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Electronic theses and dissertations university of miami

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Biotechnology An Introduction to Biotechnology | Essay. In simple terms, biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms or their products to modify human health and human environment. University Of Miami. It is an amalgamation of research aztecs molecular and cellular biology and plant, animal and human genetics. Renowned fiction-writer Ken Follett has written about the eleven #8216;twins#8217; in his best seller #8216;The Third Twin#8217;. All these eleven young men are born to different sets of parents in different parts of the country, and yet have the same face, physical features, blood group, and even the electronic theses and dissertations of miami, same fingerprints. Of course, Follett was just using his imagination when he plotted a team of skill scientists who created these eleven clones through genetic manipulations. But true- life scientists who created #8216;Dolly#8217;, the sheep, and #8216;Flavr-Savr#8217;, the perfect tomato, have achieved these feats for real. And now, we can talk of producing roses without thorns and wheat with extra doses of proteins without being laughed at. All this is thanks to the advent of biotechnology.

The seeds for biotechnology were sown in 1953, when James Watson and Francis Crick revealed how four bases could pair to form the self- copying code of electronic theses of miami a DNA molecule. These two Nobel laureates could have never imagined how their discovery of DNA would change the very concept of life. But before we discuss the various advances that have been made in research aztecs, biotechnology, and electronic theses and dissertations university of miami, the impact that these have had on our lives, let#8217;s take a look at how this technique functions. In simple terms, biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms or their products to modify human health and human environment. It is an amalgamation of molecular and cellular biology, and plant, animal and human genetics. In simple terms, biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms or their products to modify human health and human environment. It is an fiber photonics thesis amalgamation of molecular and cellular biology and electronic theses and dissertations of miami, plant, animal and human genetics. All living things are made up of cells, which are programmed by the same basic genetic material called DNA (Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid). Each unit of DNA is made up of four nucleotides.

These are Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Thymine (T), and Cytosine (C) The other two ingredients being sugar and a phosphate. These nucleotides pair up in strands that twist together in paper, a spiral structure, called a double helix. Thus, all DNA whether from electronic theses a microorganism, a plant, an animal or a human is composed of the same material. While every cell is an individual organism, each cell has the same number of DNA units. The different segments of DNA (genes) tell individual cells how to differentiate: i.e., to develop either into an eye, a blood cell, a muscle, a skin cell, and so on. DNA also instructs different cells -to produce specific proteins, enzymes and other substances that the host organism uses to fight disease or fend off predators and other threats. Paper. Over the years, researchers have discovered the methods of electronic and dissertations university transferring a specific piece of DNA from one organism to another the first step in transferring DNA is to cut or remove a gene segment from a chain of DNA, using enzymes as #8216;scissors#8217; (restriction enzymes). These scissors are then used to cut an opening into the plasmid the a p by john essay, ring of DNA often found in bacteria outside the core DNA. The next step is to paste or place the theses and dissertations, gene segment into the plasmid. The cut ends of both the plasmid and the gene segment are chemically sticky, and they promptly attach to each other, thus forming a plasmid containing new gene. Finally, another enzyme (ligase) is used to paste or secure the new gene in place.

These transferable genes can be used to transmit the desired genetic traits from one organism to another which is the fundamental approach of biotechnology. Various advances made in the twentieth century have put biology on a molecular footing. For instance, biochemists have purified proteins and studied them in vitro in a test tube, crystallographers have solved their structures, and geneticists have used mutations to focus on invisible resume the role of individual genes. And now, the and dissertations of miami, sequencing of the human genome has added a whole new dimension to crystal fiber thesis, these processes. Using such techniques, we have made substantial advancement in our understanding of the theses and dissertations of miami, genetic blueprint, and how it controls the growth and development of living organisms. This has been made possible by resume, the development of artificial genes coding for electronic, specific traits. Gene transfer has given birth to development of transgenic and we now have transgene in plants, animals and microorganisms. In fact, now we can even look forward to passing on man-made genes to the next generation through these transgenic. The progress in research aztecs, the field of biotechnology certainly sounds impressive. But its truth worth lies in electronic theses and dissertations university, its implications.

Modern biotechnological tools have helped us scale even the laws of nature, and essay on red fort delhi, turn various biological disadvantages to our convenience. The simplest example of theses university such manipulation is with the plant life. Crystal Fiber. The application of biotechnological techniques can make the flora more resistant to pests, bacteria, fungi and viruses, which claim over thirty five per cent of the global vegetation. These losses amount to a whopping US$200 billion every year. Biotechnological tools can help ward off these threats to and dissertations university of miami, vegetation, but one would not forget that the use of this technology is subject to social, economic and ecological pressures.

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) produces Bt Toxin, which holds strong against insect larvae. But Bt toxins are insecticidal, and unless Bt plants are carefully designed, the insects and pests may develop a resistance to them. Invisible Resume. Nonetheless, thirty years of success have crowned Bt as one of the fastest acting bio-pesticides available. The successful expression of the Bt fusion gene in electronic and dissertations university of miami, a hybrid crop provides a good resource for manage­ment of rice pests in tropical Asian countries. Now we can even look forward to research paper, growing transgenic trees. Scientists are engineering various species like sweet gum and cottonwood with the aim of creating a #8216;Super Tree#8217;. This super tree will grow faster than the university of miami, normal species, and will also retain their hardness. Isolation of specific promoter elements has also helped in designing the crops expressing proteins in specific tissues. We can even think of blue roses and pink dahlias! Such engineered products will be extremely useful in creating ornamentals for export purposes. Already the first genetically modified tomato called Flavr-Savr has been produced.#8217;

Another area where modem biological techniques and bioengineering principles hold great potential is that of food production the largest industry in crystal fiber photonics, the world. Of Miami. The recombinant DNA has been used to by john, improve the flavour and of miami, texture of fruits and vegetables. Genetic transformation also helps prevent frost damage in food products. The gene from flounder has been used to protect plants against freezing damage. But perhaps the by john updike essay, greatest achievement of this technology lies in the field of nutrition. #8220;Child is the father of the electronic and dissertations university, man#8221;, as said by William Wordsworth holds true. So, we need to preserve our future by producing nutritionally rich food for our future generation. At present nearly 800 million people or about eighteen per cent of the world#8217;s total population, do not have sufficient food to meet their nutritional needs. The situation is quite alarming in the developing world, where nearly twelve million children below the age of five die of malnutrition every year. This problem can be successfully tackled by the application of an observation essay biotechnology, which enables the growth of theses and dissertations of miami healthier and more nutritional food, even under unfavorable conditions. These techniques prompt a sustainable increase in the yield per hectare for updike essay, staple crops like com, rice, wheat and potatoes, and also increase the nutritional content of food crops.

For instance, the #8216;Golden Rice#8217; is an engineered variety of rice that is rich in electronic of miami, Vitamin A, precursor P-carotene and iron. This inexpensive solution will counter the wide incidence of childhood blindness and maternal anaemia among millions of people whose staple food is rice. Biotechnology has also proved its worth in fighting natural adversities like drought. Modern science has helped us develop drought-tolerant plants. Recent work from Michael Thomashow#8217;s group and Kazuo Shinozaki have explored the intricacies involved in stress resistance mechanisms, which involve master switch type of genes. These reports show that a battery of proteins can regulate freezing and drought tolerance. This concept has been referred as Region Engineering. In the nineteenth century, medicine mainly consisted of morphine- based drugs and aztecs, crude remedies.

The subsequent evolution of antibiotics and vaccines enabled the eradication of entire classes of diseases. The next medical revolution will come through genetic engineering, which will help conquer cancer, grow new blood vessels in tumors, create new organs from stem cells, and even reset the primeval genetic coding that causes ageing of cells. In fact, biotechnology has already yielded dozens of electronic theses and dissertations university of miami therapeutics like human insulin, growth factors for bone-marrow transplants, products for treating heart attacks, and diagnostic kits for infective agents like AIDS and comprehension dissertation reading skill technique, hepatitis. The first life-saving drug, Humulin was also produced by of miami, recombinant DNA technology. These bio-pharmaceuticals are not only produced in a form identical to that normally present in the human body, but also have improved activity, stability and essay, bio-availability. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University Of Miami. Such products are also free from contamination. Research on these lines will give way to developing internal organs for human transplantation.

The breakthrough in developing stem cells hold solutions to control cancer, regenerate the spinal cord and brain tissues, and curb many other diseases associated with ageing. Biotechnology has also become an indispensable tool in testing of biological materials, which are used as evidences in legal and criminal proceedings associated with cases like paternity dispute, sexual harassment and murder. Another remarkable success has been in the area of nuclear transfer technology, which has already proved its mettle in the cloning of Dolly the sheep and Polly the resume, lamb. Biotechnology can also come in electronic and dissertations, handy for enhancing the fiber photonics thesis, performance of vaccines. #8216;Gene Therapy#8217;, the latest feat of bio-technology, has opened up a whole new treatment paradigm. The #8216;Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)#8217;, which uses the #8216;Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), has further made it possible to use the umbilical cord stems cells of a yet unborn (only foetus) to cure genetic disorders. The merging of medical and agricultural biotechnology has opened up new vistas to theses university, develop plant varieties with health-inducing characteristics. Modern techniques have unraveled how natural plant substances (phytochemicals) confer protection against cancer and essay fort delhi, other diseases. This knowledge is electronic theses and dissertations university, now being used to enhance the i write essay, level of such substances in the food supply.

Ongoing research will soon perfect the delivery of medicines and vaccines through common foods. These #8216;Neutracutical#8217; foods could be used to immunize individuals against theses university of miami a wide variety of enteric and other infectious diseases. Biotechnology has made significant contributions to the field of invisible resume marine aquaculture. Electronic And Dissertations. The tremendous potential of marine resources still lies untapped, and can be actively harnessed for the benefit of the mankind. As over-exploitation of dissertation technique natural resources takes its toll on these natural reserves, the development of transgenic fish will play a key role in the aquaculture industry in the near future. Increasing Avenues in Biotechnology: Ever since the discovery of the DNA, the field of biology has experienced a series of revolutionary changes.

The recent development of high capacity methods to theses university of miami, analyse the structure and function of genes has given birth to what we now know as Genomics. Instead of analysing a single or few genes- at a time, it is now possible to determine the how do, complete nucleotide sequence of all the genes in an organism. Theses. Scientists are already looking forward to the day when they will decipher the whole human genome, all the genes (approximately to be around 35-40 thousand) encoded by essay on red fort delhi, the three billion bases (chemical pairs) in our DNA. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University Of Miami. Deciphering of the human genome has opened new vistas in understanding the functional machinery of these genes in a human body. Just like the human genome, the plant genome too has wide implications in helping us understand the function of plant genes in their cellular, organismal and evolutionary context, and to create an information structure of plant biology. In plant-life, the Arabidopsis genome has already been mapped. This achievement could open the floodgates to a new green revolution of the so-called #8216;Super-crops#8217;.

A total of 25,498 genes expressing 11,000 proteins have been reported. Thesis. This gene mapping would provide insights into all the livestock- supporting plants like soya bean, wheat, com and fruit. Such genomic discoveries have indeed paved the way for learning the functions of all plant genes, and and dissertations university, unraveling the processes that are fundamental to the mechanisms of plant life. And as the research aztecs, human genome project approaches conclusion, the translation of information from DNA to protein is fast catching up. This may end up virtually revolutionising human medicine and health care. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University Of Miami. But one of the key challenges lies in understanding Proteomics the science of essay on red cellular protein universe. As in electronic and dissertations, the case of genomics, proteomics helps catalogue and characterize the proteins in a group, and in an automated large-scale manner. Proteomics include transcriptional profiling to determine which genes encode proteins in a particular cell type, developmental stage or disease state, high-throughput expression, protein folding and protein- protein interaction studies. It also helps understand transduction and other complex cell processes, large scale protein folding and updike, three- dimensional structures. This process can even reveal an overall picture of how the genes in all organisms (total genome) function, including the expression profiles at electronic, the mRNA (Transcriptome) and protein (Proteome) levels.

Based on these studies, maps can be made, which could eventually help identify both the defects as well as the positive aspects of the concerned gene or protein. Biotechnology also plays a great role in dissertation reading, preserving our environment. The scope of Environmental Biotechnology ranges from the search for microbes that will reduce acid rain by removing sulphur from power plants, to the biological production of biodegradable plastics. As the electronic theses of miami, world battles the dilemma of protecting the a p updike, environment while simultaneously promoting economic development, environmental biotechnology will play a key role in and dissertations of miami, striking a healthy balance between competing interests. The other area of reckoning is the conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity. Advances in biotechnology offer powerful tools for conservation, evaluation and resume, the use of genetic structures of various species. Applications of modern biotechnology for bio-remediation of contaminated land and water have already helped transform hazardous wastes into non-hazardous wastes. Moreover, biotechnology has played a major role in university, recovery of degraded ecosystems.

Some of the methods based on plant biotechnology include reforestation through micro propagation and the use of fiber mycorrhiza. Maintaining a wide genetic base, which is an important element of biodiversity, is also essential to the future of biotechnology and the sustainable use of and dissertations university biological resources. Biotechnology also holds tremendous implication in increasing our bio-energy resources by increasing the acceptability of biomass, biogas and fuel alcohol as commercially feasible energy options for the future. Computers have added a new dimension to biological research and in how do, turn, biological material in electronic theses and dissertations university, the form of research paper aztecs bio-chips will have a tremendous impact on computerization. These bio-chips would soon replace conventional silicon chips used in computers today.

The proposed range of bio-molecular computers promises to be ten to electronic, thousand times smaller than the best super computers available at present, with much faster switching times and extremely low power dissipation. So, with all this excitement in the field, and comprehension reading skill, new avenues being added every minute, you have surely made a wise decision if you think biotechnology is the theses university of miami, field for you. Read on to find out what might be in fiber, store, and how you can achieve it. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Electronic And Dissertations University. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:

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How to Write a Proposal Essay/Paper. A proposal essay is exactly what it sounds like: it proposes an idea and theses and dissertations university, provides evidence intended to how do essay, convince the reader why that idea is a good or bad one. Although proposals are generally a significant part of business and economic transactions, they are not limited to those two areas. Proposals may be written for any college classes, scientific fields, as well as personal and other professional areas. This article will go over how to electronic of miami, write an effective proposal essay and provide a sample one that was actually submitted and implemented.

Before You Start: Pre-Writing Strategies. Much of the work is done before you type a single sentence. Before sitting down to write your proposal you’ll want to spend some time on each of the following. Get to Know Your Audience . Remember, a proposal essay is an effort to convince a reader that your idea is worth pursuing - or that another idea is not worth pursuing. To that end, you have to know who you’ll be writing for. Are they business people? Academics? Government officials? If your audience is primarily business people you’ll want to justify your proposal by pointing to by john updike, possible financial benefits. If they’re government officials, you may want to emphasize how popular a certain proposal is.

Do Your Research . Having secondary sources who can support your claims will go a long way to electronic and dissertations of miami, persuading others of your proposal. Spend some time talking to experts or reading their research. Pre-Write . Before starting the actual essay, spend some time brainstorming excellent ideas. Once you have a bunch of good ideas, spend some time thinking about how you’d like to organize them. Revise, Revise, Revise . Never turn in a first draft! Have a trusted peer or colleague read your paper and give you feedback. Then take some time to incorporate that feedback into a second draft. The main parts of a proposal essay are summarized here. Dissertation Reading? It is important to keep in theses and dissertations of miami mind that depending on your proposal parts may need to be added or taken out. The parts below (with the exception of the introduction and a p by john updike, conclusion) may be rearranged to suit individual proposals. The introduction serves to inform your reader of the history of the proposal (if applicable) or to and dissertations, introduce a subject to an informed/uninformed audience.

This is the most important part of your paper in some respects. Aztecs? You need to electronic of miami, both introduce the topic and show the audience why they should care about this topic. It’s often helpful to begin with an interesting fact, statistic, or anecdote to grab the reader’s attention. Typically, people only make proposal to solve a problem. As such, you’ll want to invisible resume, highlight a particular problem that you think your proposal would solve. Know your audience so that you can emphasize the benefits your proposal would bring. This is a statement of theses and dissertations of miami, purpose.

This section should be brief and only discuss what your actual proposition is. It is okay for this section to be only a few sentences long if the proposal is short. Research Paper Aztecs? Do not include details about how you will carry out the proposal in this section. How will you go about achieving your proposal? What will you do to electronic theses and dissertations university, show your audience that you are prepared? This is where you go into detail about how your proposal will be implemented. Resume? A couple things to include: Convince: You need to convince your audience not only that your proposal is a good idea but also that you’re the person who needs to carry it out.

Highlighting your qualifications about why you’re suited for the task is helpful if you're the electronic theses and dissertations, one to carry out the proposal. Detail: In discussing the implementation, you’ll want to invisible, give enough detail to show your audience that you’ve thought about how the process will work. That said, you don’t want to electronic theses university of miami, bore them with overly-technical or boring details. Anticipate: Anticipating potential implementation problems is both good practice and essay, communicates to your audience that you’ve thought carefully about theses and dissertations university your proposal and how do i write an observation, about potential stumbling blocks. Focus this area on why the proposal will work. Quite simply, is it a viable proposal? You can draw on similar past experiences to show why this proposal will work just like previous ones. If you do not have this past experience option, focus on theses and dissertations university of miami, what you think your audience wants to hear. Invisible? For example, if your manager really likes getting things done on time, then perhaps you might mention how your proposal can speed up productivity. Theses And Dissertations Of Miami? Think logically here.

*Tip: Do not structure this section the on red fort, same way as your Benefits of. section. Simple. State what the goals of your proposal are. It might seem repetitive with the sections where you mentioned the benefits, but it serves to really drill home the point.* Another simple part. What is needed to and dissertations university of miami, complete your proposal? Include tangible (paper, money, computers, etc.)and intangible items such as time. Show the audience that you know what you are doing. The more prepared you look the better your chances are to get the comprehension technique, proposal passed (or get a better grade if it is for a class). Do NOT restate your introduction here if you choose to mention the history of a certain proposal. However if you did not introduce your proposal with some historical background information, here is the part where you can quickly restate each section above: Proposal, plan of action, all the why's of the and dissertations university, paper and so on.

As in any essay or paper, cite your sources as appropriate. If you actually quote from paper aztecs, a resource in you essay then title this section Works Cited . If you do not cite anything word for word, use Works Consulted . The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus. It can help you get a better grip on technical details like citing and electronic and dissertations university of miami, much more, check it out! In 1912, Pablo Picasso, an avid painter of nature and still life, tore part of aztecs, a makeshift tablecloth and electronic and dissertations university of miami, glued it to how do i write an observation essay, his painting, Still Life with Chair Caning , and thus, by adding different items to aid his painting, he began the art of collage making. (Pablo Picasso – Still Life with Chair Canning). A collage is simply a group of objects arranged together to create a complete image of an electronic university idea, theme, or memory. Invisible Resume? For example, David Modler created a collage called “Big Bug” to represent the irony that is the importance of insects to our natural world in comparison to their size. The bug in the image is the electronic theses of miami, smallest feature of the research aztecs, collage yet it is to be viewed as the and dissertations, most important aspect (Modler, David). All these parts of a collage collaborate together to create a unifying theme or message and can be used as a helpful tool in education. I propose that each student make an artistic collage to crystal photonics thesis, be presented to the class that will symbolize the context, audience, setting, structure or any key ideas found in electronic theses one of the paper, readings this semester. Students who make a collage will be able to drop the lowest quiz grade.

The students will have one week from the announcement of the project to complete the collage and prepare a presentation for it. Electronic Theses? Each student must choose one reading that we have done so far or will read in the future, and no two students may choose the same work. Essay On Red? Conflict with students wanting to present the same work will be resolved by a first come first serve basis. The students will be given a rubric with the exact requirements of the electronic and dissertations of miami, project and comprehension dissertation, what the purpose of the project is. I will make the rubric myself and submit it for university of miami approval, or we can use the rubric that I have attached. Benefits of Collage Proposal. Making a collage would allow the students to think and inspect the readings and crystal fiber photonics, ideas visually (Rodrigo, “Collage”), thus giving them another perspective, or possibly clearing up any misconceptions and electronic theses and dissertations university of miami, confusions they had about a work when we were just discussing it in class verbally.

A collage provides the opportunity for revision of a certain work and would certainly help to clear up any topics in the readings that might come up on the final exam or a future test, via a visual and more creative method. Aztecs? If a student received a bad grade on a quiz because they did not understand the electronic theses of miami, reading, the collage would give the student an opportunity to go back to dissertation skill technique, the reading and electronic theses and dissertations, understand it, or to crystal fiber, read ahead and grasp concepts that might be useful to and dissertations university, present to how do an observation essay, the class before the electronic and dissertations of miami, class does the reading. A collage would allow the student to become familiar with the work in a visual way and give them an opportunity to understand the i write an observation essay, main themes, topics, and and dissertations university of miami, ideas of essay delhi, a work, even one we might not have read yet. Viability of Collage Proposal. Since a collage would be like giving the student an opportunity to go back and review a subject and at the same time would resemble preparation for electronic theses university of miami a presentation, the time and comprehension dissertation skill technique, effort required to go back and re-read a work as well as prepare the collage creatively would be sufficient to justify replacing the lowest quiz grade. Our course mentor said that this project would be a nice addition to the class because, just like any play is better seen than read, the collage will allow students to get the visual aspect behind a work and help them to grasp the ideas better. Past visuals that we have used in class to describe scenes from our readings such as The Tempest and The Odyssey have greatly helped me to understand some of the ideas of the stories.

For example, I always pictured the cyclops as a nasty, vile creature, but after some of the “fuzzy” drawings on the board done by electronic and dissertations university of miami, some of my peers, I imagined and essay, understood that he could in theses and dissertations university fact be a gentle creature that was just angered by reading skill, Ulysses trespassing and blinding him. I could not have seen that perspective of the story had it not been for some of the more innocent visuals on the board. Finally, I have discussed with the students in our class about the idea of a collage replacing the lowest quiz grade and the overwhelming majority approved of the idea. Electronic And Dissertations Of Miami? Since a collage will substitute for a quiz grade, the assignment will be optional. Just as a quiz is almost always optional based on class initiation of discussion, the collage will also be optional based on similar student effort parameters. The students who do not want to do a collage can choose “door number 2” and take a quiz that would be created by updike, the teachers and/or myself. This quiz can be used to make the total number of assignments for each student in the class even, and may or may not be graded based on the professor's discretion. The first goal of my collage proposal is to electronic theses university, give students a chance to be creative and step outside the boundaries of classroom discussion.

They can use their imaginations to find a way to updike, creatively put together a collage that will help the class as well as themselves to electronic theses and dissertations of miami, better understand the course reading. A second goal of my proposal is that the time and effort put into making the collage and presenting it in a p front of the class will equal the worth of theses and dissertations university of miami, dropping the lowest quiz grade. Because this collage requires the creator to how do essay, examine the context, audience, setting, structure of university of miami, any one of the readings, it is essentially like a quiz itself, which includes questions on similar topics. The literary work that a student chooses to create a collage on will determine how much time is necessary to fully complete the project. One week to create a collage should give each student—no matter what reading they choose to do—ample time to create a presentable and educational collage for photonics thesis the class. In terms of tangible resources, this project is not very demanding. A simple poster or a series of photographs or drawings assembled neatly together by the student will be about and dissertations university as resourcefully demanding as this project gets. In addition, a few hours of class time will need to be allocated in order to present the fort delhi, collages. If each student takes at least five minutes to present the total time needed for the presentations will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. Electronic And Dissertations University Of Miami? The presentation day(s) and how do an observation essay, time(s) can be decided by the class as a whole. The rest of the resources needed are already available:

The readings are all published online if a student needs to refer back to university of miami, them Craft supplies are readily available. Skills for Successful Completion. As a good planner and organizer I made a rubric that is specific enough to give the students a good idea of a p by john updike essay, what they should be doing for electronic university of miami the collage. Dissertation Reading Skill? The rubric can be made available upon your request. In addition I can also come up with a quiz if there are students who want to opt out of the collage project. I can talk to the class and come up with a good presentation time and electronic theses of miami, date for invisible resume everybody. I would volunteer myself to theses and dissertations of miami, hold an early presentation session a few days before the due date so the others can get an idea of what their collage could look like and why they can benefit from the project.

I will make myself available to the class if they have any questions about the proposed project. A collage will allow students to understand visually a reading or topic in a reading that they may have been confused about. The project is a fun and creative way to get students to think about a reading more in depth as well as review for future exams. Research Paper? As a result of the electronic, effort and time put into the collages, the students should be allowed to drop their lowest quiz grade in the semester. Modler, David. Big Bug . Photograph.

Kronos Art Gallery . Web. 12 Oct. 2011. Pablo Picasso - Still Life with Chair Caning (1912). Lenin Imports . Web. Essay On Red Fort Delhi? 12 Oct. 2011. Rodrigo. Collages. Web 2.0 Toolkit . Electronic Theses And Dissertations Of Miami? 11 Mar. 2009. Web. 2 Oct. 2011.

Here is an updike essay example of lab report with step-by-step instructions on writing a good lab report. When writing a lab report you are presenting scientific facts that support a hypothesis, to an audience.. Exploratory Essay Outline and Organization. by Virginia Kearney 0. How to Write an Interview Essay or Paper. by Virginia Kearney 7. How to Write an electronic and dissertations university Evaluation Paper with Sample Essays.

by Virginia Kearney 15. 100 Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links. by Virginia Kearney 16. How to a p by john updike essay, Write a Reflective Essay with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 21. 100 Science Topics for Research Papers.

by Virginia Kearney 109. charbie krin 10 days ago. NIce, very helpful. LFC328 6 months ago from NY. Laura, what a great skill you have.

I wish I was bless with it :_). thank you so very much for the information. Electronic Theses? It have gave me a guideline for my proposal. Paper? Thank you again God bless you! I am little bit lost of the diagram for research design what is needed in terms of the research plan diagram please reply. cedricperkins 2 years ago.

A powerful guide in fact. It lists almost all aspects of writing a proposal essay. However, there is one thing students have to note. Theses? Even though there are certain rules and principles for writing an essay, there is always scope for breaking the essay on red delhi, conventions. Universities always accept innovations in writing. Be prepared to write in the most recent writing mechanics. I think will help you to write proposal essays to emerge out successfully. However, the above mentioned tips are, of electronic theses of miami, course, the invisible, part and parcel of writing a proposal essay. roselinda nyota 2 years ago.

Ahmad Fahrurroji 2 years ago from Karawang, Indonesia. Awesome hub and university, so helpful. Rakim Cheeks 2 years ago. This was a really great detailed format of how to write a proposal essay. I believe all college students need to read this!

As a writer, this helped me, and you explained it very well. Excellent job! Laura Writes 2 years ago. Thanks a lot Leptirela, tried my best to keep such a long read as clutter free and flowing as possible. Excellent hub. Informative and research aztecs, understandable. May I please express how, impressive this hub and the lay out is :) Great post. Interesting infographic how to electronic of miami, write an argumentative essay ?. The challenge in writing a proposal resides in its structure.

For the how do essay, writer it is important that it be clear, to the point and as concise as possible. It is important to remember that the reader is the one who will accept or reject your proposal either way due to a wide array of factors. Leaving no door open other than the and dissertations, one of acceptance key factors are presentation, clarity and resume, a summarisation that leaves but he avenue of an acceptance. Once finalized have a friend or someone else in electronic theses and dissertations whose judgment you trust to paper, be honest and willing to give objective comments as well as towhy they propose changes. One practice I enforce when writing anything that is electronic theses of miami consequential is to comprehension skill technique, set the document aside forgetting about it for a couple of theses and dissertations, days and i write, the review it again. A fresh read is always good.

One last tough. And Dissertations University? Your proposal is important as you are writing it for a specific reason therefore as yourself the question objectively as you can will the crystal photonics thesis, intended reader accept it? If you have a slight hesitation review it again and electronic theses university, try to find the weak point and rewrite it to give it strength. Do not forget to Google to find supporting data for your proposal or even proposals in the same line. Best of luck to paper, all.

This was extremely helpful! I wasn't quite sure how to lay my proposal essay out. So thank you, thank you! (: This information was very helpful. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University Of Miami? You gave me something to go on. Thank you. This was a great go-by. Short and sweet, yet in-depth and detailed enough to an observation, get the points across intelligently. Thanks for your help! Jo_Goldsmith11 3 years ago. Just what I was looking for.

Great job with presentation and easy reading on the eyes. shared, tweet and Up. thank you for electronic theses and dissertations of miami writing this. :-) Laura Writes 3 years ago. If you are writing a thesis proposal, you could use this format if it works for the theme of your thesis. However for research, you should look into a format that is like writing a research grant. It could look something like this, but check with a scientific journal or the company that you are requesting a research fund from to dissertation reading skill, see if they have specific formatting requirements. Is this the same Thesis Proposal or research Proposal? Thank you so much. Very good and helpful. Really clear and straight forward.

Friskila Damaris Aquila Silitonga 4 years ago. Nice info and it's a practical round up with good resources. Friskila Damaris Aquila Silitonga. I have been a grant writer for sixteen years and it's always nice to see someone include the actual practice with the theory of proposal/grant writing. Electronic Theses University? Many can just list the parts of a proposal, but it's more beneficial for essay on red the reader to see actual work. Great job! Laura Writes 4 years ago.

No problem, good luck on your papers! Thx London 4 ur contribution. in building ma proposal. codjoe conduah 4 years ago. am glad i could find something like this its been very tough for electronic of miami me on a proposal i was working on but now this has really eased ma fears. thanks a lot.

Laura Writes 4 years ago. I'm glad this is proving useful to everybody. Good luck on your papers! samuel sikei 4 years ago. Thank you, this is so direct and aztecs, very professional. Anil 4 years ago from Kerala. Hai nice essay. I suggest it to the school and college students. Thanks for sharing . thank you sosososososososososososo much.

thx for the awesome outline. This has been excellent explained. This is great, extremely helpful. I am in electronic theses and dissertations university the process of developing a proposal and this will be a useful guideline for me. jessica ramirez 5 years ago. excellent very helpful(:

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Ableism and electronic theses and dissertations of miami, Ability Ethics and Governance. Bibliography work in progress, I hope to have many more in the future. But for now this is a starting point. #8212;- The Media and Culture Journal from Australia has a whole issue on Able. Updike. #8212;-Avalos, Hector This Abled Body: Rethinking Disabilities in Biblical Studies (Semeia Studies) (Semeia Studies) (Paperback) by Hector Avalos (Editor), Sarah J. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University. Melcher (Editor), Jeremy Schipper (Editor); here. #8212;- Ayim, Maryann, #8220;Crimes against the Deaf: The Politics of Ableism#8221; in Canadian Journal of Education, v22 n3 p330-35 Sum 1997. #8212;-Badley Graham (2010) Case Notes for the Impeachment of an Ability Traitor: A Textor’s InquiryQualitative Inquiry vol. 17 no. 1 93-98. #8212;- Ball, Natalie and fort, Wolbring, Gregor Portrayals of and Arguments around different Eugenic Practices: Past and Present, in International Journal of Disability, Community Rehabilitation; 12(2), article 2. #8212;- Bell, Christopher (2011) Blackness and Disability: Critical Examinations and Cultural Interventions, LIT Verlag Munster see here. #8212;- Billawala, A.; Wolbring, G., Analyzing the discourse surrounding Autism in the New York Times using an ableism lens.

Disability Studies Quarterly 2014, 34 (1), #8212;- Carlson, Licia. #8220;Cognitive Ableism and Disability Studies: Feminist Reflections on the History of Mental Retardation.#8221; Hypatia 16.4 (2001): 124-46. #8212;- Campbell, Fiona A.K. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University. #8220;Inciting Legal Fictions: #8216;Disability#8217;s#8217; Date with Ontology and the Ableist Body of the comprehension reading technique Law.#8221; Griffith Law Review 10.1 (2001): 42. #8212;- Campbell, Fiona A.K. #8220;Exploring internalized ableism using critical race theory#8221; in theses university Disability Society, Volume 23, Issue 2 March 2008 , pages 151 162. #8212;-Campbell, Fiona A.K. (2009) Contours of Ableism: The Production of Disability and Abledness Palgrave Macmillan, 9780230579286. #8212;-Campbell, Fiona A.K. (2009) Disability harms: Exploring internalized ableism in Disabilities: insights from across fields and around the world, Volume 1 edited by Catherine A. Marshall. #8212;- Chouinard, V. (1997). #8220;Making Space for Disabling Differences: challenging ableist geographies#8221; (guest editorial essay) Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 15(4), 379-386. #8212;- Chouinard, V. (1999). Life at the margins: disabled women#8217;s explorations of ableist spaces. In E. K. Paper Aztecs. Teather (Ed.), Embodied Geographies: Spaces, bodies and rites of passage (pp. 142-156). London and New York: Routledge. #8212;Coenen Schuijff, Smits, Klaassen, Hennen, Rader and theses and dissertations university of miami, Wolbring (2009) Human Enhancement Study for Directorate General for internal policies, Policy Dept. A: Economic and comprehension dissertation skill technique, Scientific Policy Science and Technology Options Assessments. This project was carried out by the Institute for theses and dissertations university, Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Research Centre Karlsruhe, and the Rathenau Institute, as members of the European Technology Assessment Group (ETAG). It was commissioned under specific contracts IP/A/STOA/FWC/2005-28/SC35, 41 45. #8212;Durgin Patrick F. Psychosocial Disability and Post-Ableist Poetics: The #8220;Case#8221; of Hannah Weiner#8217;s Clairvoyant Journals Contemporary Women#8217;s Writing 2008 2(2):131-154;;keytype=ref. #8212; Fay, T. G. (2005). “Racism, Sexism Ableism in Sport”. North American Society for the So- ciology of Sport (NASSS) Annual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC. #8212;Fassett, D (2011) Critical Reflections on a Pedagogy of Ability in The Handbook of a p updike, Critical Intercultural Communication By Thomas K. Nakayama, Rona Tamiko Halualani. #8212;-Ferri, Beth A. and Jessica Bacon (2011) Promoting social justice for young children Educating the Young Child, 2011, Volume 3, Part 4, 137-146, DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-0570-8_12. #8212;- Griffin, P. and McClintock, M. (2000).

History of electronic of miami, Ableism in how do essay Europe and The United States. Electronic Theses And Dissertations Of Miami. #8212;- Hehir, Thomas Eliminating Ableism in Education Harvard Educational Review, v72 n1 p1-32 Spr 2002. #8212;- Leopatra, Verlyn , Emily Hutcheon and Jacqueline Noga (2011) guest contribution Able People, Disabling World: Unequal Access to Water to the Equity Matters blog of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences covering their Global youth assembly workshop. #8212;- Livingston, K #8220;When architecture disables : Teaching undergraduates to perceive ableism in the built environment#8221;, Teaching sociology, 2000, vol. 28, no3, pp. Invisible Resume. 182-191. #8212;- MacKenzie, Robin and Cox, Stephen (2006) Transableism, Disability and Paternalism in Public Health Ethics: Taxonomies, identity Disorders and Persistent Unexplained Physical Symptoms. Theses. International Journal of on red fort delhi, Law in Context, 2 (4). Electronic Theses University Of Miami. pp. Paper. 363-375. ISSN 1744-5523. Theses University. #8212;- MacKenzie, Robin (2008) Somatechnics of reading technique, Medico-legal Taxonomies, Elective Amputation, Transableism and Functional Somatic Syndromes.

Medical Law Review, 16 . Electronic University Of Miami. pp. Research Aztecs. 1-23. #8212; Moss, Jeremy; McMann, Michael; Rae, Jessica; Zipprich, Andrea; Macer, Darryl R.J.; Nyambati, Aori R.; Ngo, Diana; MingMing Cheng; Manohar, N.; Wolbring, Gregor. 2011. Energy equity and environmental security. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University. Bangkok, Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in invisible Asia and the Pacific (RUSHSAP), UNESCO Bangkok. v + 84 pp.

ISBN 978-92-9223-421-8. Theses Of Miami. #8212;- Overboe, James. #8220;Vitalism: Subjectivity Exceeding Racism, Sexism, and (Psychiatric) Ableism.#8221; Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women#8217;s and Gender Studies 4 (2007). Paper. 25 June 2008 here. #8212;- Overall, Christine #8220;Old Age and Ageism, Impairment and Ableism: Exploring the Conceptual and Material Connections#8221; National Woman#8217;s Studies Association NWSA Journal Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 2006, pp. 126-137. #8212;- Cheryl van Daalen-Smith #8220;My Mom was my left arm: the lived experience of ableism for girls with Spina Bifida#8221; 2006, Volume: 23 | Issue: 2 Advances in Contemporary Community Family Health Care. #8212;-Laura Smith A1, Pamela F. Foley A2, Michael P. Chaney A3 Addressing Classism, Ableism, and Heterosexism in Counselor Education Journal of Counseling and Development Issue: Volume 86, Number 3 / Summer 2008 Pages: 303 309. #8212;- Patricia O’Brien Martin Sullivan ed Allies in emancipation:Shifting from providing service to being of electronic and dissertations university of miami, support Chapter 5 Emancipatory understandings for allies: recognising ableism. How Do I Write. #8212;- Panesar, S.; Wolbring, G., Analysis of North American Newspaper Coverage of Bionics Using the Disability Studies Framework. Technologies 2014, 2 (1), 1-30 Theses And Dissertations University Of Miami. #8212;- Princen Thomas The Logic of Sufficiency. #8212;Storey, K. Crystal Thesis. (2007). Combating ableism in schools. in Preventing School Failure, 52(1), 56-58. #8212; Voyer Andrea (2011) Disciplined to diversity: learning the language of multiculturalism Ethnic and Racial Studies in theses university Ethnic and Racial Studies. #8212; Yumakulov, Sophya; Yergens, Dean and research paper, Wolbring, Gregor (2012) Imagery of people with disabilities within social robotics research.

In: S.S. Ge et al. Electronic University Of Miami. (eds.) Proc. A P By John Essay. ICSR 2012, LNAI, vol. And Dissertations. 7621, pp. 168-177. Reading. Springer, Berlin. #8212; Wolbring, Gregor (2013) A Culture of Peace through an Ability Studies and electronic and dissertations university of miami, Disability Studies Lens Chapter 8 in Springer Briefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace (ESDP), Editor HG.

Brauch. #8212; Wolbring Gregor and Tynedal Jeremy (2013) : Pistorius and how do i write an observation, the Media: Missed Story Angles Sports Technology published first online October 30th, p.1-7. #8212; Wolbring, G., (2013) Ecohealth through an ability studies and disability studies lens. Theses. In Ecological Health: Society, Ecology and Health , Gislason, M. K., Ed. How Do I Write An Observation Essay. Emerald: London, UK, 2013; Vol. 15, pp 91-107. A version that is theses university less nicely formatted#8230;. is available in a p updike essay my University repository (with permission of the publisher) if you do not have access to the original one at the Publisher. #8212; Wolbring, Gregor (2012) Ethical Theories and Discourses through an electronic and dissertations of miami, Ability Expectations and Ableism Lens: The Case of Enhancement and comprehension reading skill, Global Regulation Asian Bioethics Review Volume 4, Issue 4,pp. 293-309 | DOI: 10.1353/asb.2012.0033. #8212; Wolbring, Gregor, (2012) : Nanotechnology for Democracy versus Democratization of Nanotech: An Ableism Analysis , pp. 89-105 in electronic theses and dissertations of miami Little by Little: Expansions of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies, Eds Harro van Lente, Christopher Coenen, Torsten Fleischer, Kornelia Konrad, Lotte Krabbenborg, Colin Milburn, and Francois Thoreau, Dordrecht: AKA-Verlag/IOS Press. #8212; Wolbring, Gregor (2012) Eco-ableism in Anthropology News Sept 14. I Write An Observation. #8212;Wolbring, G (2012) Ableism and Ability Studies Blog of the Nordic Network on Disability Research. #8212;Wolbring, Gregor; Leopatra, Verlyn (my student) and Noga Jacqueline (my student) (2012) The sentiment of waste and the measure of footprints evaluated through an ableism lens in Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics EJAIB Vol.

22 (3) page 117- 123. #8212;#8212;Wolbring, G (2012) Paralympians Outperforming Olympians: An Increasing Challenge for Olympism and the Paralympic and Olympic Movement Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 6: 2. 251-266. Theses And Dissertations Of Miami. #8212;Wolbring, Gregor (2011) Water discourse, Ableism and disabled people: What makes one part of a discourse? in Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics EJAIB Vol. I Write An Observation. 21 (6) page 203- 208 November 2011. #8212;Wolbring (2011) Guest contribution Ableism, disability studies and the academy to the Equity Matters blog of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. #8212;-Wolbring (2011) Ableism and Energy Security and theses, Insecurity Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology: Vol. 5 : Iss. 1, Article 3. DOI: 10.2202/1941-6008.1113 see here. #8212;-Wolbring (2010) Human enhancement through the invisible Ableism lens in Dilemata International Journal of Applied Ethics Vol 2 No 3 see here. #8212;-Wolbring (2010) Obsolescence and body technologies Obsolescencia y tecnologias del cuerpo in Dilemata International Journal of Applied Ethics Vol 2 No 4 see here. #8212;-Burke and Wolbring (2010) Beyond Education for All: Using ableism studies lens and the BIAS FREE framework in Development, 53 (4) December 2010. #8212;-Wolbring (2010) Chapter 21: Nanotechnology and theses university, the Transhumanization of Health, Medicine, and aztecs, Rehabilitation Gregor Wolbring Controversies in Science Technology: Volume 3. pp 290-303 From Evolution To Energy Editors: Daniel Lee Kleinman, Jason Delborne, Karen A. Cloud-Hansen, and Jo Handelsman. And Dissertations Of Miami. #8212;-Wolbring (2010) Ableism and Favoritism for Abilities Governance, Ethics and Studies: New Tools for Nanoscale and Nanoscale enabled Science and Technology Governance pp.

89-104 inThe Yearbook of Nanotechnology in Society, vol. II: The Challenges of Equity and Equality (Springer 2010) Susan Cozzens and Jameson M. Wetmore (eds.) #8212;-Wolbring (2010) Transcript of a Podcast live 14th January for Intellectual Muscles Series for invisible, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games: Title #8220;Who will be the future Olympic and electronic of miami, Paralympic Athlete Subtitle Advances in science and technology, bodily assistive devices and the future face and purpose of invisible, Sport see here. #8212;-Wolbring (2009) What next for electronic theses university, the human species? Human performance enhancement, ableism and pluralism p. 141-163 in essay Development Dialogue No 52 August 2009 called What Next Vol II The case for pluralism publisher Dag Hammarskjold Foundation see here. #8212;-Wolbring (2009) Die Konvergenz der Governance von Wissenschaft und Technik mit der Governance des #8220;Ableism#8221; The convergence of science and technology governance with the and dissertations of miami governance of Ableism in TECHNIKFOLGENABSCHATZUNG – Theorie und Praxis Herausgeber: Institut fur Technikfolgenabschatzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS) Technology assessment Theorie and Praxis. Publisher Institute for Technology assessment and system analysis ITAS see here. #8212;- Wolbring (2009) #8216;Therapeutic#8217;, enhancement enabling, assistive devices and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A missing lens in the enhancement regulation discourse Journal of how do i write an observation, International Biotechnology Law JIBL Vol. 6 Issue 5 page 193-206. #8212;- Wolbring (2008 ) #8220;Is there an electronic and dissertations of miami, end to out-able? Is there an end to the rat race for crystal fiber, abilities?#8221; here for Journal: Media and Culture, Volume 11, Issue 3. #8212;- Wolbring, G. (2007) #8220;NBICS, Other Convergences, Ableism and the Culture of Peace.#8221;, 2007.

25 June 2008 here. #8212;- Wolbring, G. Theses And Dissertations University Of Miami. #8220;Oscar Pistorius and the Future Nature of Olympic, Paralympic and Other Sports.#8221; SCRIPTed — A Journal of Law, Technology and Society 5.1 (2008 ): 139-60. By John. 25 June 2008 here. #8212;- Wolbring, G. #8220;Why NBIC? Why Human Performance Enhancement?#8221; Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research 21.1 (2008 ): 25-40. #8212;- Wolbring (2008 ) Ableism, Enhancement Medicine and theses and dissertations university, the techno poor disabled in Unnatural Selection: Challenges of Radical Life Extension and Enhancement Peter Healey and invisible, Steve Rayner Editor Publisher Earthscan. #8212;- Wolbring (2008 ) #8220;One World, One Olympics: Governing Human Ability, Ableism and theses and dissertations of miami, Disablism in an Era of Bodily Enhancements#8221; for a book titled ‘Human Futures ed. Miah, Liverpool University Press here. #8212;-Wolbring (2008) The Politics of Ableism Proposes the need for a field of ability studies which examines ableism.

Development 51: 252-258; doi:10.1057/dev.2008.17. Wolbring (2006) Peer Reviewed #8220;The triangle of Enhancement Medicine, Disabled people and crystal fiber photonics thesis, the concept of university, Health: A new challenge for HTA, health research and health policy#8221;a 220 page report. Published by the Health Technology Assessment Unit of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for medical research here. Campbell, FAK (2003) The great divide: ableism and technologies of disability production. #8212;-Cherney, James L (2003) Rhetorical norms of ableist culture, Ph.D., Indiana University, 435 pages; AAT 3122676. #8212;- Keller, Travis T (2011) . Ability grouping: The perceptions of the administrators, teachers, and parents, Ph.D., Capella University, 137 pages; AAT 3445239. Crystal Fiber Photonics Thesis. #8212;- Hutcheon Emily (2011) Undergraduate Honour Thesis Identities amidst social categories of electronic theses and dissertations university of miami, ability difference: Voices of self-identified ‘disabled’ post-secondary students University of Calgary. #8212;- Margaret Mclean Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: Learning and Teaching about Disability: The Possibility of Disestablishing Ableism. Deakin University Australia Faculty of Arts and how do i write an observation essay, Education. #8212;-Michelle Marie for the degree of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Women Studies, Women Studies, and Philosophy presented on electronic theses and dissertations of miami September 18, 2007. Title: A Thematic Feminist Analysis of Best-Selling Children’s Picture Books. #8212;- O#8217;Neil, Sandi (2000) First they killed the resume #8216;crazies#8217; and #8216;cripples#8217;: The ableist persecution and murders of people with disabilities by electronic theses and dissertations university Nazi Germany, 19331945: An anthropological perspective. Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies, 340 pages; AAT 9988408. #8212;-Schitai, Amit (2008) Ableism and inequality online: Analysis of Web accessibility policymaking and comprehension dissertation reading skill, implementation in higher education. , Ed.D., University of California, Irvine and California State University, Long Beach, 2008, 287 pages; AAT 3342956. Theses. #8212;- Truchan-Tataryn (2007), Maria (In)visible images: Seeing disability in Canadian literature, 1823-1974, Ph.D., The University of Saskatchewan (Canada), 289 pages; AAT NR57020.

Wow! This should keep me going for a while. This is great, thank you for an observation, sharing this.

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cobol analyst resume Atlanta, GA 30338. Accomplished Senior IT professional with a background in business intelligence, reporting systems, data quality (including ETL), software design and full life-cycle development. Capable of managing numerous projects while leading cross-functional teams to meet and electronic of miami, exceed overall IT initiatives. Crystal Fiber Thesis! Demonstrated consultative process skills with emphasis on technical, written, and relationship development. Business Objects Enterprise ETL (Data Services -- BODI / BODS, SSIS) Reporting (Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, Crystal Reports) Highlights of skills: Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Process Improvement Team Leadership Effectiveness. Strategic Planning Analysis Reporting Systems Architecture Process Implementation Software Design Development. Business Objects 4, XI r3, r2, r1, 6.5, …; WebIntelligence 4, XI, 6.5, …; UDT/IDT; Data Integrator 6; Data Services 4, XI 3.2, 4; DQM; SAP HANA; SSIS; Ab Initio; BEx Query Designer; PowerDesigner; Sagent; BrioQuery; Cognos; Genio; Erwin; Crystal Reports 2011, XI, 8.5; Xcelsius 2008; Lumira; IIS; Visio. Basic 6; PL/SQL; SQL; Transact-SQL (T-SQL); ASP; JavaScript; VBScript; HTML; DHTML; Ajax; JQuery; CSS; JSON; XML; XSLT; eBay, Indeed, YQL, Google APIs; SAS; Cobol.

SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, 7.0, 6.5; Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, 8, 7; Teradata; Neteeza; SAP HANA; Hyperion Essbase; MySQL; MS Access; UDB; DB2; Sybase; Filemaker. SAP ECC 4.7, 6.0; Salesforce; Oracle ERP. MM, MDM, FICO, PI, PUR, COPA, CAPEX, MFG, SD, PP, QM, PM, MRP, UOM, WM, HCM, SCM, VM. Windows Server 2012/2008/2003/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/98/95/NT; Unix/Linux; Mac OS; Mainframe. OLTP, OLAP, ODBC, ADO, RDO, OLE DB, SOAP, SSL, SAP Bank Analyzer, Forecasting, Trend Analysis, Star and electronic and dissertations of miami, Snowflake Schemas, Executive Dashboards, CDC (change data capture), 3-Tier Programming, TCP / IP, FTP, HTTP, ISO, LDAP, SSO, RPC. Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Inmon, Kimball, object oriented programming (OOD), rapid application development (RAD), Accelerated SAP (ASAP). Consumer Products, Banking, Lumber, Legal, Logistics, Health Care, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dept. of Defense, Energy, Electric, Automotive, Government, Politics, Insurance, Data Quality, Telecommunications, Building Materials, Financial Services, Commodities, Fleet Management, Furniture, Food Beverages, Mining, Coal, Debit Credit Cards, Pet Food, Animal Feed, Incentives, Marketing, Education. Teradata Certified Professional, Teradata Certified SQL Specialist. Development of invisible BODS objects supporting multiple change data capture styles that include thousands of mappings and over seventy SAP DSO destinations. All information sourced from and writing to SAP HANA. Created BODS specific portions of mapping documents, including CDC information.

Design (modeling) and construction of SAP HANA tables, functions, procedures, and theses, views using a combination of Data Services, PowerDesigner, and HANA Studio. Performed modeling with HANA, using attribute, analytic, and research paper aztecs, calculation views. Migration of theses and dissertations university information from multiple source systems (out of SAP HANA) into SAP Bank Analyzer, with various data profiling and comprehension skill, quality checks and use of a composite table to ease maintenance/LI Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, SAP HANA, SAP Bank Analyzer, DB2, PowerDesigner, Windows 7. Creation of executive dashboard illustrating volumes, imbalances, accounting details, and customer information related to theses and dissertations university of miami acquisition. Improvement of existing dashboards – organization and bug fixes. Ensured data accuracy and paper aztecs, providing of most important and up to date details by electronic university, meeting with business analysts and management in multiple locales. Developed several multi-source IDT universes referencing relational databases, containing derived tables.

Provided key and timely details in user-friendly dashboard to help management make informed decisions. Conversion of by john essay existing dashboards from Xcelsius to Lumira, for comparison purposes. Environment: Xcelsius 4.1, SAP Lumira, IDT, MS Access 2012, SQL Server 2012, Windows 7. Successful and rapid conversion of multiple Ab Initio processes to Data Services, implementing methodologies to increase maintainability, including simplification, logging, and inline documentation. Data analysis, modeling, and and dissertations, profiling using SQL Server and how do an observation essay, Data Services, to provide new and electronic theses university of miami, improved structures and aid in data quality checks related to a p essay conversion efforts.

Cost savings through replacement of theses and dissertations university scheduler with scripting involving file watcher loops and, or database flag checks, moving files to staging and production folders, and emailing of results, including attachments. Executed technical leadership on the use of the technology platform and tools, mentoring in paper aztecs optimal use of university of miami BODS in a SQL Server, SAP, and Unix environment. Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, SAP, Ab Initio, Acorn, Windows 7, Unix. Created and optimized executive summary and several linked dashboards, including hierarchical selectors, flash variables, and dynamic sales and marketing information based on live SAP BPC data. Built Crystal Reports detail reports connected to BI services pointed at Web Intelligence blocks containing BEx query details. Reports launched by and received prompts from Xcelsius dashboard. Acted as go-to for essay fort delhi the team for technical concerns and idea development. Significant contributions to dashboard and ETL architecture and design, including best practices.

Constructed reusable templates to theses speed batch and essay delhi, real-time ETL development in BODS and provide auditing functionality. Led training sessions explaining usage of templates and theses and dissertations, gathering ideas for improvement. Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, Dashboard Designer (Xcelsius), Business Objects 4 (WebI, UDT, IDT), Crystal Reports 4, SQL Server 2008, Neteeza, XML, Windows 7. Provided administrative assistance, including fixing of scheduling errors, performance tuning, permissions management, and migrating jobs between systems. Creation of new repositories and configuration of essay on red fort existing ones.

Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, Oracle, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7. Constructed website to create, update, and delete batches of listings to eBay through XML using the eBay API and process related responses. Electronic Theses University Of Miami! Added code to send and process listing status checks to eBay. Crystal Fiber Thesis! Created code to encrypt and decrypt sensitive information used in website. Theses University! Developed code in website, stored procedures, and functions that wrote results to SQL Server database. Scheduled listing creation (based on database contents) and status checking. Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, JQuery, XML, JSON, eBay API, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7. Converted data conversion processes from BW to ECC sources, using Data Services integrated with SAP. Created reporting system, including data model and dictionary, ETL, and WebI reports, based off SAP ECC material master information. Involved frequent discussions with offshore team members and delhi, business analysts. And Dissertations University! Troubleshooting of reporting, universe, and ETL issues with onshore and reading technique, offshore engineers.

Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, Business Objects 4 (WebI, UDT), Oracle, SAP BW and ECC, Windows 7. Acted as systems/software engineer for system architecture planning, technical design, software development and test, and software, hardware, and electronic theses and dissertations of miami, interface integration. Research Paper! Installation and configuration of electronic university Business Objects Enterprise and how do an observation, Data Services, including Data Quality. Theses University! Creation, improvement, and documentation of HR reports and related universe, including standardization and applying best practices. Environment: Data Services XI r3.2, Business Objects XI r3.2, SQL Server 2008; Win Server 2008. Engineered conversion projects, using a self-designed standardized process, for migrating information between SAP 4.7 and 6.0. Converted information from SAP modules, including manufacturing, material master, basic data, fico, general plant, mdm, mrp, purchasing, qm, sales data, units of measure, warehouse mgmt, and work scheduling. Built and implemented validation projects to ensure quality data migration. Frequent daily interaction with SAP functional analysts and business to review requirements and research paper, results.

Environment: Data Services XI r3.2, Oracle 9i; SQL Server 2008; SAP ECC 4.7, 6.0; Win XP. Converted and enhanced Cognos into WebI, Crystal, and Xcelsius reports with SAP data (HCM and electronic theses, SCM). Mapping of reporting requirements from business terms into invisible, SAP objects. Creation and maintenance of OLAP universes sourced from BEx queries. Writing and editing of SAP BEx queries using Query Designer. Writing of test scripts for electronic university of miami accuracy, formatting, and performance. Environment: Business Objects XI r3.2; SAP ECC 4.7 – HCM, SCM, SD; SQL Server 2008; Win XP. Guided and played key role in design document production, including ETL field mappings for 500+ fields in resume four systems (2000+ fields total), data dictionary, universe and report documents, and DDL scripts. Constructed universe and electronic theses and dissertations, related star schema database, with focus on user-friendly configuration of classes and objects. Universe automatically updated with self-created automation tool. Led report development effort, including creation of many Web Intelligence reports.

Designed and implemented Business Objects architecture, including hardware and crystal, software requirements, CMS information, security, and theses and dissertations, migration from XIr2 to paper XIr3. Theses! Championed standardization of field mappings, data dictionary, and universe and report documents. Coordinated offshore ETL efforts, including meetings and answering of daily questions. Environment: Business Objects XI r3.2; SQL Server 2008; Designer SDK; Crystal Enterprise SDK, Win XP. Designed, created, implemented, and tested dataflows, workflows, scripts, and jobs for multiple projects. Troubleshooting and performance tuning which reduced several jobs from several hours to less than one. Full lifecycle project focusing on comprehension reading surveys, including Data Services and Designer (universe) components. Migrated dataflows, workflows, scripts, and theses and dissertations university of miami, jobs between repositories. Environment: Data Services XI r3.2, Business Objects XI r3.2; SQL Server 2008; Windows Server 2008, Windows XP.

Created and by john updike essay, ran ETL jobs to electronic theses and dissertations of miami load and manipulate Material Master and Vendor SAP information. Generated, put into successful production, and trained others in data validation / testing tool, using Data Services and SQL Server procedures and crystal photonics, functions. Administration and configuration of multiple datastores and servers. Upgrade of First Logic / Data Quality to theses and dissertations university of miami Data Services, with data and multiple country address cleansing. Developed, published, and scheduled batch and real-time jobs. Produced contact duplicate checking ETL project, including match transforms and adjustable parameters. Constructed dashboards to review data validation results. Environment: Data Services XI r3.1, 3.2; SQL Server 2005; SAP (extracts); Xcelsius 2008; Windows XP. Directed and coordinated organizational strategies of employees responsible for conceptualizing, designing, constructing, testing and implementing business and technical solutions for telecommunications data.

Partnered with software and architectural teams to plan and build out essay, new systems, understand scalability and constraints of software, and manage disaster recovery and business continuity planning. And Dissertations! Acted as key developer, leading a team of four (mostly remote) developers in the creation of Webi reports, universes, and invisible, Xcelsius dashboards consisting of proprietary telecommunications information. Implemented ETL related to numerous systems, including creating and manipulating tables with raw SQL/SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and theses and dissertations, conversion of SAS into how do, packages and SQL. Guided and electronic theses and dissertations, developed the Business Objects teams, including providing hiring recommendations, training, mentoring and resume, monitoring staff performance to effectively adhere to company’s “best practice” initiatives. Environment: Business Objects XI r2 (Webi, Designer, CMS, Admin); Crystal Reports XI; Crystal Xcelsius 2008; SQL Server 2005; Teradata; SSIS; Netezza; SAS; Aqua Data Studio; Windows XP. Responsible for creating Business Objects universes and reports to provide information on clinical trials. Successfully migrated universes and reports from university, development to test to production. Created Oracle functions and skill technique, stored procedures to supply comma-delimited lists and date information. Created functional and technical documentation for all reports and universes, outlining processes to create an easily readable roadmap of all procedures for electronic theses of miami end users. Environment: BusinessObjects XI r2; Oracle 9i; ARISg; Windows XP.

Led efforts in the successful extraction and transformation of information from Excel to SQL Server database, designing a database geared towards OLAP reporting and later Essbase loading. Created over two thousand transformations to alter information extracted from how do, Excel. Developed ETL program using VB with features for types of processes to display and run, status lists, storing metrics, HTML help, and options to university of miami skip process with errors to convert text values to zero’s. Environment: SQL Server 2005; Visual Basic 6; Hyperion Essbase; Microsoft Excel 2003; OLAP; Windows XP. Responsible for gathering customer requirements, architecting prototypical solutions, acquiring customer acceptance, and managing software processes from initial design to final implementation and research paper aztecs, deployment. Primarily responsible for migrating Sybase, Business Objects (6.x), and Oracle Sagent data warehouses to provide commodities-related financial information to university of miami client and crystal thesis, internal business users.

Key Projects: Migrated three reporting systems to Business Objects XI and Crystal Reports XI, with Oracle 9i. Administration using Central Management Console to schedule reports, configure user and group security, and manage categories, folders, universes, and university, licensing. Created and tested reports and universes with information about paper aztecs, commodities, futures, and options. Installed, tested, and maintained Business Objects XI (including Crystal) client and electronic and dissertations university, server software. Environment: Oracle 9i; Business Objects XI r2 (Webi, Crystal Reports, Performance Management, SDK); Sagent; Visual Basic 6; Scripting (VB, Java, batch); ASP; HTML; XML; CSS; SDLC; Cisco VPN; Windows XP. IT Consultant 1995 to 2006.

Key Clients: LeasePlan, Lockheed Martin, WPAFB (Air Force), Haworth, HPFS, ATT, Travelers, CIT, Cigna, Anheuser-Busch, Peabody Group, MasterCard, Ralston Purina, Maritz, Davis Interactive Client:nbspnbsp LeasePlan -nbspAtlanta, GA,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2005 to 2006) Created a Business Objects data warehouse to provide leasing information to 100 key clients. Designed and rolled out an innovative reporting system using Webi, including linked reports. Created conversion utility supporting improved (Excel) and unavailable formats (Word and HTML). Client:nbspnbsp Lockheed Martin (US Navy) -nbspNew Orleans, LA,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2004 to 2005) Gained acceptance of a conversion of an i write essay, Access reporting system into Business Objects. Electronic University! Developed, documented, and performance tuned thirteen reports and associated universes. Conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis to define project scopes and technical criteria.

Created many Data Integrator jobs, workflows, and a p essay, dataflows supplying source data for systems. Electronic Theses Of Miami! Collaborated with key internal and external decision makers to recommend process enhancements, including creation of conversion utility for perfecting Word and Excel files from Excel exports. Recipient of the “Lockheed Martin Outstanding Performer” Award (2004). Dissertation Skill! Client:nbspnbsp WPAFB (US Air Force) -nbspDayton, OH,nbsp Business Objects Technical Support Analyst (2005 to 2006) Provided expert analysis and assistance for the Air Force Knowledge System application, supporting over 450 tickets arising from over 300 users. Tested and troubleshot WIS and theses and dissertations university of miami, INF errors, training, and network, database and universe issues.

Troubleshot invalid data resulting from universe and database problems. Client:nbspnbsp Haworth -nbspHolland, MI,nbsp Data Integrator Developer (2005 to 2006) Gathered specifications and developed, tested, and rolled out transformations and universes for AP, PO, and FA segments of crystal photonics thesis Oracle Financials using Business Objects Data Integrator and Designer. Client:nbspnbsp HPFS -nbspMurray Hill, NJ,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2003) Served as financial reporting analyst, balancing data related to a conversion of a loan system. Provided support to users for report requests and maintenance, creating and testing 30 reports. Analyzed, documented, and implemented recommendations for SQL Server DTS scripts. Client:nbspnbsp ATampT -nbspBedminster, NJ,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2003) Reporting analyst/administrator for electronic university of miami a data warehousing project targeted to analyze and improve call center performance and aztecs, processes. Theses And Dissertations University! Responded to daily maintenance requests, streamlining processes through the invisible resume, installation, administration and electronic theses and dissertations university, configuration of Business Objects, including Publisher. Fort Delhi! Client:nbspnbsp Travelers -nbspHartford, CT,nbsp Business Analyst (2002 to 2003) Main point of contact in a Focus mainframe, SAS to client-server (Business Objects, Crystal Reports) migration and theses and dissertations university, conversion of the Annuity Reporting System.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to thesis develop 42 reports including prototype creation, testing, documentation, performance tuning, and requirements gathering and design. Conducted in-depth data analysis including data dictionary, physical data model, entity relationship diagrams, and university, PL/SQL queries for balancing and an observation, reviewing integrity of data. Electronic Theses University! Client:nbspnbsp CIT Group -nbspLivingston, NJ,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2002) Served as lead financial reporting analyst in a Citation mainframe to client-server (ALS) Business Objects implementation of a data warehouse (Oracle, Sybase) for leasing. Invisible Resume! Partnered with end-users and key internal decision makers on requirements gathering. Full life-cycle development and performance tuning of and dissertations 54 flawless reports using Business Objects Reporter, Designer, Supervisor, and Broadcast Agent.

Trained, mentored and essay delhi, monitored new and existing developers, instilling “best practices” to adhere to and dissertations of miami internal protocols and on red, procedures. Client:nbspnbsp Cigna -nbspHartford, CT,nbsp Data Warehousing Consultant - Genio / Brio (2001 to 2002) Responsible for electronic theses the enhancement and invisible, maintenance of a customized Brio data warehouse reporting application for investment data, including transforming source data (Genio). Gathered scopes and specifications to test and provide daily support of electronic theses of miami Brio and Genio. Taught end users on the capabilities, enhancements, and limitations of Brio. Client:nbspnbsp Anheuser-Busch, Inc. I Write! -nbspSt. Electronic Theses And Dissertations University! Louis, MO,nbsp Senior Business Objects Developer (1999 to 2001) Implemented full lifecycle design of a 60 report data warehouse for pricing and promotions, that aided retailer sales tracking and marketing applications. Administered Business Objects repository, security, setup, universes, and dissertation skill, report scheduling, including an upgrade from version 4 to 5. Constructed automated universe and report documentation with Business Objects SDK. Participated in Oracle ETL (transformation) related efforts, including creation of PL/SQL functions, packages, stored procedures, views, tables, indexes, explain plans, and types.

Client:nbspnbsp Peabody Group -nbspSt. Louis, MO,nbsp Business Objects Developer (1999) Production included report creation, design, and prototyping security, universe maintenance and origination, data definition and manipulation, testing and layout. Client:nbspnbsp MasterCard -nbspSt. Louis, MO,nbsp Consultant (1998 to 1999) Accountable for the conception of financial reporting system and electronic of miami, associated graphical user interface, generating financial reports using Crystal Reports, VB, and Oracle. Client:nbspnbsp Davis Interactive (Interchange Technologies) -nbspSt. A P By John! Louis, MO,nbsp Consultant (1995 to 1999) Responsible for design and support of multimedia projects with Macromedia Director and VB. Created graphical user interfaces and and dissertations university of miami, database engines to interact with databases and kiosks.

Assembled software for reusable client incentive system (CIMS for photonics Windows). Performed database administration, including backups, scheduling tasks, and setting up users and groups. University! Designed, developed, and tested reports and research, associated interface using Visual Basic and Crystal Reports. Produced reusable Visual Basic tools, including batch form dynamic link library, report executable creator, system administration form creator, data source creator, and SQL Server administrative software. Environment: Visual Basic 6; Crystal Reports; SQL Server 6.5; Filemaker; Windows NT. B.S. University Of Miami! Accounting; Minor: Business Management, December 1996.

Recipient of paper Academic Scholarship. Tutor: General Statistics, 1995-97. Teradata Certified Professional; Teradata Certified SQL Specialist.

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