After the wave engulfed the country, the on the, mother and one of her three sons are wrested from Genetic Engineering: The End of Life as We Know It Essay. engineering, it is almost definite that our world will be plunged into us recession dark days filled with ethical turmoil. It is obvious that as genetic engineering advances, ethically-challenging situations are bound to arise.

Humans are morally too weak to handle the power that comes with genetic engineering. As a whole, we are unable to make the right decisions under the pressure of our peers and such is merely the case in which doctors could be faced with in the near future. Can we trust our doctors to on the constitution, steer Essay on Aging, Death, Dying and End of Life Care. at the degenerative actions of senescence. It plays an important part of development, and maturation of the individual, for example, puberty in adolescents. The biophysiological theory could explain some of the us recession essay, processes which are ongoing in Betty’s life, such as her active decline in ap us rubric, health leading to disability, but it fails

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evaluate coursework This guide is written for essay teachers and students in term, Key Stage 4, who are preparing for us recession GCSE examinations in English Literature . History Rubric! It draws heavily on guidance given to teachers by Peter Thomas, a GCSE examiner and teacher educator at Hull University, to whom I am indebted. At present English and English literature are separate subjects which can be studied at GCSE. English is a core subject in the National Curriculum. Essay! All students taking GCSE exams in pe a2, Key Stage 4 must take English as part of their course in us recession, years 10 and about plans 11. This will usually be a GCSE examined course, or alternatively a Certificate of us recession Achievement course.

Within all GCSE English courses, the requirements for Reading (En2) include the study of literature . Candidates must read poetry and prose fiction from classic and modern authors, and respond to this both in written coursework and timed formal examinations. English literature is one of a large number of a play in an subjects which can be taken as an option in years 10 and 11. It adds to and enriches the reading requirements for English at Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum. Exam boards are currently drawing up new course specifications for English and for essay English literature, to reflect the new National Curriculum, which came into force in September of 2000. The existing GCSE courses will run until the June 2003 exam. Aims of GCSE English literature courses. The aims of English literature courses are to encourage candidates to develop: the ability to read, understand and respond to a wide range of term paper constitution types of us recession literary texts, to appreciate the ways in which authors achieve their effects, and to acquire the skills necessary for literary study; an awareness of social, historical and cultural contexts and influences in the study of literature; the ability to construct and convey meaning in speech and pe a2 writing, matching style to us recession, audience and purpose.

Assessment objectives for GCSE English literature. There are three broad objectives for assessing candidates' achievements in English literature. Term Constitution! Candidates must demonstrate their ability to: respond to texts critically, sensitively and in detail, using textual evidence as appropriate; explore how language, structure and forms contribute to the meaning of texts, considering different approaches to these texts and different interpretations of them; explore relationships and comparisons within and essay between texts, selecting and a quote a play in an essay evaluating relevant material. If you are a teacher , developing a scheme of work, you may wish to make sure it has opportunities for candidates to us recession, show they have these abilities and about have met the objectives. When you assess coursework you could refer to them or indicate in a final summary comment how the work meets the objectives. If you are a student preparing coursework or revising for a written exam, you should try to meet all these objectives. Doing these things will help inter-school moderators (assessors) to support school assessments, or will help examiners to award the best mark the us recession essay candidate is able to achieve. Each of the assessment objectives is explained in detail below.

Success in literature - features to work on. A very good way to help students focus and work efficiently in exams and in coursework is to give them a checklist of different things to do. It is possible to pe a2, achieve the us recession very highest grades without writing excessively. Teachers and history thesis rubric students often confuse quality and quantity . Us Recession Essay! For some kinds of pe a2 coursework, you may need to write at length, to develop themes in detail for a complex text, but even here you should keep a sense of proportion. In exams, the time limits mean that able students may lose the chance to gain high marks by dwelling too long on one kind of response. The list below can be remembered by students as an acronym - AACIR - or in essay, its entirety by, for example, display on a wall and regular chanting or asking students to recall it with eyes shut. Essays! The list is: attitude author comparison and contrast implied meaning reader and us recession readings. The attitudes in a text are (usally) not those of the author, though we may suspect that some attitudes in it are close to the author's.

In a play we will necessarily have a range of characters with differing attitudes. Pe A2! In prose fiction this may also happen, though we may also have a dominant narrative voice or third-person overview from the essay author. And in poetry, the paper constitution writer may adopt or assume attitudes - this is perhaps where it is hardest to know whether the writer agrees with the attitude in the work. Examples? In Romeo and Juliet Tybalt hates all Montagues, Mercutio dislikes Tybalt but doesn't support the feud, while Romeo regrets the feud and tries to us recession essay, keep out of fighting. History Thesis! Blake's The Tyger expresses awe at us recession the power of nature (this probably is Blake's own view). Ap Us Rubric! And in A Christmas Carol we see different attitudes from the us recession essay same character, Scrooge, while the ghosts who visit him and the sequence of kitchen events show which views the reader is being led to support. Students should be invited to make a judgement on us recession essay, any work, but make it an informed judgement. They should form an kitchen, attitude to a text and consider other people's attitudes, in a kind of dialogue, before attempting to essay, evaluate what they have read. Every writer will be in some way representative of his or her time and place.

One reason why the National Curriculum has a range of required reading is to let pupils experience a diversity of viewpoints. Sometimes, the student needs to look at the writer's culture and assumptions, which lie behind the text as it immediately appears. Examples? In Macbeth we are not sure whether all the supernatural things are really happening or are just in Macbeth's mind, but Shakespeare knows that his audience will accept witches with magical powers as plausible (believable). In Romeo and Juliet , Shakespeare knows his audience will understand why in many cases arranged marriages are better than love matches. Some modern writers assume that romantic or sentimental love or self-development are more important than duty or keeping of promises. Writers such as Dante or George Herbert have a clear sense of God's presence as an immediate and almost tangible reality in their lives. Contemporary authors may be able to assume some things about their readers' attitudes and write in ways which makes use of staff this. So escapist fiction may have careful product-placement of luxury goods included in a narrative. On the other hand, young people may be helped by what they read to question or challenge their own attitudes. To Kill a Mockingbird was written partly to challenge racist attitudes which were perhaps as widespread in the USA at the time of essay writing (1960) as at the time when the story is set, in the 1930s.

In its use as a text for UK schools in the 21st century it may be challenging nothing much. It may be simply reinforcing the reader's disapproval of racism. Some writers go out of term paper constitution their way to essay, find out pe a2 about their readers, and then write to help them develop their own attitudes or qualities of character. Examples? Judy Blume or Jacqueline Wilson. Boys and girls often have very different attitudes which affect the us recession way they read a text. Future! Teachers and examiners may need to take care not to disadvantage either sex in us recession essay, selecting particular texts for study, or rewarding students more for displaying approved attitudes. For example understanding description of character is not in itself worth more marks than understanding narrative sequence. But there are teachers who think it is, or should be. At the most basic level, students need to see that there IS an citing a quote from a play essay, author, and write about the author's attitudes (if these appear), purposes and techniques or methods. It is worth their learning the us recession standard spelling of history thesis rubric “author” (especially when they are studying Arthur Miller).

It is also worth their learning, almost as a mechanical habit, to refer to the author in us recession essay, their responses to texts: #147;The author [or name] shows that. #148; #147;In this stanza the poet questions. Term On The Constitution! #148; #147;Later the playwright brings together. Us Recession! #148; The negative version of citing in an this advice is to caution students against writing about texts as if recording events in the real world - this is especially dangerous with narratives: #147;Then Piggy got killed by Roger, and Ralph ran onto the beach. Then a man came in a white uniform and us recession essay took Ralph home. He was sad because Simon and Piggy got killed.#148; What's the difference? ask your students. As a method, no difference at term paper all - you put A and B together (or A, B and C).

And when they show some similarities we find a comparison and when we see some difference we make a contrast . So we compare Piggy and Simon as outsiders (in Lord of the us recession Flies ) and contrast Piggy, a rational and objective child-adult with Simon, a visionary dreamer. Children need to about, beware of finding a contrast or comparison which is meaningless. Suppose they are comparing the essay Gradgrind family in essays about plans, Hard Times with the essay Conways in Time and the Conways . They could look at ap us history thesis ideas of reaping and sowing, of essay single-parent families, of the relationship of house and home, of work and play and of the way both texts explore glimpses of the a quote from a play future. But it would be silly to write: #147; Hard Times is a novel written in 1854 but Time and us recession the Conways is i failed, a play written in essay, 1937#148;. And even sillier to write: #147;These texts are similar because both have women in them.#148; It's not enough to paper on the, find similarities or differences - they need to be interesting or tell us something. So what kinds of similarity or difference are worth looking for? Are there things we can expect students to look for essay in any texts? There are - some of them will be in many and some are almost guaranteed to be in all texts.

These could include comparisons or contrast in: time (relative or absolute, short term or long term) sex and gender attitude, mood, atmosphere purpose and audience language, form, genre, structure and other technique or method relevance the reader's preference. And this list can be used twice over. First for comparisons between two (or among several) texts, and second for comparisons within a single text. Examples: we can compare (very usefully) Pip in Great Expectations with Jane in Jane Eyre - both are characters from essays future, humble homes in search of fulfilment through social mobility. But we can also compare each character within each text at different stages in the narrative. In fact both authors do this for us recession us.

And Kay in Time and the Conways does so - at the end of Act Two she asks what has happened to the family of which she used to be part: #147;Oh, silly girl of Nineteen Nineteen! Oh, lucky girl. Coursework! Remember what we once were and essay what we thought we'd be. And now this. And it's all we have. it's us.

Every step we've taken - every tick of the term paper on the clock - making everything worse#148; Implied meaning is not anything the reader imagines to be in a text - it must be implied by something the us recession essay reader has found. What the students needs to look for is anything which should maybe not be taken simply in its plain or obvious sense. The Teacher Training Agency's National Curriculum for Initial Teacher Training in about future plans, secondary English teaching reads: #147;Teachers must develop pupils as critical readers, recognising that: writers manage authorial relationships, e.g. those between ( sic. ) narrator, author and reader texts can be construed and interpreted in different ways.#148; This is a kind of reference - the text may contain a phrase or longer structure which echoes another text. Example? In Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin' the line #147;And the first one now/Will later be last#148; is an essay, allusion to the gospel of ap us history thesis St.

Matthew (19:30): #147;But many that are first shall be last.#148; How can you tell when writers understate or overstate things? It's not easy, but sometimes an author will appear to exaggerate or minimize a statement or attitude. A good example of understatement would be the final line of Mid-Term Break , where Seamus Heaney describes the coffin of his young brother as: #147;A four foot box, a foot for every year#148;. The understatement is partly in the slang eupehmism #147;box#148; for essay #147;coffin#148;, but mostly in the use of the coursework measurements to essay, tell us the age of the child and indirectly show the poet's grief. This takes many forms - what they all have in common is some space between what appears and what really is . A very familiar and crude form of irony is sarcasm , as when you greet a foolish action with #147;That's really brilliant#148;. Dramatic irony occurs when the character on stage does not know what the audience or other characters realize, or when actions or words earlier in the play lead to pe a2, some later action or consequence - as when Othello says to Desdemona #147;Honey, you will be well desired in Cyprus#148;, but it is his fear of another's desire that leads to him killing her. More generally, students should look out for the kind of irony where writers in some way distance themselves from the views expressed in their work - does the author really mean what he or she appears to mean? If there were no irony in the author's stance, Swift's A Modest Proposal would be horrible and inhumane.

At different times, questions of good and essay bad taste may limit a writer's readiness to be ironic. This guidance will help students make use of the citing a play principles outlined above, as they make coherent responses to texts they study. Students should look for ambiguity (alternative meanings). They should look for these both in the text, and in essay, their response to it - for example where they change their reading after some reflection. Students should look for ambivalence (alternative attitudes). Rubric! They should look for these both in the text and in their reading of it.

In reading the text , students should try to achieve knowledge of content, familiarity with the text in detail and an appropriate (perceptive, sensitive) response. Us Recession Essay! (Assessment objective 1) Reading the ap us text (AO1): examples He has to shoot him in the head because if he didn't do it, something more cruel would happen to him and he wouldn't understand about essay, it. This book is about prejudice and injustice. Coursework! It's also about growing up and getting into other people's shoes. It's mainly about racism but there's a lot about growing up and learning about people. There's a lot of us recession essay description about where they go but I like the bits where they are talking to each other. At the start of the story. but later on. When she talks to [name] she is. Ap Us History Thesis! but when she talks to [other name] she. In reading the author , students should try to achieve understanding of the writer's purposes (in relation to us recession, the audience), of the writer's means of control of the text and of the writer's use of literary devices, methods and techniques. (Assessment objectives 1 and 2)

Reading the author (AO1 and 2); purpose and devices: examples He wants you to think that Jack is organised and confident because the first time you meet him he's leading the i failed choir and giving orders She makes you feel sorry for essay TJ when his #147;friends#148; let him down, even if you don't like him because of the way he treated other people himself. He thought all humans have evil in them, even if they are posh or so called civilised British. This is because he saw what decent people were like in war when there were no rules. My Dissertation! Also he was a teacher and he must have seen nasty parts in lots of people he taught. In reading the reading , students should try to give a coherent account of their dynamic process of essay their developing a reading of the essays about future plans text - this can allow for some statement of us recession essay initial responses, with reasons for their reaching a more considered later judgement. (Assessment objectives 1, 2and 3)

Reading the reading (AO1, 2 and 3); comparison, contrast, evaluation: examples When I first read this I thought. but later. (reflecting on response) I thought this meant that, but now I think. (exploring ambiguity) I don't like this sort of ap us rubric poem but I suppose old people over 25 would think it was beautiful (alternative empathies) When she does this I think she's horrible, but later she does something I think takes real guts (handling ambivalence) Even though both these poems rhyme, one has more realistic language (stylistic) Both these poems are by womem but they say different things about men (author and essay attitude) One of these is term, written before 1914 and us recession essay has old fashioned language but the idea they are getting across is the same (context and pe a2 meaning; similarity and discontinuity) [This] is a twentieth century poem which is a sonnet, like [other poem] but it takes a different point of view about essay, sex and marriage. (style and attitude; similarity and discontinuity) People thought that this was right then, but you wouldn't find women today putting up with this. I'd tell him where to go! (context and attitude; text and self) Assessing literature: skills hierarchies. Response - sensitive and critical (AO1) G #45; simple response to text and/or task F #45; statement of preference within/between tasks E #45; supported response to character/situation D #45; explained response to situation/ideas C #45; sustained reponse to situation/ideas or author's purposes B #45; measured/qualified, developed response, exploring writers' ideas and/or methods A #45; sensitive insight/exploration into texts and kitchen staff authors' purposes A#42; #45; independent evaluation or analysis of text and task. G #45; reference to some detail F #45; range of details, some inference E #45; some comment on specific details D #45; range of comment on us recession essay, specific details C #45; effective use of details to support answer B #45; details linked to authors' intentions and purposes A #45; finds significance/structure in patterns of detail A#42; #45; independent discovery and history thesis rubric interpretation of details.

Response - awareness of language (AO2) G #45; reference to language as a feature F #45; location of area(s) of us recession language interest E #45; selection of quotations for language interest D #45; identification of specific feature of language interest C #45; explanation of feature(s) of language interest B #45; exploration of feature(s) of language interest A #45; evaluation/analysis of writers' use of language and effects on reader A#42; #45; independent/imaginative insight/analysis. G #45; simple response to text and/or task F #45; simple comment on method or effect E #45; some awareness of an author at work D #45; identification of ap us rubric effects intended or achieved C #45; explanation of effects achieved/authors' purposes B #45; measured/qualified/exploratory response to writers' ideas/methods A #45; sensitive insight into authors' purposes - insight/empathy into writers A#42; #45; indpendent insight/enthusiasm/interpretation/evaluation. Comparisons within and between texts (AO3) G #45; selection of texts suitable for comparison F #45; simple linkage related to subject matter/preference E #45; comment on similarity or difference D #45; structured comments on similarities and us recession differences C #45; sustained focus on similarities and differences B #45; developed comparison/contrast of style/ideas/characters A #45; insight into comparison/contrast of context/meaning A#42; #45; independent analytical/evaluative comparison/contrast. Example of assessment task: Foundation Tier. Animals play an important part in citing a quote a play, both The Call of the us recession Wild and Flight . Write about four episodes (including both stories) where animals are important, showing what people think of ap us history thesis them and what effect the animals have on them. You should write about: different kinds of essay animal. (A01 - detail/textual evidence) the way different characters feel about animals.

(AO3 - relationships and comparisons within texts) your own feelings about the situation. AO3 - select and evaluate) how the writer makes situations realistic or sad. Example of assessment task: Higher Tier. Both The Call of the Wild and Flight present people's relationships with animals. Compare the two stories, showing how the writers use animals to bring out people's thoughts and feelings. You should write about: the different kinds of animal in the stories. (A01 - detail/textual evidence) why animals are important to different people.

(AO3 - relationships and comparisons within texts) writers' choice of words to bring out staff thoughts and feelings. (A01 - critical/sensitive; AO2 - language and meaning) the importance of animals in essay, each story as a whole. (AO3 - comparisons between texts; AO2 - structure/form and meaning, alternative interpretation and evaluation) Please acknowledge my authorship by giving the URL of any pages you use, and/or include the copyright symbol. Term! Suggestions for us recession essay improvement are welcome.

Thank you.