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Stanford university roommate essay

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How to Write the Stanford Roommate …

Stanford university roommate essay

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How to Write the Stanford Roommate …

bressay stone Did Vikings kill the native population of. Orkney and Shetland. The Peace School: Language and stanford essay Religion. My first remarks, then, are about language and religion, and about what Wainwright and characteristics his school made of them. Frederick Wainwright was a brilliant prehistorian, who died in 1961 in his early forties. Stanford University Roommate Essay? In 1952, when he was head of history at essay prompts, University College Dundee, he inaugurated a series of stanford roommate essay, summer schools in archaeology. The first dealt with what he called ' The problem of the orthopediste, Picts '. Fifty years ago nobody knew much about the stanford university roommate essay, Picts, and green building Wainwright and his colleagues, especially Robert Stevenson and Kenneth Jackson, threw a flood of light on the subject. Stevenson and Jackson spoke about Pictish art and language, respectively. None of stanford university roommate, them discussed the subject I am tackling here; but some of their conclusions have had a major impact on the War and Peace debate. Stevenson, for instance, touched on the well-known sculptured stone from infection, Bressay in Shetland, which was discovered in the early 1850s. The Bressay stone has always been a puzzle.

In 1855 the Irish archaeologist James Graves examined the ogham inscription on its edge, and proposed that the roommate, stone was a joint memorial to the daughter of someone called Naddodd, and to the son of a Druid called Benres. Graves thought that Naddodd was probably the Viking of that name who discovered Iceland in bts prothesiste orthopediste the ninth century, and he concluded that the inscription must be a mixture of Irish and Icelandic [10]. University Essay? His view that the Bressay stone is in auschwitz essay, late, and that its inscription contains words from two or even three languages, was influential [11]. Robert Stevenson proposed, in a short paragraph, that the essay, design on the stone was definitely late. He considered that the stone had been produced in the late ninth or even the tenth century, because of its 'haphazard scatter of decoration and a marked clumsiness of green building thesis, drawing'.

He reckoned that it was a poor copy of a much more impressive sculpture from Papil, in roommate the isle of Burra, to survival essay, which he now assigned 'a date #133; only just, if at all, prior to the Norse occupation of Shetland [12].' The Bressay stone was, he concluded, part of the 'dregs of Pictish tradition' [13]. I have to stress, however, that Stevenson's remarks on this occasion were brief. They certainly didn't amount to stanford university roommate, a theory about War or Peace in ninth or tenth century Shetland, although the implication of them was that the person who inscribed the prompts man, stone had a foot in stanford university essay both Pictish and Norse camps. Stevenson's views were immediately taken up by his colleague Kenneth Jackson. Jackson's paper to the Dundee summer school was revolutionary. Until 1952 many scholars had assumed that all Picts spoke a Celtic language related to Welsh, Cornish and green building construction thesis Breton.

Jackson now rejected that view. He liked understanding things, and there were Pictish names he couldn't understand. So he concluded that the stanford essay, Picts must have had two languages: a Brittonic language, and bts prothesiste an unintelligible pre-Indo-European tongue with its origin in the Bronze Age. He envisaged a situation where a Celtic-speaking aristocracy held native, pre-Indo-European speakers under their thumb. Stanford Roommate Essay? [14] During his discussion he too considered the Bressay stone. He spotted the word 'meqq', meaning son , on it, and assumed it was a primitive Gaelic word. He argued, following Stevenson's dating of the infection essay, stone, that the roommate essay, oghamist had used a Gaelic rather than a Pictish word because the stone was very late. On the other hand he regarded the word 'dattrr' on the stone as the Norse word for essay, 'daughter'. '[T]he whole thing', he concluded, much as Graves had said in 1855, 'seems to point to a very mixed language in Shetland in the late ninth or early tenth century, after the Norse settlements there' [15]. Stanford Roommate Essay? Jackson's remarks about the Bressay stone, like Stevenson's, were brief, but they have had an inordinate effect on the War and Peace debate. So has his view that the Picts spoke an ancient and unfathomable language. Wainwright was the first to apply his colleagues' views to the War and Peace question. Like everyone else who deals with the arrival of Norse settlers in the Northern Isles, Wainwright had to face the in auschwitz essay, fact that there are apparently few or no pre-Norse place-names there.

This is a very curious situation, and requires an explanation. Wainwright now argued that the stanford university roommate essay, Picts in the islands spoke Jackson's mysterious non-Indo-European language. As a result, he hinted, we can't recognise their place-names, because we don't know what to look for. He implied that there are such names in Shetland and Orkney, but that we can't see them. He went on to accept Stevenson's dating for and argument about the essay prompts, Bressay stone [16]. Wainwright pointed out, too, that the Norse settlers had established chapels on the sites of Pictish chapels in the islands. 'Under these circumstances', he said, 'we cannot accept the view that the Picts and their Christianity were exterminated' [17]. Essay? He concluded that '[i]n one field only, that of religion, is it reasonably certain that the essay man, Picts exercised any great influence on the Scandinavian way of life' [18]. I sense unease in university roommate essay Wainwright's writing when he arrives at essay, this conclusion. Everything else he wrote about the Viking irruption into Orkney and Shetland points to a different prognosis. Wainwright had reported that the Picts were 'overwhelmed by and submerged beneath the sheer weight of the stanford university roommate essay, Scandinavian settlement' in the islands. But if the Picts survived, with their language and religion intact, what precisely do these strong words mean?

As I said, Wainwright imagined that Shetland and Orkney contain pre-Indo-European place-names that we can't recognise [19]. It would have been useful to hear about names that he suspected might fall into this category, but he didn't list any. Infection Control? There are plenty of place-names that we can't explain, of course, but there are better reasons for our failure than the existence of a mysterious language. The main reason that we can't explain names is that we aren't clever enough, or that the names have become corrupt over stanford university essay, the centuries, or both. Is there any evidence at all that the Picts of bts prothesiste orthopediste, Orkney and Shetland, or anywhere else, spoke a pre-Indo-European language? Katherine Forsyth's recent work has thrown real doubt on Jackson's theory. She has carefully re-examined the words and inscriptions which Jackson regarded as non-Celtic and unintelligible, and university paints a different picture [20]. Vs Lion? Her main area of expertise is the stanford roommate, ogham inscriptions of northern and hamlet vs lion king essay eastern Scotland. According to Forsyth, scholars have 'underestimated the problems of roommate essay, interpreting texts in a poorly attested language written in an unfamiliar orthography, usually without word-division'. Moreover, ogham is peculiarly prone to misreading: 'if part of an ogham letter is missing it becomes a completely different letter'. Forsyth shows that some of the inscriptions incorporate personal names, and makes cogent suggestions about the likely form of others.

Her conclusion is that the Picts spoke a Brittonic language, as most of Jackson's predecessors assumed, and essay prompts for invisible man that Jackson's non-Indo-European language is a chimera. If there are pre-Norse names in Shetland and university Orkney they are likely to essay, be Celtic, not pre-Celtic in form, and some of them at least-if there are any-ought to be recognisable! And what of the Bressay stone? Is it as young as Stevenson imagined? Is its language as 'mixed' as Jackson proposed? Stevenson reopened the question in 1981. In the meantime Charles Thomas had written an important article about Shetland's sculptured stones. Thomas didn't mention Bressay, but he concluded that the Papil stone was sculptured sometime after AD 750: that is, before Scandinavians arrived in essay the Northern Isles [21]. In 1981 Stevenson rejected Thomas's analysis, and reaffirmed and extended his original propositions.

He still dated the leadership essay, Papil stone to the very end of the eighth century, and he now said that the Bressay stone 'seems to be a considerably later copy'. He claimed that the Bressay stone was a grave-marker for what he called a 'half-Pict', and concluded that 'there were in Shetland active Christians erecting sculptured monuments in the tenth century' [22]. Stevenson's and Jackson's views have been influential. Three years ago Michael Barnes wrote a little book about university, Orkney and Shetland Norn; his section on the early days of essay prompts for invisible man, that language is based on the arguments that Jackson and Stevenson deployed in 1952. Barnes says that '[t]here is really nothing in the linguistic evidence to conflict with the view that the roommate essay, incoming Scandinavians reached some kind of accommodation with the native population'. But our sole linguistic evidence is the Bressay stone! In fact, the evidence that there is Norse influence in that artefact is very meagre indeed. Katherine Forsyth has suggested that the building construction, name that looks like Naddodd on the stone may be Pictish [23]; and Barnes himself has speculated that the stanford essay, word 'dattr' on it may be Pictish as well [24]. These revisions immediately strip away half the evidence for a late date.

Without Norse words Stevenson's date based on the sculpture begins to infection control, look suspect. Remember that Stevenson's chronology assumed a very late date for the Papil stone; and if we consider Thomas's arguments we have to acknowledge that there is at university roommate, least doubt about that. It will be a long time before the problems of the Bressay stone are solved. But as things stand we certainly can't use it as linguistic or artistic evidence for control essay, cultural contact between Picts and Vikings [25]. Why did the Pictish language of Shetland and Orkney disappear?

Gillian Fellows-Jensen suggests that it was because there was 'no communication' between Vikings and natives in stanford the islands [26]. Green Building Construction Thesis? Barnes disagrees. There must have been communication, he says, because the Bressay stone proves there was. Barnes concludes that the university roommate essay, names disappeared because of a 'low regard by the incomers for the language or languages of the people they displaced' [27]. Both suggestions are unconvincing. The Norwegian linguist Arne Kruse has asked [28]: how such a long period of green building, co-existence could take place without the native Pictish language leaving a large trace behind in the language of the newcomers. Stanford University Essay? #133; [I]s it credible [he enquires], that the Picts would have kept up their own onomasticon for such a long time without contaminating the Norse place-names? Just to building, say that the stanford roommate essay, Norse must have had a 'low regard' for bts prothesiste, the Pictish language certainly does not satisfy this reader. Stanford University Roommate? What Wainwright imagined, following Stevenson's lead, was that the Norse settlers in the islands regarded Pictish culture with contempt, to hamlet vs lion king essay, the extent that they failed to borrow a single word or place-name from them. But he also thought that the invaders respected the Pictish religion, and eventually adopted it themselves. These propositions are incompatible.

They depend on one artefact-the problematical Bressay stone-and on the re-use of Pictish Christian sites in the islands by Norse settlers. There are indeed Pictish sites in the islands which later became Norse Christian sites; but centuries separate the two events. St Ninians Isle in Shetland is a good example. As Charles Thomas points out [29]: [T]he chapel on St Ninian's Isle was unquestionably rebuilt, but apparently not before the late eleventh or twelfth century A.D.; and no structural phase can be seen between this horizon and the eighth century. Stanford Roommate? These facts are not an argument in favour of continuity; they point unmistakably to interruption. [10] J. Stuart, Sculptured Stones of Scotland , Aberdeen 1856, p.30. Characteristics? Stuart thought that Graves’s findings were ‘rather startling’. [11] Joseph Anderson still regarded the language as ‘mixed Scandinavian and Celtic’ in the 1890s: J. Romilly Allen and stanford university essay J. Anderson, The Early Christian Monuments of Scotland , Edinburgh 1903, p.9. [12] R.B.K. Stevenson, ‘Pictish art’, in infection control essay F.T.

Wainwright ed., The Problem of the Picts , Perth 1980, p.115. University Roommate Essay? [13] Stevenson, ‘Pictish art’, p.128. [14] K.H. Jackson, ‘The Pictish language’, in F.T. Wainwright ed., The Problem of the Picts , Perth 1980, pp.152ff. [15] Jackson, ‘The Pictish language’, p.142. [16] Wainwright, ‘Picts and Scots’, p.115; ‘The Scandinavian settlement’, p.158. Note that at one point (p.159) he enters a caveat: ‘If this dating is not hopelessly wide of the mark’. [17] Wainwright, ‘Picts and Scots’, p.116. [18] Wainwright, ‘The Scandinavian settlement’, p.158. Survival In Auschwitz Essay? [19] For another recitation of the argument see William P.L. Thomson, ‘Pict, Norse, Celt and Lowland Scot’, in R.J. Berry and H.N. Firth eds., The People of Orkney , Kirkwall 1986, pp.210-11. [20] Katherine Forsyth, Language in stanford Pictland , Utrecht 1997. [21] Charles Thomas, ‘Sculptured stones and for invisible crosses from St Ninian’s Isle and Papil’, in Alan Small et al. eds., St Ninian’s Isle and its Treasure , i, Oxford 1973, p.29. [22] Robert B.K. Stevenson, ‘Christian sculpture in Norse Shetland’, in university roommate essay Froskaparrit , 28-9, 1981, pp.284, 289. [23] Katherine Forsyth, ‘The ogham inscriptions of Scotland: an edited corpus’, unpublished Harvard University Ph.D. 1996, p.130. [24] Michael P. Barnes, The Norn Language of Orkney and survival Shetland , Lerwick 1998, p.7. [25] I am grateful to Katherine Forsyth for discussion about the Bressay inscription and its date. [26] Gillian Fellows-Jensen, ‘Viking settlement in the Northern and Western Isles—the place-name evidence as seen from Denmark and the Danelaw’, in stanford Alexander Fenton and infection Hermann Plsson eds., The Northern and Western Isles in the Viking World , Edinburgh 1984, p.152. [27] Barnes, The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland , p.8. [28] Arne Kruse, Review of Barnes, in Northern Studies , 33, 1998, p.97.

[29] Thomas, ‘Sculptured stones and university roommate crosses from St Ninian’s Isle and leadership characteristics Papil’, p.30.

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Have You Experienced a Severe Weather Event? Questions about issues in the news for students 13 and older. The past year has seen numerous severe weather events, including this weekend’s Hurricane Irene, a rash of stanford university roommate essay tornadoes that hit the Midwest last spring and enormous snowstorms last winter. Essay Man? Have you experienced any of these events or similar incidents? What was it like? How did you stay safe? The slide show “East Coast Assesses Damage From Irene” shows some of the havoc wreaked by the hurricane along the stanford eastern seaboard, including flooding, fields of debris, downed branches and trees and more. Photo captions included these descriptions: Students: Tell us about your experiences with Hurricane Irene or another severe weather event or natural disaster, like a tornado or earthquake. King Essay? What was it like?

Were you able to prepare, and, if so, how did you get ready? How did you stay safe? How did you feel during and after the event? Did you help with clean-up or recovery efforts? If you haven’t had such an experience, what stories have you heard from others who have survived a natural disaster?

Students 13 and older are invited to comment below. Essay? Please use only your first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name. Comments are no longer being accepted. Since I live in Pitsburgh, the leadership characteristics biggest natural disaster we get are tornados. So, when I heard about the Earthquake in Pittsburgh, I was honestly scared for a little bit. Stanford Essay? Then when I heard about the characteristics essay Hurricane that was hitting just east of me, it was honestl quite frightening. But really, the only type of disaster I’ve experienced was a tornado, but I was really young when that happened. Natural disasters are sadly some of the more destructive and university roommate essay less preventable events human can face: Whether a tornado, a hurricane, an essay prompts earthquake, or any disaster, its repercussions are tragic and university essay felt world-wide.

This weekend, Hurricane Irene hit Boston, where my sister had just arrived for college orientation. When I found out that the hurricane would be hitting where she was, my first reaction was to bts prothesiste actually be exited. Perhaps that is because the roommate biggest natural disaster I have ever presenced has been earthquake repercussions from another city. Then I got a little worried, but everything turned out to be all right; in fact, over the course of eight states of the hurricane at 25 casualties have been reported by the International Business Times, thankfully not many more. While checking in to prompts for invisible news about the hurricane I came upon some wonderful sites and programs to help awareness and prevention an preparations for disasters. -the Boston Channel has a great Online Hurricane Resources page, in which one can find out details about the current path of Irene, find places to help cope with the tragedy, and learn how to stanford properly protect yourself, among other things. In this facet I was really impressed at how prepared the regions are in bts prothesiste orthopediste, dealing with such an event, for example my sister’s said college.

They were having orientation week this week, and roommate the school simply orderedly moved up Move-In day, and leadership essay took the precautions necessary before the incident rather than after. With such organization and such technology that today can help us at stanford roommate, least map out when something like this will happen, mankind might begin to stand up to disasters like these, and -we can hope- one day overcome them. I lived in Florida for !0 years of my life and in construction, those ten years I went through 2 mayor hurricanes that shook the town I lived in. The first was Katrina. Stanford Roommate Essay? In South Florida Katrina hit softer than expected but being my first hurricane it felt like the end of the king world was near.

The second hurricane was Wilma. Essay? This was the one that marked my life. As the hurricanes approach was being announced, my 15 year old self couldn’t help but shiver at green building construction, the thought of a category 4 hurricane coming toward my home. Stanford University Roommate? We did have time to prepare and prompts for invisible man we stocked up in batteries water and canned meals. We put up out shutters so the windows would be protected. All there was left to was wait, we went to university essay sleep with the hope that the hurricane would pass through the night and we wouldn’t even feel its trace.

Around three in the morning i heard a loud thump on my window and orthopediste immediately ran to my parents room. The hurricane had started. Roommate Essay? We hid in my mother closet while we heard the fury of the winds and the water hit our home. About 5 hours later we felt a silence and decided to bts prothesiste explore. The eye on the hurricane was above us and there was a time of calmness. Everything was destroyed. There were pool screens and lawn chairs and grills and all sorts of things all over university roommate the street. As soon as we started to essay for invisible man feel rain again we ran back to our house and hid in the closet once again. Now three hours later the wrath of stanford university roommate essay mighty Wilma was gone.

When all the neighbors came out of their house to inspect the final damage we all looked at each other with a certain happiness that we were all safe. This is when the community came together. The power was out and there were no sings of hamlet essay it coming back anytime soon. The whole neighborhood decided to hold a barbecue so that all the meat we had in our refrigerators didn’t go bad. It was a complete success and everyone was satisfied.

We all sat under the stars at night and told each other how happy we were to have such an roommate amazing community to rely on. After that initial day we all went to control essay the church and began to help out with the university roommate less fortunate people, shared our food and spent time together so that we could get their minds off some of the infection loss they had suffered. It was an amazing experience to be able to help those that were greatly affected by this natural disaster. It showed me how in times of crisis we all come together to form a strong community and stanford a sense of belonging when everyone is lent a hand. Having lived in Miami for three years I have had the opportunity to experience several Hurricanes. I must admit that I was very lucky in all of them, nothing happened to me my family or my goods. For Invisible Man? The worst thing that happened was that the lights went out for university roommate essay, several hours and that we had to essay stay in doors listening to stanford university roommate essay the news in a little radio.

I have lived in prompts, my life through three Hurricanes, and in only one did I have to leave my house for stanford roommate, security reasons. Essay? When I lived in Miami, I lived in one of the many Keys; these keys geographically serve the university purpose of absorbing part of the hamlet essay storms so that the storm doesn’t hit the mainland as hard as it would otherwise. This time I had to leave the island because of the wind speeds as did the authorities advise to stanford university leave the island. This time we left for the inland to survival essay an apartment near the airport. Stanford University Essay? Here we barely felt the hurricane, we just closed the shutters to prevent anything bad from essay, happening, and stanford university just waited for the storm to pass. Hamlet Vs Lion? The other two times that I had to live though a hurricane, were calmer. Stanford University Essay? I just stayed home both of survival in auschwitz essay these times with the shutters closed, and watching TV for as long as I could as the university roommate essay light usually was cut. In my experiences not once did the people flock and empty the super market, most of the people in the island had an emergency kit with a whistle flashlights, first aid kits etc. After the hurricane passed we would just go out to essay the street and stanford university roommate see the green building construction thesis damage that had been done, sometimes some palm trees had been tipped over and there was always a horrible humidity and university essay almost every leaf on the floor. The other experience I have had with hurricanes was couple of years ago when a hurricane struck Miami as well (fortunately I wasn’t there), this hurricane blew off the characteristics elevator entrance in stanford university essay, the roof and in doing so a part of the storm was able to get in to the building, this then destroying every apartment including mine apart.

This has been the worst thing that has happened to in auschwitz me thanks to a hurricane, and it was through this experience that I was able to see the university horrors of Hurricanes. When I first heard that hurricane Irene was going to hit the U.S. I was scared. My auntie lives in the U.S., but also I’ve never met her before. So I had a vision that I might not even get to see my auntie, ever. And so with great worry I went on The New York Times, CNN and leadership characteristics National Geographic, to be updated on the situation. It turned out that hurricane Irene was far from stanford university essay, where she was living, I was a little bit relieved. But not fully relieved because it was near all those anxious families in essay, the U.S. hoping that hurricane Irene won’t bring greater damage than flooding and gusts of wind. I have never experienced a severe weather event except for a 2. something tremor. I hope to not experience any severe weather events, and I hope the world would not suffer these severe events ever again. I have never been in a severe natural disaster before so I really don’t know what it’s like to be in essay, one.

I guess that since it happens all of the sudden, you wouldn’t have that much time to king prepare for it. I guess people would be terrified during the time and even afterwards they would still be shocked about what just happened to them, their homes, etc. I really hope I never encounter a natural disaster in stanford roommate essay, person. I have been in control essay, a severe weather event, it was hurricane Irene. It was one of the worst severe weather events i have ever experience trees fell even some cars were destroyed. I stayed safe by staying in stanford university essay, the house, and away from the orthopediste windows. I hope i never experience another severe weather event. Severe weather events have occurred on a World wide scale. The USA suffered Hurricane Irene last weak, or the heavy rains in stanford university essay, China which caused a total of over 36 million people have been affected, killing at least 355 and with direct economic losses of essay nearly US$6.5 billion.

Sometimes it seems as the apocalypse was occurring, cataclysmic and transformative events are occurring in every part of the world. In Colombia the situation is no different, the floods are more and more persistent each year. Civilians in every part of the country are affected by the intensive rain. Little villages in stanford roommate, the Pacific and thesis Caribbean coasts are living in extreme situations. There is no access to this places nor the people can leave there towns because all of the roads are damaged and there hometown literally look like Venice. My self and the entire community of Bogota in Colombia, has been harmed by the excessive and consistent amounts of rain. Parts o f the city are obstructed due the high levels of water. Plans are held in process to prevent this to happen again.

Nationally, barriers are being built to deflect the roommate water from villages, towns and major cities of our country. The Colombian Red Cross was able to collect 2 billion pesos which are destined to reconstruction and construction of barriers. Colombia will be prepared for the next time that rain strikes the country. Having lived in South Florida for most of my life and having family up north, I can confidently say that I have experienced many different and severe weather conditions. The most vivid storm I remember is hurricane Katrina. Luckily my house and family did not suffer much harm, but I can still vividly picture the hamlet king essay terrible aftermath that occurred in other places and even in the neighborhood itself. As a floridian, hurricanes were normal during the fall, and stanford roommate because we had never suffered from any previous hurricane, my sisters and I were excited for king essay, the coming category 5 hurricane. I was in 7th or 8th grade when Katrina hit, and because i was so young and naive, I only saw it as a break from university essay, my responsibilities in life and hamlet vs lion as a time to be with my family. Hurricanes were like a game to us. University Roommate Essay? We wouldn’t have school for about 2 weeks, we would spend the weekends putting up shutters to cover our windows and giving drinks to essay the boys who would help put them up.

When the hurricane arrived, the university power would go out so we would use flashlights and candles to see, due to essay prompts for invisible man the covered windows, and we would pretend that we were living in roommate, a different era in which electricity had not been invented. During Katrina, my aunt from Dominican Republic had come to stay with us for in auschwitz essay, her last month of pregnancy so that her child could be an american citizen. This made the break even more fun. About a week before the hurricane hit, an evacuation was ordered in all the areas near the ocean, causing my grandparents to also stay with us in our house, and schools were canceled for security reasons. I remember my parents went out and filled trash cans with clean water, stocked the pantry with snacks, which never happened in stanford university, my house so we were even more excited, and went out and bought a surplus of batteries and flashlights. They were prepared for essay prompts, the worst. They put a good amount of money in the safe, just in case we needed it and the banks were still closed, and university essay then we awaited the arrival of survival in auschwitz essay this terrible storm. When the university roommate essay storm hit, I saw our mango and palm trees fall to the floor.

I saw a never ending rainstorm, and extremely powerful gusts of wind that would push you over if you did not literally push against it in survival in auschwitz essay, the opposite direction. The storm lasted about a day and then it was time to clean. My neighborhood got together and spent all of sunday morning helping each other clean the streets. The people who did have power would make coffee and bring a small breakfast for those in the neighborhood who did not had power, and roommate essay all of us kids helped out as much as we could by moving branches and cleaning the debris from the streets. Thankfully, that was the worst thing the storm had caused.

Once our power had returned, I would sit down for about an hour watching the news and how Katrina had completely destroyed Louisiana and other parts of the United States; therefore, I helped begin a small fund/ organization that collected money, clothes, food, and other necessities for those who had suffered such destruction and were in need of essay prompts our help. Now that I know what these storms can do, I try to help out as much as I can with organizations like the red cross by roommate, donating money and etc. In Auschwitz? But i still watch the videos of the past and articles, such as “Are you ready for essay, the next disaster” from the green thesis NYTimes idea lab,to remind myself and stanford university essay learn how destructive these natural disasters can be and how to be prepared. I have experienced a very severe weather situation before… Including a very bad snow storm in 2005. Survival Essay? The power went out for a week, school was cancelled and stanford roommate essay it was hard to infection get out of the house.

Last winter i had several snow storms where they had to stanford essay cancel school for we almost ran out of snow days. Living in Bogota is a synonym of hurricane safety. During my seventeen years of life, I’ve never experienced such event as Hurricane Katrina or Irene, instead I suffered once a different incident. Green Building Construction? I remember it was January 1st, 2004 and I was spending my Christmas break in stanford university, Cartagena with my family. That day, the sea was particularly dangerous since the Life Guards insisted to avoid immersing to deep into the water. In this case, the universal law that states something similar to, “you do what you can’t do”.

That’s basically what happened, my brother went about ten meters into the water and a couple of minutes later I saw his face being pulled towards the bottom of the ocean. My first reaction was to go get him, I didn’t think about the Life Guards’ words, I just went for my brother instinctively. As you might predict, I also started to vs lion king essay feel pulled by stanford university roommate, the water and just before I could lose my five senses, a couple of beach sellers pulled me out of the water. After that day, I’ve learned to respect the sea. Even though many people like to building challenge the ocean’s abilities through surfing, diving, etc, I prefer to treat my old friend as an equal. I know that he can harm me if I am too confident about university roommate essay, him. Therefore, during these last couple of years my encounters with the sea have been very comforting. I enjoy its presence and infection control essay I’m sure the sea enjoys the fact I’m not taking my security for essay, granted. I’ve never experienced anything as severe as a hurricane or an earthquake, but I do remember back when I was in 4th grade, there was a tornado that touched down near our school.

Every student was crying and hysterical and teachers were doing all that they could to infection essay calm us down. We were held later in school due to weather conditions, trees and power lines in the road. I remember looking out the window behind us and seeing that the sky was a shade of green and gray, a color I had never seen it before. The tornado eventually passed and we were allowed to go home. It took me a while to fully come back from being afraid of every thunderstorm that that came through. My parents did have a life before I was even thought about. Their life consisted of stanford university roommate essay hanging out and leadership characteristics essay having fun because that’s what you do when you’re only in high school. My dad was a busy man before he had me but know he is only busier. Stanford Roommate Essay? He played in in auschwitz, 3 sports a year his whole life before he had me but once again he didn’t have much time before I came along. My mom on the other hand wasn’t quit the athlete but she did have a life before she had me. Stanford University Essay? It consisted of infection control essay mostly working and hanging out with friends and family.

My parents did have a great life before I came into stanford essay, this world but I hope that when I appeared it only made their lives that much better. I am happy that they told me stories about their life before they had me because its fun to know about them in a different way without kids. I don’t think I have ever experienced anything to severe as a hurricane. Although, When I was in 4th grade In 2004, there was a tornado that touched down near where I live in Michigan. The skies were dark green and the clouds looked almost black. There were down trees and power lines everywhere, and we couldn’t even leave the school when it was over.

It took what seemed like forever to be released from the school and leadership the weather. When you’re younger things look way bigger than they really are. Little kids believe in monsters under the bed, and university roommate essay think the floor creaking is a ghost. When I was in 4th grade I experienced a storm that ill always remember. Hamlet Vs Lion King Essay? They set off the tornado sirens and we all lined ourselves up with the brick wall. For hours we sat in the hallways wondering what would happen. University? My classmates were crying or joking. I tried to remain as calm as possible. Bts Prothesiste? I wasn’t as scared as some, but did have those automatic fears. Roommate? After the tornado passed I had a huge relief. Now when I hear the tornado sirens I don’t get as up tight.

I experienced Hurricane Irene recently. It pretty much ruined my entire vacation. My family took a trip to construction thesis Myrtle Beach and rented a condo right on the water. Stanford University Essay? Naturally we were forced to evacuate because we were about 100 feet from the water. We were forced to leadership characteristics leave 2 days early, which is not cool at all.

Yes I have experienced a severe weather event. University? It was back in fourth grade and I didn’t really know what was going on at first. I just looked outside and saw that there was a green sky and it was really windy nothing like I have ever seen before. I also remember turning to leadership essay my right and left side and seeing a couple of stanford kids crying. After a little bit our principles came in and checked on us and told us that there was a tornado. The way that we all stayed safe was getting up close to the lockers away from the windows and getting in the tornado drill position that we had been practicing for times like this since kindergarten. I have experienced a time when there was severe weather.

It was two summers ago and infection essay the basketball team was at Columbia High School. University? We all had to bts prothesiste orthopediste stay in the girls’ bathroom until the wind slowed down. Stanford? There was a tornado warning. I took off with my two friends and we drove to Jackson. Construction? My dad had to call my Coach to give permission to let me leave the school. It was the stanford university essay scariest drive I’ve been through.

It was raining really hard and in auschwitz my friend, who drove, could not see at all. We stopped in Michigan Center to roommate my dads house until it was better outside. Back when we were in about fourth grade, I remember having one of the worst storms. We were in class and things started getting bad, so all the teachers took all their students to the cafeteria. We sat there for awhile, and all I can remember this by is some girl crying about how she left her cat at home and how she hoped it would be okay. Orthopediste? I remember me being a little scared, because I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen next.

I can remember going home and seeing trees down where we used to live. Stanford Roommate? I never wanted this to happen again. I have never had an experience with a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, etc. This is because I am from the north, where tornados and snowstorms are considered natural disasters. However, I was in a very bad tornado when I was in 4th grade, during school.

It was pretty scary because I had no idea it was coming at essay man, all. Everyone had to go out into the hallway, except for stanford university, my class. I could hear everyone crying which made it scarier. We stayed safe by prompts for invisible man, facing the wall and stanford university roommate covering our heads, just in infection control essay, case the windows blew in. During the stanford university roommate essay event I wasn’t too scared; I was just shocked that a tornado actually touched down by my school.

After the event I was worried about survival in auschwitz essay, my house and my dog. Severe weather events are scary for most people. When you are only in 4th grade storms that are really bad can scare you terribly. I have a story about when I was only in 4th grade a storm came threw while I was just about to leave for school. The storm was so bad that the power went out stanford roommate essay, when the essay power went out and you could hear the wind whipping around and the rain hitting the school so hard that some of the kids were crying.

The storm was so bad that we had to stay at the school until 6 at night. Until the storm left and it was safe to go back outside. The only severe weather event that I have experienced was a tornado. In Michigan there isn’t any other bad weather besides snow storms which aren’t very severe. I was in fourth grade and I still remember all of the stanford university roommate essay events that happened that day. My friends and I were outside for recess and essay the wind picked up, the sky was changing colors, and university roommate just as we went inside it began to hail. When we sat in our classrooms, everyone knew a bad storm was coming and we made our way into the hallway. One of the most memorable things I remember was hoping my new puppy would be safe at leadership, home but my best friend at the time reassured me everything would be okay. Luckily everything turned out to be alright in the end.

The tornado was very close by but didn’t hit our school. To this day I am now terrified of stanford tornadoes and thunderstorms and I still worry about witnessing the same things again. There’s only been one big severe weather event that I can remember. Bts Prothesiste? When I was in fourth grade I was at school while there was a tornado that hit our area. Even though we were at school and couldn’t go under ground I still felt very safe. We didn’t need a real long time to roommate essay prepare because we practice our tornado drill several times a year. I remember sitting in survival in auschwitz essay, the hall way for over an hour and hearing some of my classmates including myself, crying and being scared of what was going on university essay outside. We could still see outside through the window down the hallway. Survival In Auschwitz? I remember all of my friends worrying about what was going to happen, but we all stayed safe within the school walls.

I still get very worried when I see tornado warnings on the television. When I was in 4th grade there was a really bad storm. The sirens went off and we all had to go down into the basement. I was kind of scared because I didn’t know what was going to university happen and there were a lot of other kids crying. It was really crowded down in the basement and hamlet essay there were puddles of stanford roommate essay water in some spots. After a few hours the essay storm finally subsided and we all had to go home.

My aunt ended up jamming about seven kids in her small mustang to give us a ride home. I remember seeing trees down and branches all over the road. Stanford University Essay? It was by far the worst storm I’ve ever been in. Sign up for our free newsletter. Get the latest lesson plans, contests and resources for teaching with The Times.

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adventure essay Adventure: An Essay on Pedro Costa. A Tracking Shot. A young man walks with broad steps down a sidewalk. From one of his hands hangs something in a black plastic bag. Some distance away, the camera closely follows from the side his solitary stride.

While the man remains in the centre of the frame, the sound that reverberates behind the images as they flow steadily to essay, the right is not his footsteps but the roar of the cars’ engines that cross the screen now and then in the opposite direction. As shown clearly by the low but lively noise of the street, the bts prothesiste, camera is now exposed to the outside air. With a human form seen only here and there, the sidewalk is uncrowded. Perhaps it is still early morning. The rays of light falling on the street are indeed still dull, and the figure of the man does not stand out strongly from the background as he walks along, the walls of essay, dingy houses on his left. Clearly this is not unfamiliar territory for him; he is moving straight ahead through a well-known landscape. He glances neither right nor left, and no one looks back in hamlet vs lion essay, surprise at his intense manner of university, walking. The doors of the essay for invisible, houses painted crimson and blue, and the window shutters and the graffiti on university the walls, provide visual accents to the long wordless tracking shot. Bts Prothesiste Orthopediste! Anyone who has seen this much of Ossos ( Bones , 1997), the third film by Pedro Costa, knows well who this ponytailed man is.

He is a poor unemployed youth who has just unexpectedly become a father, and he still has the air of a child. But the viewer does not understand immediately the meaning of his intense pace, because, as in stanford university roommate essay, many other cases, Pedro Costa’s editing satisfyingly avoids explanations of the preceding and following context. The viewer is bts prothesiste orthopediste drawn without an intermediary into the long tracking shot passing before the eye and tries not to miss a moment. In fact, all of Pedro Costa’s shots have a vertical power that breaks the viewer free from the story’s linear cause and effect. The pleasure of university, exposure to that liberation has, ever since F W Murnau, been a privilege allowed only to film. As the moving camera stays aligned with the walking man, a breathtaking suspense builds. This suspense is not anticipation that an unknown situation may arise; rather, it forms around the question of how long the certainty that nothing is likely to happen can be maintained. The viewer worries how long this scene will continue and survival has no choice but to keep staring at the screen so as not to university roommate, be abandoned by the flow of the film. In his solitary stride, the man appears both to be fleeing from something and to be hurrying somewhere. At one point, his pace seems to falter slightly.

But his jeans-clad legs continue their broad, unhesitating motions. Essay For Invisible! Only the movements of his arms show any change: without halting his step, he lifts the black bag that he has been dangling from one hand and suddenly holds it to his chest with both arms. At this point, we suddenly comprehend what is wrapped up in the plastic bag. Embraced in the arms of the walking man is a small living thing. The manner in which his two arms hold the bag shows that the bag’s contents are not inanimate but alive. It must be a baby. The long-haired man who has just become a father has abducted his nursing baby from its mother and stanford is now rushing away with it.

Although we cannot accept immediately whatever it was that has led him to do this, we are forced to green construction thesis, the awareness that, just as Jean-Luc Godard’s À bout de souffle (1960) is a film about a car thief, Costa’s Ossos is a film about a baby thief. I will not go into detail about how the story develops thereafter. It is enough that we are drawn into that long tracking shot that begins so suddenly and that we are shaken by stanford university its immense directorial power. Green Building Construction Thesis! Watching any of Pedro Costa’s films grabs hold of our gaze and forces us to personally experience the motion of the film. At times his scenes sting our eyes with their piercing pain, and at times they wrap our eyes in ineffable tenderness. What is amazing for the viewer who witnesses the stanford essay, tracking shot in Ossos is how the survival, motion that is stanford university essay first felt as pain is then, at the instant the young man embraces the black plastic bag, miraculously transformed into tenderness. At that moment, the king essay, viewer must confront two issues. The first is the function and meaning of tracking shots in the works of this director, and university the second is the role of the tracking shot in this particular film. At the beginning of Ossos is a series of fixed close-ups of the faces of men and women whose identity it is difficult to know at first and whose interrelations are hard to infection control essay, discern. But with the university, tracking shot the survival in auschwitz essay, viewer is drawn into and disturbed by the horizontal motion of the camera.

The story that has been taking place in narrow alleys and cramped rooms is suddenly flung out into roommate the open air and exposed to natural light. What is the bts prothesiste orthopediste, meaning of the change in texture introduced by this tracking shot? What is clear is that ever since his early film O Sangue ( The Blood , 1989), Pedro Costa’s camera has been moving less with each film, until No Quarto da Vanda ( In Vanda’s Room , 2000), which consists almost entirely of fixed shots. Although the only long tracking shot in stanford university roommate, Ossos is the one of the young man walking, we of course recall that a similar long tracking shot appeared in Costa’s previous film, Casa de Lava ( Down to Earth , 1995). Construction! The young nurse Mariana (Inês de Medeiros) has come to the volcanic island of Cape Verde with a black laborer who was knocked unconscious in an accident. Stanford University Roommate Essay! When she leaves the hospital for the first time and sets out alone for control the centre of the island, the long tracking shot of her walking anticipates the stanford university roommate essay, similar scene in Ossos . Essay! Wearing only a shortish red dress, the young woman in Casa de Lava suddenly starts stepping lightly along the foreign road. The long tracking shot of stanford university, her unexpected walk, taken from the green building construction, side, makes us pleasantly forget what the previous shot has been.

As she moves ahead silently while looking at stanford university, the dirty walls of the islanders’ homes on her left, the camera flows to characteristics, the right, keeping the nurse in the centre of the frame and university roommate never changing the shooting angle. Unlike the youth in Ossos , she carries nothing in vs lion king, her arms, which swing fluidly around her petite body, and her occasional glances to the left and right harmonise pleasantly with her motions as she tries to stanford university roommate, create a new relationship with this unfamiliar land. I do not need to point out leadership that this long tracking shot is amazingly similar to the one in Ossos . As she steps lightly through the intersections and keeps walking with no sign of stopping, her stride declares the roommate, pleasure of absorbing this unfamiliar world with her entire body and building construction moves the scene far beyond the facile cinematic tool of roommate essay, exoticism. In contrast to the shot of the young man walking with his arms around the black plastic bag, the long tracking shot in Casa de Lava is tender from the start. The young woman does not regard her unexpectedly intimate encounter with a foreign land even as an adventure. As the camera follows her from the side, the natural blending of her unhesitating forward motion into the surrounding atmosphere and sunlight is control captured on film, and stanford university roommate what deserves to be called an adventure is the extremely pure tension that fills the movie. Such is the power of Pedro Costa’s tracking shots.

Like Roberto Rossellini’s Stromboli, Terra di Dio (1950), Casa de Lava is an adventure film in the best sense of the word. Fiction and Documentary. Orthopediste! Casa de Lava also begins with close-ups: the expressionless faces of women who live on the island. It is unclear what their eyes are seeing or what their blank faces are trying to say, for Pedro Costa rarely uses shots that connect the eyes, which are the origin of sight, to the objects captured by university roommate their gaze. These fixed shots of human faces, images that are gratuitous in the narrative sense, are suddenly interrupted by a moving camera shot, this time an aerial view taken from a camera looking down on volcanic rock. This shot is followed by a distant tracking shot of two helicopter pilots carrying the unconscious patient on a stretcher and the young nurse walking with the clear container of intravenous fluid held up high. The brown sand blown up by the unseen blades of the prompts for invisible man, helicopter and essay the desolate volcanic landscape stretching off into infection control essay the background highlight the foreignness of the setting.

The pilots tell the nurse that it is her responsibility to take the stretcher to the hospital, and the camera reverses direction for another tracking shot of the university roommate essay, nurse as she chases after them. After arguing with the nurse, the pilots go away, leaving the stretcher where it is. As the young woman stands on this unfamiliar land with the in auschwitz essay, unconscious black patient lying on the stretcher, her profile shows an innocence unsuitable for a person who is to take care of a patient who is clearly sturdier than she is. Compared with the roommate essay, calm caregiver in white portrayed by green building construction thesis Isabel Ruth in Ossos , Inês de Medeiros is clearly helpless as she stands next to her patient. Nevertheless, she must get him to the island’s clinic by herself. This apparent imbalance is what drives her actions into a risky adventure on the volcanic island of Cape Verde. The next shot in Casa de Lava , the viewer recalls, shows the stanford university roommate, young nurse embracing a living thing just as the young man does in Ossos . Hamlet King! After vibrating shots of the volcanic mountains taken from a moving vehicle, a backing shot is inserted of a dog running up along a gravel road, telling us again of the risky adventure that has begun for the young nurse.

As she rattles along in the back of the truck with the unconscious patient resting against her chest and roommate essay his transparent intravenous container held as high as she can reach, her blank expression suggests neither bewilderment nor a strong sense of green construction thesis, devotion to duty. Her gestures reveal only an intense commitment to the present moment; despite her desperation, she shows no irritation, and university roommate her figure lit by the setting sun as she endures the uncomfortable shaking in the truck is incredibly beautiful. The filming here includes no consideration of the aesthetic, but in this silent shot there is born a solitary, taciturn beauty of thesis, a person endeavoring to endure a situation wisely when offered no other choice. As she embraces the head of the unconscious stranger, behind her stretches arid scenery that must be foreign to her. But she never allows her gaze to shift. In the back of the truck, exposed and defenseless against the outside air, the stanford university roommate essay, only thing heard is the dull sound of the engine. It is late afternoon, and the sinking sun shines on prompts the intravenous container as the university roommate, nurse consciously tries to keep from lowering it. She has no time to look at the rays of the dull afternoon sun shining through the transparent container as she is carried wordlessly to the island’s clinic. Hamlet Vs Lion! While this shaking fixed shot in the back of the truck is not as long as the tracking shot along the sidewalk in Ossos , it is powerful enough to liberate the viewer from the cause and effect of the stanford roommate essay, narrative. Though not understanding the origin of this power that inserts itself vertically into the movie, we can only mutter ‘splendid’ at the sweet pain inflicted by the film’s alignment with the present moment as it progresses across the screen.

The Present Moment Made Absolute. Costa’s sequence of shots does not attempt to tell when or how the orthopediste, young nurse went from standing in that desolate alien landscape next to the sick man on the stretcher with the stanford essay, intravenous container hanging from a nearby tree branch to riding in bts prothesiste, the back of the truck. But the viewer acknowledges the young nurse being shaken along in the truck as it drives down the road covered with volcanic gravel and unhesitatingly accepts as the only possible reality the image of her cradling the unconscious patient against her chest. What is stanford roommate essay happening is different from the classical aesthetic of omission practiced so expertly in the films of Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock. Here, the present moment is bts prothesiste orthopediste made visually absolute. While not abandoning the time flow of the film, this ‘absolutification’ of the present moment is a bare, unadorned directorial technique that creates a raw filmic continuity for fiction, which otherwise would be subordinated to narrative flow and human psychology.

Only rarely in film is the ultimate state of fiction thus so simply integrated with the ultimate state of documentary. This visual absolutification of the present frees the shot from university roommate essay cause-and-effect narrative. By the time of No Quarto da Vanda , it would form the core of Pedro Costa’s films. But even in his earlier works, as in the scene on the moving truck bed and leadership essay the walk into stanford university essay town in Casa de Lava and vs lion king the long tracking shot in Ossos , it had already been attempted in partial form. In Pedro Costa’s editing, the story’s context is rarely explained through sequences of shots, so the moment when the baby is stanford grabbed away by his father is never shown on the screen. Bts Prothesiste! What we end up seeing is only the stanford university roommate essay, uncomfortable re-encounter, after some time has passed, between the father and the mother, and the miserable figure of the hamlet essay, woman as she looks wordlessly at the man deep asleep next to stanford university, the baby. Green Building! We do see, of stanford university, course, shots of the childish mother as she returns home with her newborn baby in her arms, carefully shuts the windows, and drags the gas tank from the kitchen to the sofa where the baby is green construction thesis sleeping. But Pedro Costa projects these gestures performed by the woman into the future and avoids presenting the university roommate, sequence as suspense over whether the mother has decided to use the essay, gas to kill herself and her baby. Then the tracking shot suddenly begins, a long, powerful shot that is fully self-sufficient and that liberates the viewer from what comes before and after. As I have already said, this long tracking shot is imbued with marvellous tension. While enduring that tension, the viewer attains an understanding of it by noticing a small gesture performed during the shot.

When the stanford university essay, man suddenly embraces with both arms the black plastic bag that he has been dangling casually from one hand, his act of leadership characteristics, having stolen the baby explodes silently upon the screen. While upset by the theft itself, the viewer is also pained by the memory that at the beginning of the shot the man let the bag nearly scrape against stanford the ground as he walked. Would someone really throw a newborn baby into a plastic bag like a bunch of vegetables and then stride down the sidewalk with the bag dangling from his hand? This is the question that all of characteristics essay, us ask when we belatedly realise the seriousness of the situation. At the same time, we are relieved that the young father has felt it necessary to bring the tiny creature to his chest.

As if ignoring that change, however, the long tracking shot continues. Once again, one is deeply moved by the incredible power that this young director – Costa was only thirty-eight when he filmed Ossos – was able to put on the screen. One cannot help gasping in shock at the directorial boldness of Costa’s introduction into the long continuous shot of a tiny, momentary change – from dangling the plastic bag to embracing it—that reveals everything, and at the visual precision that such boldness demands. Roommate Essay! I do not know whether Costa intended this long tracking shot to characteristics, make the viewer realise that the plastic bag contains a newborn infant. But it seems certain that Costa carefully instructed the actor playing the father to make that motion. I also wonder idly about what was going on behind that directed action, such as whether the black plastic bag really did contain a baby. University! It is survival in auschwitz not necessary to stanford, know the answer to that question, of course, to understand Ossos . Building! But when, through this long tracking shot, we experience vicariously the palpable, forlorn feeling of holding that unidentified tiny life to our chests, that virtual sensation enlivens our view of the film at the uncertain boundary between fiction and documentary. One ambitious element of Costa’s direction in Ossos is undoubtedly the way he had the unfatherlike young man embrace the baby and then captured that helpless gesture on camera.

Costa’s ambition here, of course, is completely independent of our memories of roommate, banal comedies in which unmarried men fumble awkwardly as they try to take care of bts prothesiste, nursing babies. Rather, this element might better be said to stanford roommate, show how tempting it is to point the camera at a man hesitatingly embracing an infant, as John Wayne does in essay, John Ford’s Three Godfathers (1949). The only director since Ford who has had an unfatherlike man walk a long way with a newborn infant in roommate essay, his arms is Pedro Costa. Although I point out this fact, I have no intention of hamlet, declaring triumphantly that Ford’s Western is recalled in Ossos . But just as crossing the desert with a baby in his arms was a rare adventure for essay the Western star John Wayne, equally rare adventures for film are the young father’s embracing of the black plastic bag in the poor neighborhood of Ossos and essay for invisible man the young nurse’s embracing of the head of her patient, who is clearly much sturdier than she is, as she rattles along in the back of the truck on stanford the volcanic gravel road in Casa de Lava . The adventure here, of course, is not in the depiction of a situation that has already been imagined to infection essay, be adventurous but in the capturing on film of an unknown experience that occurs during the moment of essay, filming. Perhaps for Pedro Costa the act of holding something to one’s chest is green thesis itself an adventure. To recall a familiar image, when the black plastic bag containing the baby is suddenly embraced in Ossos , it resembles the shoddy wooden box holding vegetables that Vanda (Vanda Duarte) carries now and then at her side in No Quarto da Vanda . The times when she carries that box along shadowy alleys and to the doors of houses so dark it is difficult to make out the residents are precisely the times when Vanda has left her room. For Pedro Costa, the act of carrying something in university roommate, the arms may be an excuse for exposing a person to the outdoors. Just like Vanda trying to sell lettuce and salad greens as she carries the box through the alleys, the young father in Ossos is prompts for invisible trying to get money for the embraced baby exposed to the gaze of passersby. The tired Vanda sets her box of unsold vegetables down, squats next to a wall, and smokes a cigarette; similarly, the father in Ossos sits on the pavement, leans against the wall, and takes a deep drag on stanford essay his cigarette as he awkwardly gives milk to the infant.

I do not mean to suggest that the vegetable seller in No Quarto da Vanda is repeating the gesture of the young father in Ossos . Prompts Man! The similarity between these two gestures in undeniable, but it would be difficult to say that merely pointing out that similarity will determine our understanding of these two works. But it is certainly true that the incredible liveliness of Pedro Costa’s direction appears when a man or woman holds something in or under his or her arms. Stanford Roommate! Does that gesture suggest an prompts for invisible man, invisible family? Or does it show the embracing of a love that transcends carnality? To find out, we must look forward to the director’s next work. This text first appeared in the catalogue of the Pedro Costa retrospective, Sendai Mediatheque, 2005.

Thanks to university roommate, Naoto Ogawa.

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Essay on Role Of Women In Society. INTRODUCTION WOMEN’S CONTRIBUTION IN A SOCIETY WOMEN IN PRE-ISLAMIC SOCIETIES WOMEN IN EUROPEAN SOCIETY WOMEN IN PAKISTANI SOCIETY CONCLUSION. Brigham Young Says , “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Women are the inherent part of essay, our society and leadership essay, cannot be neglected due to their less power and authority. Stanford University Roommate? They are created as a companion for in auschwitz essay men and men have to make her walk with them in the course of life.

As Pakistan is an Islamic state so Pakistani female’s role and behaviors are defined by Islamic laws and as such are given divine sanction. She plays roles as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife. They play their roles with great responsibilities in stanford roommate upbringing of a healthy solid society, but she is in our so called modern world, still living in chains. The basic unit of society is a woman. Bts Prothesiste Orthopediste? As woman makes a family, family makes a home and homes make a society. So we should never think that a society would come into existence without the contribution of women. We all know that without education, no development is possible. Stanford University Essay? Here we have forgotten that the very first and best school of a child is its mother’s lap. A good healthy society doesn’t automatically emerge on control, its own and stands firm but it needs to be emerged and for its emergence women play a pivotal role. From behavioral to health education women have their hands in. it’s a woman who teaches how to behave, how to speak and how to deal with different classes of people.

These all are the basic fundamentals of a good society and women are the main contributors in stanford university essay building up a strong society. Arabia, the origin of Islam, in pre-Islamic ages was wrapped all over by blanket of hamlet vs lion king, evil deeds, wicked thoughts and immorality. Women were the most effected during that time. They were treated like animals. They were only university used as sex toys and they were worse than slaves.

The new born baby girls were buried alive as they thought girls were a curse for the family and society. Leadership Characteristics Essay? But! They didn’t know that Allah’s blessings are upon that home and university, parents that have daughters. With the advent of Islam, the women got the respect and status in the society that she ever deserved. It the woman who is a mother and vs lion king, Islam has taught us that “paradise lies under the feet of stanford, mother”. Leadership Characteristics? From this we can judge women’s respect and university essay, importance in vs lion king our life and society. The western countries have tremendously developed in university essay all fields of life.

Their education, their health departments, the departments of information technology are the in the highest rankings. In western countries men and leadership essay, women are working shoulder to shoulder in the same pace and both are contributing and playing their parts equally in university the developmental processes. They are given basic education as well as fundamental and higher education without any restrictions from the society. That is why the bts prothesiste orthopediste, West is that much developed. As they are educating and encouraging both the sexes equally and discriminating none. University Essay? Like this there is competition and where there is competition there is invention and survival, invention leads to massive developments. Pakistan is an Islamic country and exists and functions in the context of its unique set of historical, social, economic and essay, political circumstances. Prompts For Invisible Man? Women within Islamic boundaries can take part in all activities weather they belong to financial, national, international, social or domestic affairs. Women population of our country is greater than that of men population.

If such a big portion of roommate essay, population is leadership, kept behind then it’s difficult to progress with due speed and stanford university roommate essay, we will obviously lag behind the developed countries. Pakistan is an under developed country and most of its population is leadership, of the youth. It’s a golden chance for Pakistan to rightly utilize the youth’s energies. Women are more productive than men; if in Pakistan they are given the right platform they will smoothly carry the nation towards development. The role of stanford, Pakistani women in their families revolves around well-established conventions of infection control, male supremacy and female sub ordinance. Here the complete responsibility lies on essay, the shoulders of the male to educate and bts prothesiste orthopediste, encourage the females to step forward and to play their role in developmental processes. Stanford University Essay? Women are not only for bts prothesiste home-making and child-rearing but they must also be given chance to put their hands a little forward in building up of a good solid society.

A good solid society is a good harbinger of development. In order for a society to be a pure society, both men and roommate essay, women should think, dress and behave in ways that allow pure thoughts and actions to dominate the way of essay prompts for invisible man, life and create a social climate conducive to stanford roommate the achievement of the real goal of life. thank you sooooo much #128578; your always welcome Ma’am #128578; Thnkx it helped in my project. Very amazing i should say. Cheryl Charma@ Thank you for hamlet your feedbak #128578; #128578; #128578; i may not be up to the point but that’s best i could do. I help my visitors and you should also help me by university roommate spreading my blog to your friends and bts prothesiste orthopediste, family to make it popular. Essay? thank you #128578; salute for womens. thanq try to upload as many as pssble sir.

please get this essay in kannada. it is very useful for my project.thank you so much. #128578; Thank yo Elsa for your nice feedback #128578; Felling PROUD for being a women …. wow! amazing……u or whoever u r you r a present day gyaani. great , tremendous and appreciation effort.

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Khushi@ Your welcome and thank you also #128578; Happy Sad, Happy Sad, hmm .. Why? All good things must come to construction an end, but all bad things can continue forever.Smile, even if it’s a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the roommate essay, sadness of not knowing how to smile. Miss Hira tears and sadness are only for those who have given up. #128578; So. Hm Nice words…Thanks Sir See now happy #128578; #128578; #128578; #128578; #128578; #128578; I pray that everyone should keep smiling and stay happy ever #128578; thankyou soooooooo much. #128578; Thank you for your nice feedback and for your good will text #128512; GUD EFFORT its mean my quaid youth r not sleeping.

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How to Write the Stanford Roommate …

Liberal Democrat Party Essay Sample. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome, and thank you for coming. I am insert name here, producer of the Liberal Democrat Party’s election broadcast. I am here tonight to stanford university present to you the video, and characteristics describe the different techniques used within the broadcast. I will also explain why I used them, and why I think it makes the broadcast more appealing to the viewers, and ultimately encourage them to vote for stanford university essay the Liberal Democrats. I am; after all, here to answer your questions, so please, do feel free to ask me anything you like at any point during my presentation. (Plays tape to audience)

Okay! Firstly, I would like to start by talking about the different types of lighting used. We used a range of different techniques in order to give the green construction, viewer different impressions on certain things. For instance, top lighting was used in many scenes. We felt this necessary in order to give a realistic effect. Even at the very beginning, with Charles Kennedy introducing himself, you may have noticed we used extra top lighting and a few filler lights to give the impression of stanford university roommate a bright pleasant day- something which may lead the viewer to associate a bright and positive future with the Liberal Democrats. Also, in characteristics the classroom, we have used strong top lights, which draw attention to the considerable amount of essay children in the room. The lighting in the room creates harsh and sharp shapes. This helps emphasise the fact that Labour have caused classrooms to be so crowded. But then, when 10 pupils have been cut out from the front desks, you may notice the subtle change in bts prothesiste the lighting. We used a couple of filler lights here, and the room becomes softer and lighter to give the essay, room a happier and construction brighter look.

This makes the new, emptier room seem a lot more appealing, how all classrooms would be, under the power of the Liberal Democrats. We also used the advantage of harsh lighting at points in which the stanford university roommate, problems of the Labour Party were being outlined. For example, in the scene with the commuter Jill Whitehead, harsh spotlights are used inside the train. Survival In Auschwitz Essay? It’s extremely dull – but bright enough to see, and the spotlights highlight the fed up looks on stanford university essay everyone’s faces. Overall, leaving a negative impression toward the Labour Party’s current rule. In the scenes in which we outlined the problems of University students, we used natural lights within the University. Infection? Although, when we compared the Scottish Student against the English student, we used lights a little less bright. Stanford University? Also using a little backlighting, as we explain how Scottish Student’s needn’t pay tuition fees. The lighting given to the English student is dimmer, as we show something unfair, leaving a negative impression upon bts prothesiste orthopediste, the Labour Party. Then, at university the end, with the celebration, we use exaggerated top lighting and filler lights, to leadership characteristics give the all-round effect of stanford university roommate a brighter future with the Liberal Democrats. That just about covers lighting, are there any questions before I go any further? (Waits) Ok then.

Secondly, I would like to explain to thesis you the university, use of colour given in the broadcast. We take advantage of playing on the subconscious of the viewers, subliminally using colours of the various parties. For instance, as Charles Kennedy introduces himself, only your mind’s eye may have noticed the large yellow wall in the background. This technique causes your mind to acknowledge the fact that he is talking about the Liberal Democrats, while the party colour painted on the wall helps associate the two. He speaks of how things would be better with the Liberal Democrats. This technique is used again in the classroom scene, when Frankie Fawcett’s father is speaking, with a yellow wall in the background.

In contrast, the use of party colours can be used to create a negative impression. Infection Control? When you see Charles Kennedy talking about how bad the train service is, you will see him wearing a blue tie. Blue being the roommate essay, colour of the Conservative party, suggesting that things haven’t changed even since the Conservatives were replaced. But then he speaks of how the Lib Dems can improve the situation, just as a yellow train goes by. Their super-imposed graphics used throughout the broadcast are also yellow. Some colours used in the broadcast help portray the mood of the situation.

For example, near the beginning of the broadcast, in the classroom, the white painted walls maybe reflect the vs lion king, innocence of the university essay, children, however this may also symbolise hope – hope that if the Liberal Democrats win the election, the class sizes will ultimately reduce. Furthermore, the red colour of the chairs and books inside the classroom may signify the cause of the large class sizes to be Labour’s fault, although it may stand for the anger towards the situation – emphasising negativity towards the current ruling of Labour. We use drab colours in the station scene that involves the man, commuter, to show how dull and depressing the process of stanford commuting is. If you look carefully at the shots inside the train, you may notice a blue train rushing past. Green Building? Even the colour of the clothes worn by commuters may suggest their emotion – red, their anger toward the university roommate essay, problem of the rail service. During the scenes involving the University Students, the Student Union Cards are red, emphasising the negativity towards the fact that English students must pay tuition fees. And then, finishing off with lots of yellow- using the party colour to bts prothesiste reflect the stanford university roommate essay, bright future and celebration. Moving on from colour, I will now explain the different uses of essay prompts for invisible man sound. Firstly, I thought it was interesting to find, that research shows that most people find the Scottish accent to be trust worthier, compared to harsher accents such as Liverpudlian. So it was convenient to have Charles Kennedy speaking at regular intervals in the broadcast.

We also managed, when it came to non-diegetic speakers, to balance the ratio of male and female speakers. Essay? This was used to avoid sexist impressions and also suggesting both genders show concern towards politics. Concerning the music used, we felt that we had to make a careful choice as to which music to use. With the music at characteristics essay the opening, we tried to make it sound universal- we want this broadcast to appeal to everyone, so we avoided using over-trendy typed music, nor did we opt for using old fashioned music that would deter the younger generation from stanford watching. We used bright and cheery music for essay the opening, as the music sets the mood. Stanford Roommate Essay? The music at the end shared a similar style, although we included relevant lyrics ‘I’ve made up my mind’.

In the opening sequence, we used diegetic sound, as we could see and hear Charles Kennedy talking. He uses a clear, bold assertive tone of voice, thus attracting the full attention of the viewer. We could also hear everyday sounds in the background- the survival essay, children laughing and playing – using parallel sound as Kennedy describes how schools can be better with the Liberal Democrats. Stanford University Roommate Essay? Within the classroom, everyday sound is included again, with the infection, scraping of stanford university roommate essay chairs and essay prompts for invisible man other typical classroom sounds. When Frankie Fawcett’s Father begins to university speak, we use diegetic sound once again. Seeing the characteristics essay, face of the speaker makes it more personal, and easier for the viewer to empathise, after seeing how ordinary people can be affected. In the sequence concerning the commuter, we emphasised the university roommate, awful ordeal of using the rail service by using exaggerated parallel sound. This sound device helps show the green construction, viewers how the Labour Party is affecting ordinary, everyday people.

The everyday sounds inside the train appeared louder, and there was loud prominent coughing that further outlines the terrible, cramped conditions. We used a few sound bridges, which helped smoothen the link between two scenes. We felt it unnecessary to university roommate use techniques such as contrapuntal sound, as it might have confused the viewers in such a straightforward broadcast. Before I move onto the next section, are there any questions? Okay. Infection? Now onto camera shots. Essay? A number of prompts man different techniques were used during the university roommate essay, broadcast to outline certain aspects and messages put out to the viewers. When there was a speaker on screen, we tended to use more mid shots, which feel friendlier, as we thought that maybe close up shots might have given the impression that you’ve no option but to orthopediste listen to this person.

But by stanford roommate essay, using mid-shots, you can see the characteristics, speaker as well as seeing what is going on in the background. Charles Kennedy introduces himself whilst in university roommate mid shot, and leadership characteristics we can relate to what he’s saying by seeing the school children in stanford long shot. In the classroom scene, we use a crane shot, and angle it to further aid the viewers to understand just how crowded the classrooms are. When Kennedy outlines the problem with the rail service, we included a long shot of the train, and also included Kennedy himself, in a mid shot. In the commuter’s sequence, doing an extreme close up on the watch creates an infection, emphasis on the late time keeping of the essay, trains. Whilst the commuters are inside the train, we used close-ups, to infection control essay create the feeling of stanford extreme cramped conditions. You will have noticed the shaking of the camera, suggesting the train journey to be bumpy and uncomfortable. Essay? You may have noticed that we didn’t use tracking shots, as we wanted to university roommate essay concentrate on the inside of the essay, train.

During the University Student sequence, we did a long shot of the roommate essay, two students, and then zoomed in on each one. On the red student union card, you can see a close up of each of the students’ faces. This makes it easier to see their expressions and feelings towards the situation of whether or not they have to pay tuition fees. At the end, we used a range of different shots to show the celebrations. Construction Thesis? We used panning shots to show just how many people were joining in on roommate essay the celebration. Also, using tilt shots to construction follow the movement of the balloons and fireworks helps develop the celebratory mood. I would now like to move on to which editing techniques we used and why. Firstly, editing is the way in which shots are joined together, and you may have noticed that the majority of our editing techniques involved straight cuts.

This was to keep areas of the broadcast clean and simple, and to minimise confusion. For example, we used a straight cut from the point in which Charles Kennedy introduced himself, to the point that showed the school children sat in the classroom. We thought this was a good choice of editing as the two scenes were related and the straight cut keeps things simple. A dissolve shot may not have been appropriate here, as the viewers may view the next scene as one of a different subject. We took full advantage of jump cuts within the train. This gives the viewer a clear idea of the discomfort of the journey and the fact that commuting with trains under the Labour government is quite bad. Stanford University Roommate Essay? We tended to use jump cuts in areas that portrayed the bad aspects of the infection control, Labour rule. We avoided using editing techniques such as dissolve as it was only a 5 minute broadcast and we thought that using this technique would consume too much time, and also be quite confusing as there wasn’t really a relevant place for stanford university essay one anyway. Other techniques such as wipe cut we found inappropriate for the broadcast, although there was a point in which we used a fade out to black, which signalled a change in subject. If there are no questions, (pause) I should now like to move onto building construction thesis, the special effects we used within the broadcast. We used a range of stanford university roommate essay different techniques.

Even at the beginning, we did a triple shot that included three different mini screens showing all the different people being affected by the government. This gives the viewers the idea that everyone is affected by the ruling of the government. And then, at the end, three smaller screens are shown to give the viewer a clear idea of construction how big the celebration is. We also used the technique of superimposition. For example, within the classroom we superimposed Frankie Fawcett’s Father’s face onto the scene of the classroom. We thought this to be a good use of special effects as it gave a more personal effect, seeing the concerned Father speaking, as well as seeing his daughter in stanford roommate the cramped classroom. It may also give the hamlet vs lion, effect to stanford university roommate essay the viewers that this is affecting everyone, everyday people. We again used superimposition in the scene that superimposed the survival essay, university students’ faces onto the student union cards. Also we used special effects to stanford essay illustrate statistics; numbers and figures associated with, for example, the number of children Labour has in each classroom, compared with the number the Lib Dems will cut class sizes to. Orthopediste? You may have noticed that this sort of special effect using graphics was used quite frequently when it came to comparing Labours rule with the roommate essay, possible Lib Dem rule.

One example was when we were illustrating the problem with tuition fees. The statistics were displayed on the screen as bright yellow computerised graphics, whilst the image of the prompts man, page of a book was shown in university the background, which gave relevance to the fact that it relates to education. Moving on from graphics, we used certain effects to give an emphasised impression. For example, in the scene with the school pupils, we cut out about 10 of the pupils to characteristics essay show how the Lib Dems will reduce the class sizes. But to emphasise the feeling of stanford university roommate essay space, you may have noticed that the effect is greater when we take the pupils out from the front of the classroom. Finally, I would like to talk about the mise en scene, that is, basically, the things such as setting, props, costume and makeup and facial expressions. Inside the classroom full of school pupils, we made sure that they looked hard at bts prothesiste orthopediste work, you may have noticed them talking quietly, sitting with their backs straight. We also made sure that the desks were full of school equipment, to give the room a further emphasised effect of essay busy-ness.

Also the viewers will sympathise for the pupils as they look like they are really trying to cope with the cramped conditions, and still trying to work as hard as they can. Man? The fact that Charles Kennedy and Mr.Fawcett are seen wearing suits makes clear that this is a serious matter. In the sequence involving the commuter, we told Jill not to wear smart clothes, and you may have noticed her hair flying all over the place and stanford university roommate essay her make up after the journey was pale and bare, giving her a look of ill health. Control Essay? She never smiled during her commute, and stanford she curled her lip whilst getting off the train. We made sure that it was a dull day in order to parallel the somewhat dull commute. In the scene involving the university students, you may have noticed that the bts prothesiste, students were sat there, talking quietly, drinking water. This would give the idea that the students are sensible (not drinking beer and bouncing off the walls!) and consequently deserve the right not to pay tuition fees. And then finally, we see lots of stanford essay happy body language during the celebrations, clapping and waving. Now, that just about concludes my explanation about the broadcast. Are there any questions before I bid you all farewell? (Answers questions)

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It results from foreign individuals trying to roommate settle in bts prothesiste orthopediste a new country or trying to seek and take territories… Liberal Education: Is It Really Worth the Time? In the working world, there are certain jobs that require pre-established post-secondary specifications in order to become hired with a company or firm. For example, take a nursing major obtaining… How successful was the conservative party from 1918-1928? As a party the Conservatives can be seen to have achieved considerable success between the years 1918-28. Before the war the party had lost 3 consecutive elections, whereas during the… August Rush Essay.

A scene I enjoyed in the film was Evan being bullied at the orphanage. It showed the harsh reality he was living in before he escaped and became an amazing… Now is the stanford university roommate essay, winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by orthopediste, this sun of York; And all the clouds that lour’d upon our house In the deep bosom of the…